Patriot Hello Six-winning victory, Billyck Impact Annual Best Coach? Have a play!

No matter who you ask, 2020 season is a very memorable season, this is the patriot to miss the playoffs since 2008, which is also a patriot in 2000 Saile Bill Bilby. Since the first season of the main coach, the team’s record is lower than the five-year winning rate (7 wins and 9 losses). From the macro and more terrible level, this is the first season after Tom Bradi left the patriots, and the team seems to lose the advantage at the 4-defense position. As Robert Clav, in the last stage, the new England is “very bad” in the 2020 season.

What happened now? After defeating Tennessee Titan, 36-13 in the Gillette Couple, the patriot has achieved 8 wins and 4 losses, and the team only took more than 12 weeks to win more than last year. This makes the Patriot Hello Six, now they live in the United States Eastern District, and even start the throne of the United States.

“Watch a step, eight victories is not enough, we can’t win anything, no pride,” Bilipk said after the game: “We still have a long way to go.” Of course, Billy Check is right. The patriot still has a long way to go. They will have two controversies with Buffoft in the next few weeks. The results of these two games are crucial. That is, the patriot wins now has exceeded a year ago. There are 5 games left in the season, we seem to have hope that Bilipk has once again become an annual best coach.

For only one year, Biliccy was effective in reorganizing most of the cornerstone players in the team’s lineup. He built the team in accordance with the patriots, so that the New England team looked like old patriots this season. In the offset period, Billyck introduced a free player like Matthew-Zhu Deng, Hunt-Henry and KFRK-Bourne, which is a big hand of the team before. Now, these players have become the main position of their respective locations, and almost the key to the team to reverse the trend.

Not only that, Billych also handed the offense to the rookie “full class” Jones, now every week, this young quarter-off has improved the signs of progress, which is good for his own good professionalism and patriot Professional training. After a wave of winning, the Billyck’s defensive group also returned to the elite position of the Alliance, especially in the critical moment of pressure. In the four games, including the Titan team, the patriot played a 63-0 in the second half, this is a horrible number, everything is of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the training of the team in Piltick and his assistant .

Although it is considered to be the greatest leader in history, Bilipk is only three times in his career, and the last time this honor is still traced back to 2010. If the patriot continues to perform now, the Bilgek is likely to get the fourth best coach in his career.