NFL Jaudou No. 10 Summary: Viking people

On August 10th, Beijing time, NHL’s first round season continued, and the new offensive system of Viking people was first effective. 34-25 defeated the saints; steel people were replaced by four-point guard, 30-28 victims of pirates. Today, there are only two NFL games, let’s take a look at the battle!

Minnesota Viking 34-25 New Orleans Saint

Kirk Cousins ??performs perfect in the new offensive system of Viking people, 4 pass 4 in the 65-yard harvest 1 Daliang, he completes 35 yards on the right to find Adam – Belon (ADAM Before Thielen, I also completed two beautiful short pass, eventually made a chance to the third round of Xiu Alexander-Mattison (Alexander Mattison). This game means that Viking is replacing the new offense coordinator Kevin Stefanski, and under the guidance of the Offense Advancer – Gary Kubiak, the transformation is quite successful.

Subject 4 points Shuen Mani (Ean Mannion) promoted 102 yards in the 13-year seven in the game, and there was also an up to the new show Orabisi Johnson. The most beautiful remembrance from the second grade of Viking people, Mike Boone, long-distance attack 64 yards help Viking 34-25 lock victory.

Confused Saint Shed team, mainly four points, Drew Brees, Teni Bridgewater, Teddy Bridgewater, played most games, facing the old people Do not soft. He promoted 134 yards in 196 in the first half, and completed a 18-yard reachable, found near-end Dannold.

However, in the next half, Arnold faces Taysom Hill, but let the ball on the opponent arm, Nate Meadors directly complete the copy of the CD 30 code. In general, Hill’s second half is not bad, and the 14-pass 8 pushes 80 yards, and the Lilkrdan Humphrey will pass a 33-bit quilt.

Pittsburgh Steel Man 30-28 Tampa Bay Pirate

Today, the four-point guard battle has begun. Today, the steel man is first to enable Joshua Dobbs, and he throws a piece of copy, but the luck is invalid, this 2017 four The 85 yards were promoted in the 85 yards in the 85 yards. Another four-point Swan Mason-Rudolph is excellent, the same 8-pass 5, advanced 91 yards, but the difference is that Rudolph has harvested two reaches.

The three-year show last year was in the first wave of attack three-pass, and finally, he took 8 yards in James Washington in the University of Oklahoma. The third game, the external hand Marty-Horndon, rushed to 59 yards after the ball, and took the three-size chance of the three-way hair.

The pirate team first quartz, Jameis Winston, personally in the unique attack round, 6 pass 5 in 5, lead the main lineup to achieve a decline, Dall player is Chris – Chris Godwin. In addition to some small problems, the pirates defensive, including a penalty that is penalized.

In terms of rushing, Norhe Spins is harvested.