On the 21st, 8 o’clock video live MLB World Contest G1: Guangdao Qi officially opened

On October 21, Beijing time, Tampa Bay and Los Angeles Daoqi ushered in the first battle of the World Competition. The two teams were robbed in the Quali Trial, and the light refused was completed by space people 3-0 reversal. And the Tao is in the absence of the Warriors in the World Competition under the situation of 3-1.

Two teams are very eager for the world contest, and the rays have appeared in the World Competition. They still have to be traced back to 2008, 12 years ago, they are in Philadelphians, this time they don’t want to leave regret. The gimen Daoqi is in the world contest in 17.8, but I have encountered two teams who are deeply caught in the cheating, and the alliance has not made any compensation, and this year they want to grab their own. honor.


This year’s radiance is hot, although the tenacious resistance of space people in the United States championship, the team is rising from the seventh game, and the team is rising, this total salary is ranked 28th civilian team, with Excellent farm training system and player trading excavation, playing stunning performance. In terms of pitcher, they have three dedicated first, and the lattice pitcher is also strong, and it is also a major feature of the rays of the same strength. In addition to the impressive left strip, the players like Margot, Aloa Raarena will be targeted, their performance, even more than those who are more than those of the stars players.

Dodge, although the paper strength alliance is the first, but in the National Union Championship, they are worse by the Warriors, so that the efforts to rely on the team finally pull the tide, in the seventh battle, Bates’ critical The key home running of the home base is directly locked, and the final National Lanchuan Championship MVP has been given to Cori-Sig, the three main melody of this season, Batez 1 From the red sock trading, it is subsequently checking the oversized fertilizer, and his performance also proves the team’s vision.

Beilinjie has been considered a Dodge’s number one to fight the star, but his performance in the playoff has been sick, this time, it is directly proved that herself, and the stick after hit the ball, and put it on him. pressure. Signs is a surprise in Dodge. It is the best player in the team’s fight, and his rise allows the team to solve the vulnerability in the guerrilla.

First firing

Rays first pitcher: Taylor Glasno

Dodge first pitcher: Corres

Glasnno will serve as the first game of the ray, and he needs to solve the problem that he is playing hits, in the 19.1 bureau in the playoffs, he was hit 6 projects, and the Tao is this season. The whole league will play the team, once the grateful player is hitting, a loss of loss is not only as simple as the ball, but in the Meet Championship, the radio players can always solve the base. The crisis, but in the face of Dodge, this test is unprecedented.

If it is not the hard work of the seventh team of Billet and Dodge, Ke Xiao may have to become a “culprit” of the Dodge. He has become a daily talker of the fans. He last ran forward. In the face of the Warriors, the five games were knocked off 4 points, directly pushed the team to the cliff, but from the performance of the regular season in the years, Kak Xiao’s strength is not suspicious. https://www.b2bshopp.com If he can play itself normally in the first game The strength of “the strongest leftotomy” of the surface is very uncomfortable.

Focus star

If you still don’t know Arosaarena, you can only explain you and pay attention to the Minglian playoff, he is the hottest player in the current alliance state, from an unknown generation to super star, breaking numerous records This young owner who has just played a few months in the light of the team has become the core of the team. As the saying goes, the newness is not afraid of the tiger. His data performance may be asked to pay attention to him three points, the light civilians The superhero of the wandering, the career of Arosaarena is like a script, which makes people inevitably imagine where his upper limit is.

The Dodge star is a lot, but the most concerned is that https://www.trikotskaufenn.com Bates, Dodge Flower price will trader him and complete the renewal, the purpose is to complete the upgrade from the super team to the Dynasty team, the playoff is a superstar. The stage, especially the World Competition, Bates have experience in winning the World Competition, such wealth is indispensable. Whether it is his gaze or a blow, it will always become the key to reverse the situation. Bates need to stand out to lead this “no experience” but the talent is full.

More exciting

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