Normal round! Bulk official Xuanshins Since due to physical condition, it will absence back to back to the back of the game: the first show 7 + 4

Beijing time December 03! At 8:30 in the morning, the Buck came to back to the array, and the Buck officially
released today’s injury report. It is worth mentioning that the team’s new aid Damus-Coss is due to physical condition, it will absence the back to the back of the buck today. In the previous game with the wasp, Coss is Welcome to the first show, and the audience got 7 points 4 rebounds.

In the prior to the prior to Sinins, Coss is also re-returned to NBA, salaries expert Bobby? Marks exposed Coss’s contract details. His total salary is $ 2,004,041 dollars. If Coss is not counted before 5 o’clock on the morning of January 7, the contract will be turned to guarantee. After January 7, NBA will reimburse the $ 737,768 in 2 million shipments.

In the Bucks and the Hornets, Cousins ??officially ushered in the first show of the Bucks, and the game was 14 minutes. 3, three points 2 in 1 get 7 points 4 rebounds 1 assists 1 steal, the positive negative value + 9. Such performance is definitely earned for arsenal. If Cousins ??can continue to play such a game, I believe he can still stay on the NBA stage.

Coss is the No. 5 show in 2010. He played 25 games last season. For 16 games for the fast boat, the season has been on the game 17.4 minutes, which can contribute 8.9 points 6.4 rebound 1.9 assists. He has been selected for 4 times during the effectiveness of the king and 鹈鹕, and the best lineup is selected twice. This should still be still in the peak age, but now efforts to seek opportunities.