NFL site direct hit: defensive group real thigh patriots Xi Six winches, but injured tired

(Wen / Guo Qi) On October 11, Beijing time, the sixth week of the NFL in the Jigier Stadium in Masera, a new England Patriot team at home, is relaxed in 35:14 in Thursday Night. The New York Giant team who came to the guests came, and the six-winning victory will remain unbeaten. The all-game patriots can be described as a point of blossoms. In addition to Tom-Breddy personally won 2 Detaded, Runbranden Boulden also contributed the second time of this season, and defended The group and the high school group continued the strong performance since the opening season, and contributed to a reach.

[Autumn is gradually slow and hot open, the patriot is the worst halfway]

A autumn rain, a sunny new England area has not appeared on a sunny day, while the Mian’s thin rain in the past is also reduced to only 11 degrees. Plus the game in the game, the wind speed is up to 25km / h, which has caused a lot of impact on the shot of the four-defense of the two sides including the player.

Perhaps it is affected by the cold weather, or may be because the patriot fans will not be interested in this no suspected Thursday night game, today’s visitors are not as much as they often. Many empty seats can be seen on the stand of the Fox Fort, and the pocket of the game before the game can be purchased, and the ball ticket in the same position will cost the average of more than 200 dollars, which is not mentioned. Brown, chief game, minimum fare is 300 US dollars.

In the face of the offensive group star, the Sakquan-Barkley, External hand-in-X Xiepad and the near-end Frontier Evan-English, the New York Giant team, the focus of this game became the focus of this game. The patriot can zero to attack the lack of weapons. But let the patriots fans are disappointed and even a little worried is that the New York giant has achieved two reaches when the end of the game is over, only 14:21 behind the patriot.

The first quarter of the competition has just been half, the giant team quartz, Daniel, Jones, will appear once in first, Patriot Corgest Stephen Gilmore high jumped to destroy Daniel Jones, and teammates John – Simon Eye Breakfast Hold the ball in the arms to complete the copy. It seems to be a little surprised by this dayfulness, and the patriot four-point Wei Tham Braddy immediately “friendly” will return the ball back, and his remember is a giant Ganolis – Jenkkins is easy to copy.

Tom Braddy’s removal of the long-lived scorpion, when his passed the goal of Julian – Although two defensive players were hit, they had a certain distance from him. Perhaps it is affected by the wind. The direction of this ball and the direction of Edelman have a relatively large deviation. After the competition, the press conference was asked to this copy, Tom Bradi said, “This is a wrong decision. I made the wrong pass option, trying to pass the ball to the Gap in the gap” .

The giant team’s first reachand was completed by the outer hand Gorden Tart, after receiving the passage of the four points of Daniel Jones, I opened the patriotic corner Jon Nathase, who opened his patriotic angle, Jononan, Jones. After safety Du Du – Harnes, it is easy to complete the 64-yard pass to reach, and the “reverse entry” completes the “reverse storage” in the last five-code line.

This reachable is the first pass to reach the first pass to date so far. At the post-match press conference, the reporter questioned this to the Patriot Devil’s Devon-McCodi, “The first half Tatt walks into the end area to complete the reachable, is it in this way to stimulate Do you? Can you motivate the patriot’s defensive group to be more desperate in the second half? “

McCodi replied, “Not. I mean, although it makes the opponent easy to get a reach, but the important thing is that our defensive group realizes that this is just a unsuccessful defense. We can’t be good because of the opponent Attack, lose confidence or doubt tactical arrangements, we have to put the attention on each defense behind, and we have achieved it. “

[里 夜 布雷迪 传 加 加 达 双 临 临 门]

New York giant, accurately said that the two points Wei Yile Manning may be the opponent to Tom Braddy before retiring, after all, 2008 and 2012, two super bowls to the opponent’s painful memories, or is still His career left a deep mark, and the New York Giants’ “Olympic Law” has also become an interesting topic in NFL history. Regrettably, Eli Manning this game did not gain an opportunity to play, missed Tom-Braddy, once again faced the opportunity to face.

