Nfl18 most surprised team: Brown began to win "rebuild" Sea Eagle into the season

The 2018 season NFL regular season officially crashed, and there were many teams with excellent performance in this season. So next, let us take stock of the most surprising NFL team in 2018!

Los Angeles Lightning

Every year, the Meilai West District is full of countless surprises or disappointment, compared to the seasons in the semi-finals, Los Angeles lightning is completely different. Despite the four-point guards of the future celebrities, the slow heat of lightning in previous years always lets them with the playoffs. However, this season Los Angeles Flash Team seems to be completely awakened, Philip Rivers can say that it is one of the best seasons, his pass rate is as high as 68.8%, and the 4132 yards are 31, only 10 times. Under the excellent play of Rivers, the extension of the flash is spent more, and there are 8 outer hands to get at least more than one Dalun. Kikan-Allen once again won the thousand code season, Melwen Gog Deng and the Austine-Experler two running guards rushed out of 1200+ yards. The field of the Los Angeles Lightning Team can get 27 points. The fifth column of the League is 5.5 yards each time, and the third place is located; each shink is 4.8 yards, and the fifth of the league is located.

At the same time, in the defensive group of lightning, Melwin-Indigram, Aisak-Rochel, Dhalius-Philon, Udher-Enwo, James-Darwin, Dersmond Strong defechers have infused countless energy for this team, although Qiao Boza, but the defensive group of lightning is still outstanding, and the fields have been 331.3 yards, and they only allow opponents to get 21.3 points, these two items The defensive data is ranked eighth. This is also an important reason why this team eventually won 12 wins and 4 loss records, but unfortunately, although the flash has achieved quite good record, it can only be held behind the Kansas Emirates. The identity enters the playoffs.

Houstown Trinity

Texas finally got rid of the injuries in recent years and returned to the playoffs. In fact, at the beginning of this season, this team once encountered 3 games, and the dangerous dilemma was in the past few seasons. However, under the timely remedy of Bill O’Brien coach, the Houstown Texas came back to bottom, and he took a wave of nine linkages directly locked the ranking quota. To know that the team that completed such a feat is still Buffalo, 1998, the performance of Texas is enough to be amazed.

JJ-Watt, Jedvie – Crawni, Whitney Merrus, these Texas people’s defensive front pillars can finally be able to get healthy and healthy, Watt and Claien Double ghosts Two people have set up 23.5 kills, let people clap their hands; on the second line, Tylan – Matthew, Jonathan – Joseph, Justin Rid, Carrim Jackson, etc., etc. Air defense barrier, blocking the ball of opponent.

In addition, the quadrant Swan Dawen Watson also returned from the knee, and he finished a whole season with an absolute health gesture. A total of 3,931 yards of 26 reached 9 turn-cut, and the mid-rate reached 68.1%. Under Watson’s assists, De Andre-Hopkins was refreshed with personal career records, and he won the 1425 yards of 11 to reach. The connection between Hopkins and Watson is enough to destroy any line, and this is also an important reason for the reunion of Texas.

Baltimore Crow

The defensive group of the crow this season is as strong as the epic, and the average of the opponent is only 284.1 codes and 17.5 points. The scores and numbers of the field are all minimous. The crow seems to find the feeling of the Ray-Lewis era, Treier Sags, Zadagra – Smith, Matthew – Yurun, headed by a hard-working wall, which blocks all the offensive of the opponent.

In fact, there is no one dare to imagine the crow in the middle of the season, but after the first quarter of the Ramar Jackson, the crow is suddenly turned over. This season’s crow is rushed 143 yards, ranked second, Ramar Jackson and Gates – Edward, Alex Collins brought powerful ground firepower, supporting the overall attack of the crow.

In the past two years, Baltimore Crow is in the last round of the regular season, and this season, this team is shameful, and finally grasped his own destiny, locked the partition head with 10 wins and 6 losses. Name, put the old giants Pittsburgh steel man out of the playoffs, bringing us a surprise scene.

