On May 28th, Beijing time, the US duty wander has ended a Virgin of the National Union, and the New York Metropolitan is challenged the Los Angeles Dodge. In the end, Dodge will set off a wave of attack after the venue of De Grom, and the Single Bureau is unlocked by 6 points. The big capital will then start counterattack, the eighth time, the superior station has hit the zone, but with the outstanding play of Guardi and the end of Jensen, they still win the game with 9-5 scores, got this series. The first victory, Jensen grabbed 5 out of the rescue.Data highlightDodge first sent a pitcher Koxixiao, which was hit 10, but only 3 points. In terms of hitting, they hit the 17th security, Pedson and Taylor of three, and Taylor were one-standing three-standing. Erandes has a three-point gun.Both will send a spendle to De Grom with too much population, and five bureaus will be replaced. He was hit by 7 points. In terms of strike, the two-game combination of metropolis, Rosario and Echa Varia have three security contributions, JD-Davis 5 1 is a two-point gun.Game processThe two race award pitcher has appeared, Rosario knocked out the first players from Koke, and then played https://www.trikotskaufenn.com outstanding teenage alonso this year. Get 1-0 leaders.The days of De Grom are more uncomfortable, and they have been cashed with 3, and they have formed a situation that is full of work. However, he stabilizes the feet in time, and continuously solves the next three players, only 1 point No damage to the damage.In the second half of the Dodge, the second half of the competition, Bellolin slammed the home run, this is the 19th branch of his personal season, and the Dodge three games end 2-1 lead.Both will not be discouraged, they have overcharges in the fifth game, and JD-Davis’s two-point cannon helps them 3-2 lead.In the second half of the sixth bureau, the big trend will replace Dagromo with the ball, Taylor faces the weak cowshed pitcher Bashil. Taylor immediately slammed the score, and released two After playing, https://www.mlbboutique2.com Bashil was replaced, but the Samora who took the ball took a three-point gun, and the Dodge 6-3 will reach the score again. Dodge then captured the base, relying on the tentaret ball and sacrifice, and then the 6-point Daochi has ended the sixth game with 8-3.The eighth chartered, the performance of this season has been very bad, and he was knocked a two-point gun by Echa Varia, and it was divided into 3 points. After Dodge replaced the pitcher, the metropolis will continue to continue, and the capture is full, so the Dodge will send Jensen, Jensen debut, Davis knocked out a high-speed ball from his hand, and she could form a sacrifice The ball, because Davis is killed, Gomez is in front of the three bases, and the Dodge has a rare 9-pass double kill has a shocking and uncomfortable.Dodge has expanded his lead in the second https://www.mlbtrojerse.com half of the eighth game. After the two grooms, the three consecutive bangs were hit, retrieved 1 point, the Dodge eight games ended 9-5 leading. The ninth bureau is still Jensen to fight, after three vibrating this game, after the excellent Echaria, he got the 15th rescue in the season, and finally defeated the score of 9-5.Both sidesLos Angeles DaoqiFirst stick left outer wilder Job – PedersonThe second stick Max – MangxiThird stick, three base, Justine-TenFourth stick right wilder hand Cody-BeilinjieFifth Bar Guardi – HigSixth Bar Sinovies Alex – WilduSeventh stick two bases Chris TaylorEighth rod catcher Russel MartinNinth Bar Pitcher Cleton – Kak 4New York MostFirst stick guerrillas Amed RosarioSecond rod left field JD-DavisThird rod right wilder Michael – ConfuciosThe fourth stick, a line, Pitt, AlonsoFifth stick Todd FraserSixth sticks two bases A Dian Ni – Echa VariaSeventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Han – LagresEighth sticks, Thomas NitoNinth Bar Pitcher Jacob – De GromNext lookTomorrow’s two teams will continue to be in the Los Angeles, and the metropolitan will send the first left to Puts Stephen – Maguo, the last 5 first hair is a lot, but when it is critical to retreat, miss the blame Not much. Daoqi will send the old Richm-Hille, he has been returned from the injury this season, and the self-blame has never been more than 3 points. He will be the most important person in the Pitcher’s round value. one.(Go Aura)