New fans need to know: some basic knowledge about basketball rules

Basic rules of basketball can be divided into four parts: driver, foul, score and timing: the standard movement of the ball with the ball, if two hands holding the ball, the behavior will be sentenced to the end of the ball; the criminal There is an illegal body contact and actions under non-physical behavior; points are judged by distance from the score of the goal; the timing is the predetermined time of the basketball game.


Just like football can’t be used by hand, playing basketball also has standard movements, for the concept of drib, this is described in this ceremony:


It means that there is a team member in place or move, using a single-handed clap or hands alternately taking a ball that rebounded by the ground.

In the player, pass the ball, the ball, the ball did not touch the ball twice or more, lost the control of the ball, and the above-handed play at the same time, the above behavior belongs to the end of the dribbon:


The foul in the basketball can be roughly divided into 8 kinds:

Technical foul – refers to non-physical behavior, unethical behavior.

Offense foul – a foul action carried out in the case of ball.

Ordinary Personal Division – A physical contact with the other party does not allow.

Both sides are fouled – two people are fouled.

A foul action for uncontrolled ball foul – no spherish case.

Malicious foul – unnecessary and excessive bodies in the opponent.

Boxing foul – Playing with fists.

For a foul on the ball – when the two sides have not taken the ball, one party violates the other party.