Nets VS Sun Review: The first 20 tests? Audou 45 minutes empty cutting rotation is still unknown

Adu this battle is shocking: a regular season,44minute50Second, the audience is only rest3Minute10Second. A people who have been hurt by a congenital wounded, unfortunately become the shame of the basket, Harden, Nash.

Confused Sun Shuangxing, Bak play31minute46Second, Paul35minute57Second,9People rotation,4Sandette Saimi in the standing time15The time of the minutes, the rotation is fixed, each person’s role is extremely clear – the sun16Connecting, MontiWilliams is not good, we can easily feel the discipline of the sun.

However, there is no discipline, Nash’s troops are on paper.10People rotate, but Milhap fight8Minutes,
3Minutes, Brown4In the past, only played the dragon set, the role is positioned unknown, the rotation position is not in the morning, the whole coach is mood – JamesJohnson will make up the battle.27Minutetwenty threeSecond, this is almost equivalent to a team super sixth person, even less than the starting center Aude.19Second, Nash is actually used in Ade+Benbry+Adu+Mills+Harden+JamesJohnson+Thomas seven people are rotated in and the sun spiked knife.

A du fight45Minutes, empty cut39Minute9plateSeducehelp4Break1Hat, the audience faces Claude, CameronJohnson, Bridges composed of sharp line iron lock groups to fight hard, but also in Northern Antonfield to prevent all; Harden15Except4Middle, three points6middle0Only12Divided into the account – when Harden is brought by a team, Nash can only change it early, unlimited vicious circle.

The sun is the most leading basket networktwenty twoDivided, the basket can catch only one waySeduceDivided, offensive talents have a lot, but they finally lost their carelessness. When you face a match at home15Lonned Jinli,20Secondary mistakes to each other20There are9Secondary non-confulptive mistakes, the concentration of the player’s field and the coach’s rotation is tall, there is no discipline to win!

The first and replacement lines of the basket network are very passive: when the big lineup, Ade is unpacking“Dista” chasing, hooking the small lineup and being robbed by McGi and the Sun Feng line group, and the guard can only rely on increasing the appearance time of Adu.

The sun is in full use in the full-scale pressure, Bridges leaders, Claude single soldiers, Du;/Harden+Ade launched a high-end block, Eaton participated in the defense delay. MontiWilliams took the heart: three seconds to the attack on Adu and Haden, prefer to put the box in the bunk, and restricted the Net Shuangxing in the position of the ball, only the main Contradiction – Net Opening9cast4In the middle, this Bryi dunk except for otherSeduceThe secondary hand is tually ended outside the three seconds.

The sun off-attack is used to set up a high-ranking ball and Eaton to set up a position to cover the Bak Walking. When the Nash is open, and the Nash is retracting, and after the cover, the sun is doubled and the high-speed shift and Entton Hand has a large number of easiness opportunities for the ball: Bullying Ade anti-blocking and closing door, the anti-no-ball cover, Eaton block is unable to flick, and the basket is covered by covering Paul and Bark. The time difference between the master16Paul4Minute2Help, retro median is specialized in basket.– Buck Single Festival

The defensive strategy of the Net network has played a certain effect, the first quarter of the sun34In the reasonable collision zone, only3Even, although the Nets took the basket, they were preemptive by the sun-efficient peripheral projection: single sectionSeduceRecord3Three points, the first section leading basket network14point.

Nash is played with Milhapp8Minute, the small ball infinite changed to the McGi absolute height restraint, McGi easily picks up the rebound after Milsum, and he is a banquet in the Basket Network.5Offensive rebound – basket network is difficult to use Ade to be disassembled, with a small lattice, there is no basket and rebound guarantee, and the sun is first Entton and Substate McGi two big center audience48The minute is a small ball array of a large four small and a natural basket.

The advantage of the basketball stagnation is perfectly resolved by the rotation machine of the sun stroke group, Bricespians cut Harden and Milhap split lines, Bridges single fieldSeduceSubtock, the second section of the individual steals anti-sports directly helped the sun build up19Leading the leading advantage. Bridges, Claude, CameronJohnson’s three front lines are height, which can be single-defense forced Acou to conduct high difficulty, but also change the overwhelming half of the rotation.3DFengquan plus Eidton young agility can take over the anti-defense of Adu and Harten’s heavy responsibility, defending the sun16The foundation of the winning victory.

The Nikse and Thomas of the Net Net are a big-defensive breakthrough. The overall defensive ability of the two teams is different. The Nets are clearly attacked and defensive, completely dependent on the offensive, and the whole field is with the solar. Gambletwenty twoDivision and chaseSeduceDifferent, the whole feel.–behind

Nash has become smart, regardless of Ade or JamesJohnson is playing5Listing, basket network1-5Unlimited replacement, it is indeed scared by Bark and Paul scared after a removal after blocking, only unlimited anti-gambling sun backed dual-core single-playing power.

The sun’s response is very clear, Bark/Paul has met with Ade/JamesJohnson’s defender is unpacking, using the basket network to change the defense, “some name” is missing. Bark30Paultwenty twoDivide, unlimited chasing Aude.

Although Ade offensive12middle8contributePDivided, but when he is present, the basket is lost.11According to the dual-core “unlimited withdrawal” by the sun, Nash finally choosed James.Johnson is a small ball5Normal warfare.

The basketball stalks have achieved results at the end of the year, and the single section is booming.35-23Net winning sun12Divided, but the backwardtwenty twoDifferential pit is difficult to return. The sun is also very smart, the Nets are chased10MontiWilliams decisively suspended, then the Ertoni penetration basket, Crawder’s water, touched the fish, to lock the victory in advance, hit the basketball small array, and always clear the advantages and disadvantages on both parties.

The sun is based on the defensive defensive defensive in the Net, what is the defense? What is the big array to prevent blocking harvest, Bark and Paul’s distance is targeted; Ade is involved in unlimited anti-defense, Bark and Paul three points One-on-one“Dista” single pick; the basket “death is five small” fight, the sun puts a fans on Du Dend, and bulls small lineup with the offensive. The sun is extremely targeted and disciplined, the Paul Pointer is slowed down and accelerated. From the coach to the ball, it is better than the Basket Network.

The sun and the basket network have finished the season.20MonteWilliams coached the solar hill16Duranting, while Nash is still playing in a regular season45minute! When the warriors and the sun becomes fierce, Adu may not know: “How long does it take to play next time? In addition to him and Harden, Nash will also send anyone?”


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