Not old, 43 years old Nuo Tian Wang brought the wife’s appearance! And the black wife has a husband and wife, wearing a suit too handsome

Nor Tianwang has retired from NBA for more than two years. The Kutan has can’t wait to retire his jersey. There is a news that it will hold a Novo Dynasty jersey decommissioning ceremony in January. Recently, the Novo King, who recently retired at home, also participated in the event, and love his wife to appear in the 73rd Emmy Award. The two wearing very well. Although Novo is already 43 years old, but it is completely not old, there is not much change before retiring. It looks very young. And Novo is still a little couple with the black wife, and the two will have a little bit like a photo.

Novo is now 43 years old, but wearing this body is very young, and it is not old. Although there are some white beards, it is still very handsome. Unlike a lot of players who retired, the blessings of the blessings are different, and the King also maintains the body before returning, and there is no signs
of fat. Nor Tianwang is 2.13 meters, and it is also very handsome, and the suit is really handsome. Although I haven’t seen Noba Times for a long time, he still does not change much. I don’t know if the jersey decommissioning ceremony, is he passionate?

The wife of Novo is also unveiled in the evening, and the two are closely photo. From the photo of the two, Novo and his wife even have a little couple, and the two grow like. Moreover, the wife of Novo is not short, and when you take a photo, you can go to Novo’s shoulder, although Novo is on the side, but his wife is still very high. And the body is also very good, wearing a dark evening dress, looks very well.

The wife of Novo is Jessica Olsen, a sweet phase, working in a art galleries in Dallas. In 2011, Novo gave her proposal, and the two had love for many years. According to the media’s guess, Jessica Olsen may be 90s, Novo is born in 78 years, and there are many age gaps in the two. Not enough to look at the photo, you can’t see it, now Novo looks very young, the two are really very matched. Wait until Novo jersey retirement ceremony, I believe Jessica Olsen will also participate, I believe that fans can also see the style of Mrs. Kings.

Novo can be said to be a big winner. He was selected in the first round of 1998, and his career has been playing in Dallas, and playing 21 seasons. It has achieved a real one. Moreover, he also helped the Salers got the first champion of the team history, saying that he is the first person of the history of the Salers, so he can now get a jersey. And the NBA career of Novo is also great enough, 14 times, I have selected the FMVP and MVP, and I have been selected for the best lineup. Most of the honors have gone. His total salary in NBA is $ 255.5 million, so even if he retires, it is not worried about the money.

It is worth mentioning that his relationship with the owner of the boss is also very good. The relationship between the two is talked to the NBA, which can be said to be an example of the NBA boss and players. In his retired season, Kutan also held a lively decommissioning ceremony, and now retired for more than two years, Kutong also can’t wait to retire his jersey. I don’t know if I have a chance to return to a single person in the future? It is also good to be a helpful teaching or entering management.