Never sneak again! MLB and other tripartite agreements Cubausais players will legally fight

On December 20th, Beijing time, the MLB alliance came from heavy news, and after the US Professional Baseball Union, the Great Alliance Players Association, and the Cuban Baseball Association. The tripartite finally reached an agreement, allowing the ancient Badian players to sign a US MLB Grand Alliance with the large profit team. This means that ancient Barta Players will no longer need to be defeated to the country to obtain opportunities for the US professional baseball.

Previously, Cuban players need to smoke their country for the access to the big alliance.

During the previous decades, in order to get the opportunity to join the United States, they will smuggle their lives to other surroundings, followed by entering the United States. This is obviously not the best choice. The agreement to be signed in this triple will allow Cuban players to obtain similar contracts with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc., which will join the big profore team.

Due to policy reasons, these Cuban players have to choose a rebel country to join MLB team.

Due to policy reasons, these Cuban players have to choose a rebel country to join MLB team.

MLB President Manfred (Rob Manfred) said: “Since the years, the big alliance has actively sought to prevent sneak policies. Cuban players have had to contact the United States through criminal groups, this policy Will provide safe and legal solutions for Cuban players. We believe this agreement can accomplish this goal and provide more opportunities for the next generation of Cuban players. “Manfred said that future Cubausais players Will not need to experience the difficulties experience of previous Cuban players to pursue their dreams on the stage of the big alliance. Depending on the quality of Cuban players, the Cuban Baseball Association will be funded by millions of dollars from the big alliance. This is undoubtedly a huge amount for poor Cuban baseball. This can help Cuba build more baseball related facilities and cultivate more baseball talents.

Such multilingual agreements mean that Cuba and the United States have been alleviated. Although in the President of Obama, the ancient relations have had a progress, but after Trump’s president, the ancient relations fell to the freezing point.

The efforts to this agreement have begun in 2016. At that time, Cuba’s asset control supervision committee approved the cooperation plan of MLB and Cuban Baseball Association in March 2016, and officially notified the American Professional Baseball Union in the form of a letter on September 20, 2016.

Three-party protocols lead to many attention, discuss

The cooperation of the MLB Great Alliance and Cuba has also triggered politicians in the US politicians. Patrick Leahy from the Democratic Parteniase of Vermont, said the baseball is a bridge that has been running between the United States and Cuba. The two countries have established links and let the two countries go to the closer position. In the agreement, any disputes between the Great Pilot and Cuban Baseball Society will be resolved by the International Chamber of Commerce. Jeff Flake, Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, said this is a “home run” level agreement. On the twitter, Frek said that this agreement will make the Cuban baseball player’s day, they will not come to the United States in a very unsafe way.

The Big Alliance Ball Work Association welcomes this agreement: Tony Clark, Chairman Tony Clark, said to the media: “Building a safe, legal franchise process has a great help to our system. This is also our end The risk of dangerous treatment of Cubaisani exploitation can be done. “The union said that the safety and health of these young players is the primary concerns of the player union.

Under the current mechanism, the Body Great Alliance Team Contract From the Players of the Cuban Baseball Association can return to Cuba to participate in the competition in the case of its large alliance team. And players from Cuba also needed to leave Cuba after the consent of several sports officials before joining the big alliance. In the Cuban Baseball Association, IIINO VELEZ said that the current process ensures that Cuban players are not torture, and they don’t have to join the United States baseball big union without having to subconsciously connect with their country. He said that this is a legal and safe chase road that Cuban players dream of. “This agreement will give Cuba players a stable life and opportunity for Cuba national team. They will be able to sign up with any major alliance team, can return to their country, can be with their family Reunion, travel, and legal access to Cuba. “

This agreement only covers the players of the Cuban Baseball Association. The Cuban Baseball Association agreed to discharge the players in the age of 25 and six years of professional baseball experience. They will become an international professional player who can join the American Baseball League. They will no longer belong to the category of international amateur players. In addition, the Cuban Baseball Association will also depend on the specific circumstances, allowing a small player to join the United States professional baseball small union team.

Players can choose to join the Great Pieza players and seek trade union agents to help them complete the communication and negotiation of contracts, or choose other representatives to consult the small alliance contract.

These MLB players have passed a dangerous road

The Cuban player smuggled into the United States and also diverted back to the 1960s, after the Cuban revolution, the United States and Cuba had extremely deteriorated, and the Cuban revolutionary leader Castro decided to ban Cuba professional baseball players to join the foreign professional baseball alliance. This also makes some Cuban players to decide to defend Cuba and enter the American professional alliance. Such conditions have become more frequent as changes in the situation of the Cold War. After the former Soviet Union disintegrate, because Cuba suffered from the banned sanctions in the surrounding countries, more Cubalanced players chose to defend their country, and entered the US Great Alliance. There are also some players to use the chances of participating in the International Competition on behalf of the Cuban national team to defend in the country. Typically, Cuban players will not directly defend to the United States, but they will choose to defend the third country, so that they can join the big parliament team as a free player, rather than American players must experience the draft way.

From the ancient capital, it is currently effective in the Los Angeles Dodge Team

From the ancient capital, it is currently effective in the Los Angeles Dodge Team

Many current Great Alliance players support this agreement. Purg, which was played in the Los Angeles Dodge Team, said: “Today is my very happy day.” Puriga fled Cuba through the help of the snake head in the early years. According to the test record of the court, on the road of sneak, he came into contact with the Mexican drug trafficking. Pu Ge said, knowing the future Cuban player no longer needs to experience himself and make him feel very happy.

At the big alliance, never lack the figure of ancient buses. Some people were selected for nine times, and some people signed a contract worth more than 70 million US dollars. Chicago White Sox All-Star Based on Jose Abreu said that the text has not been able to express his joy, from the harassment of the snake head and unknown finally to end. Abu Rui said that he was still harassed by these people until today.

In the past, these players often choose to try to take the vessel to the port of Mexico or Haiti in Cuba. After arriving in the port, they will enter the safety houses arranged by the snake head until the snake head has received the fees required for the sneak, and these players will be homing in the house. Some snakes even asked these players to make a certain percentage of future income as the cost of funding them. In Cuba, these players are sneak out of the country, or the baseball players are sneak out of the criminal crime. In the past decades, some brokers have therefore entered the prisons of Cuba.

Treasured in Chicago White Sox, Jose - Abuyu

Treasured in Chicago White Sox, Jose – Abuyu

For these ancient buses, they will give up their native countries, and their relatives and friends in Cuba may be implicated. Typically, Cuba will refuse to provide a departure visa for these recruiters. However, in the face of larger stage, more opportunities, and more excellent compensation, for their love baseball, and with very high talents, this long road may really be worth it.