The competition wins, winning the twice to reach the ball, the total number of passes rises to the second, such a milestone night is still a remember that Tom-Braddy is remembered. After the start of the game, Tom Braddy successfully served Sony-Michelle, which helped him surpass Pedon-Manning to the second place of NFL history passed, in front of him There is only the existing legendary legendary legendary legendary legendary legend. Considering that the evergreen trees on the two stadiums have not yet clearly expressing when retired, Tom Brradi can catch up with nearly 3,000 yards in the two.

Obviously Tom Braddy enjoys such a beautiful milestone, and the news conference after the game has been full of smiles, not only take the initiative and reporters, but also started joke. When he said that he received the last question, the reporter who took the microphone said that he had two small problems, and Braddy said smiled. “I said, just ask a quick answer”. The reporter answers very witnessed. “It is actually a problem, I can be divided into two halves.” Braddy also relaxed his own standard, “Ok, you ask, I can accept it.” When talking about the big wind of this, Braddy said, “There is no more influence on my pass. I mean, there may be a few specific direction or more or less Influence”.

42-year-old Tom-Breddy, according to the age of 42, in order to extend his life life, he will choose to stay in the pocket to complete the pass, but he is hard to complete 7 Sub-shock, and achieved two reaches, which also helped him have become the NFL history to get two rush to reach the oldest player.

To know, the last Braddy single game has been doubled to reach two times, but also trace back to the Miami dolphins in the home of the 2011-2012 season (9 sho, 17 yards, 2 reachaes). Teammm Julian – Erman is also gave to Braddy after the game. For example, Braddy said, “At that time there were many wounded, I saw the opportunity to see on a line, so I made a choice of the ball.” Perhaps it is no, after all, the patriot offensive group is indeed a shortcoming of the leading general, but the patriot fans still hopes that the smaller picture of the old man is, the better.

[Injury invasion or the biggest obstacle on the road in front of the patriot]

The performance of the patriots defensive group and the special group of this season can be said to be very powerful, four-point sanitation, manufacturing, copying, blocking opponents to discard kick, attacking to fight, have become their homewinner. In contrast, the performance of the offensive group is somewhat uncomfortable, whether it is offensive front, or a running gate or an external hand. In the past, the patriotic’s row of flowers, the three-dimensional attack, this season is very rare, removing the factors of tactical arrangements, and injuries are also an objective fact that caused this situation.

The second week of the season, the patriot’s external hand can be described in luxurious, Julian – Edelman, Antonio – Brown, Joh-Gordon, Philip – Dott, such a combination makes any one The opponent smells the wind. Today, today, when the game is in the second half, the team only rely on Julian-Edelman, plus two new Xiu Yaxi-Miles and Ghana-Ostron, which can choose from the sky to the underground. Let the fans are difficult to accept, and the offensive coordinator Mike Danieles is also helpless.

Look at the list of patriot length: Run Weix – Berk Haide, External Hand Joh – Gordon, Philip – Dott, Qi Jaquip – Johnson, Line Wend Dream – Haotier , Safety Patrick – Clock, Corner JC-Jackson, there is an external connection on the injury reserves Nixer Harry, Tongfu James Doflin and the left side of Iria – Wien, so many players The lack of abduction is bound to have a big impact on the arrangement of patriotic tactics.

Perhaps it can be attributed to poor luck, but injuries are always inevitable in competitive sports. Fans will not blame the team because of injury, just hoping that the coach Bill Belipk and offensive coordinator Mike Daniels can make full player’s specialty, develop more and more targeted Tactics, I also hope that the patriot’s player’s injury problem can be relieved and improved in the next valuable 11-day rest period.


As two unsatisfied teams left in the Alliance, the new England patriots were first in San Francisco, and the 6th game of their successful winners was extended. Just as the defensive line Wei Xinxiu Versian-Viriti-Viki said, “6 wins and 0 negatives are only the record on the paper. When the game is a game, our next goal is Strive for the victory of the seventh game, just this … ……

Reporter in Boston Guo Yaqiu