Cleveland Brown

Although Cleveland Brown has a lot of gaps from the playoffs, the performance of the Brown team this season is enough to surprise. From the full defeat season to now 7 wins and 1 flat 8 losses, the Brunt’s progress is visible. In Fuzheng Baker – Melfield, I fired the bishop of Brown Many years – Jackson, this team completely embodied. After changing the handsome, Brown has achieved 5 wins and 1 negative results, and the five game Rabon played the front five levels of NFL. This season, the young Brown defensive group can be able to make a total of 30 times, and the second place is located. Taking Miles-Galt, Lari-Organ, Jeanad, Efrey, Emanuel-Ogaba, etc. .

And the four-point Wei Mefield was pushed to the first after the first posture, it quickly proved himself, in 14 games, he had a total of 3349 yards 24 to 11 copies. As a new show, Melfield can be circled point. In general, this team is no longer a fishing rod, which is a slaughter, and the record of this season exceeds the third of the Cincinnati Mamadi, the third, and ushered in a winning rate close to 50%. The season, this is already a historic advancement for Brown.


The Chicago Xiong team in this season is undoubtedly one of the most surprising teams. After the introduction of huge sums of money, this team seems to have turned on the second pulse, which is like the steel Great Wall defensive group. Surprised people’s eye, Aquim Hicks, Kalier Mark, Eddie-Goldman, Rock Wan – Smith, will form a defensive front line that makes people sorrow; Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson, Prince – Amamara and other players guarded the defensive second line of the bear team. The entire alliance of the entire defensive group manufacturing a total alliance is the first, and the defensive data is stable in the forefront. This team’s defensive group is completely a historical level.

In terms of offensive, quartz-Swan Trudobi is perfectly integrated into the offensive system of the bear team. This young man is completely adapted to the rhythm of NFL, bringing new vitality for the Ball offense of the bear team. Coupled with Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen and other strong running guards, the debt of the bear team completely got rid of the feeling of the past. These are the reasons why the bears reverberate the Kingpei District of the United States and let countless fans surprised.

Dallas Cowboy

In the front half of the season, Dallas denim only only took 3 wins and 5 negative records. At that time, no one can think of this team can eventually enhance the playoffs, but in the second half of the season, the cowboy is shameful It has achieved 7 wins and 1 loss, with a double kill defending champion Philadelphia eagle more directly to help the cowboy to lock the position of the country of the National District. This season, Super Runwei Yale Elliot can be described as an offensive of the denim, and he rushed out of 1434 yards, and the number of squash codes was first in the alliance. Such an explosive mushroom performance, also let Dallas cowboy offensive, all the way.

Of course, cowboy can show such a strong momentum, the most important reason, or the defensive group to force. This season, Darlas denim gampers released 321.8 yards, only for opponents from 19.3, defensive manifestations, in the forefront, in Demucus-Lawrence, Landy, Gregory, Thaubo Crawford , Jay-Smith, Leiden-Vander, and other stars, this team’s defensive group broke out. This also makes the cowboy in the second half of the season, and finally locks the head name of the country and enters the playoffs.

Seattle Hawks

Since the last season did not break into the playoffs, the Hawk gave up many old people such as Richard-Shelman, Michael, the NGT, and Its Reconstruction. However, it is a new style that is a new style. This season, the Haiye has created a running guard line, Chris Carson, Mike Davis, La Sabs, Mike Davis, Lee David, but brought The top ground offensive firepower of the Alliance. This season is 158.5 yards in this season, and the first column is first; each punch is reached 4.8 yards, the top 7 of the league, the sea eagle retrieves the ground attack of the Ma Shaen Lilcho.

At the same time, the Hawks and 4 points Wei Rastell – Wilson played a personal career and a peak, he had a total of 34 times, only to copy 6 times, both data set a career record, in Wilson’s Under the leader, the Hawk finally killed a dawn in the national affiliate partition of the strong enemy, grabbed the next season. From dangerous to the playoffs, this season is really surprising.

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