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Do you have such a small? You grow up together and have a common goal. For example, I will take a university together to enter basketball, and the football school team. At the same time, you will also be secretly compete between two people. It is better than the test score and sports achievements. Who is more beautiful …

Perhaps the same young people around the world. About five years ago, the teammates who have flowers news live worked together in the Maryland high school basketball team, and a good brother, and Mark Fulz, the same goal is set – the future two people should become a champion in their respective projects. show.

For the NFL for Cai Susi Yang, it is of course NBA for Fulz.

And both of them are also disclosed, and they have to achieve greater success in their respective fields, making greater achievements than the other party.

“We both wiped out the sparks when they were in high school.” Zaus Yang used to play basketball and football. Later, they were more suitable for the rugby to make rugby, and began to attack football. He said, “In their respective sports laxmi nagar news projects, we are doing well. Everyone wants to be a draft, this is our goal. We will have been working until success.”

They know that as a good buddy is to encourage each other. Sometimes I motivate the other party’s means to be in the course, Fulz and Asperi Yang will do one-on-one confrontation in training. Yang is more suitable for playing rugby, so he always lost to Fritz.

“Either I score, either it is penalty.” Fulz said like this.

“No! He is very soft. I am like Dennis Rodman, I can lock him completely.” Zsishen did not take it.

“Fulz is true …” They both said in high school coach Jones said the truth, then he added, “But even if any one won the monopolism in the first day, the next day does not use words. Dradous each other. This is the secret of their relationship. “

In 2017, Fritz was selected by the 76 people and became a veritable champion. This year’s NFL’s draft, Yang has regretted the championship, and he was selected by Washington Red Leather in the Lot Lodge.

Here more, in the rugby draft, usually the four-point guards can get a higher position. If a rushing hand can be among the top three, it must be because he has an amazing talent visible to the naked eye. Cai Susi Yang is so, he is the player who can use defensive to destroy the oppost form.

As early as two people truly met, they heard each other. Especially Fulz to Caste Yang, he noticed Cai Susi very much ago because the other party is very strong.

Fulz recalls: “I felt that this guy was really too strong. Under such a huge figure, his mobile capabilities left a deep impression.”

Later they met each other and quickly became intimate friends, mainly thanks to the common point of the two people. Both of them have a qualities close to professional players. They will focus on their goals and strictly treat themselves. Outstanding people will attract outstanding people, see Chase Yang’s diligence, Fulz will think of themselves, which makes two people.

Soon, they all made a lot of achievements in the school. Fulz will realize that he will become a player who can enter NBA only in the year of the one-year university league. Yang also became the goal of many universities, and eventually he chose Ohio State University, and he talked with Fritz to become the target of NFL draft.

“We both have a common mindset,” Fulz said, “Although we don’t know what height, we will believe that with talent and diligence, everything is possible. Why is this not to target How is it? “

Fulz said that sometimes Yang’s fighting spirit will inspire him on the football court. “He killed his opponent in the game, and I have to kill my opponents in my game. This is not pressure, this is the competition between brothers.” Fulz said.

In turn, Yang also pays close attention to Fulz in the rookie season of Washington University. He carefully studied Fulz interview, high glory highlights and training video.

“This is the goal I want to do, of course, in the field of rugby.” Yang said, “he did well, will encourage me. I have to be as good as him, this goal has been promoting me forward. “

Sometimes a magnificent goal requires a simple plan.

Two high school coaches have said that there is still a big gap between the development rainfall news of plans and practical achievements. This is the difference between Fritz and Yang and other ordinary people, their goal is grand, but the plan is very simple – every day, work hard. At the same time, two people will encourage each other and compete with each other.

Yang never said “I want to do it”, he will only say “I have to do”. In the memory of Yang’s parents, he began to present a general attitude of professional athletes from the age of 6. He never lazy, instead he sets a training project to yourself: extract numbers from the playing card, and do a few sets of training.

Yang’s parents said: “He never requires parents’ spur, but we always have to ask him to sit down and take a break. Everyone thinks that if Yang wants to play basketball, he can also become a very good player. This One point can be concluded through his talent and training attitude. “

The feast of the other side is not willing to show weakness. He used to participate in the training of the school. He will go to another alley and then practice. Before the start of the team training, Fulz will also go to the stadium for a while, just to play the ball and shoot.

Entering NBA with the championship, after experiencing two disappointing seasons, the past summer will start training early in the third grade, and continue to last night. This allows him this season to achieve obvious progress in the magic team, and a 12-point 3.3 rebound and 5.2 assists can be taken.

Fulb complete his dreams first, became a champion, and became a professional player in advance, and the links and competition between two people did not interrupt.

In January this year, Yang Yang prepared NFL draft in Los Angeles training. On January 16, the Magic team made a guests to challenge the Lakers. Yang specially went to the play of friends to watch friends, and the Fulz got 21 bodies and 10 assists in three pairs of assists, and finally magic passengers.

As early as the beginning of the game, Yang gave Fupz to set the score challenge, so that he must get a score, Fulz enjoys this challenge. Fulz said that their two people are competing every day, although the project is different, but everyone wants to be better than the other party, which is one of the great powers that drive them.

“This is also the reason I like him. His self-confidence is always very high,” Fulz joked: “I always want to break his confidence, but he always has a constant confidence.”

Fulz became a professional player earlier, so that he has experienced many experience than Yang, such as how to deal with sudden increase in wealth and attention. Due to the shoulder injury, his career has experienced very difficult start. At the second grade, he was traded by the team. It is difficult to have a new life in the magic team, and the game is suspended due to the epidemic. These setbacks and hood will become Fortune’s wealth, and he will share your harvest to your brother.

Fulz affirmed the role of good friends. When it is difficult, Yang is always extended to him. Two people will communicate every day, Yang knows that if Fulc is needed, you can help each other. However, Fulz will express themselves with the other party every time, and will not give up the advancement of advances.

For the current situation, Yang must accept a fact: his own draft is a low bit.

“Even if he ranks second, he is still the best rookie in my eyes,” Fulz said, “but he also admitted that I have a little advantage in competition.”

Yang said that he did not accept it. He said: “Rugby and basketball are different, the basketball draft will choose the best player, and the football is not necessarily. I think I am the best player, but someone else’s team needs four points, So they chose a quadrant. “

Yang may be a little bit from his own goal, but he has achieved success because he got everyone’s affirmation. In the future, these two people will continue to achieve the best in their respective fields, and they belong to the story and competition between them.

This is the relationship between men and men, listening to Fulz and As Yang’s story, which person you think of?

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