Nearly 4 battles three points 36 in 16! Lilad State rebounder super far three-rate pioneer Hao four consecutive victories

On November 24th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, the trailer is at home. In the second quarter rely on Lilad’s three-pointed three-point hit, it successfully made a wave of 16-10 offensive climax and achieved leading advantages. The two teams have been caught in the state of the split, and the pioneers who have a leading advantage have always mastered the initiative. Whenever the Nugget tries to narrow the division to 10 minutes, the Blazers always pull the difference in the precision projection again. The final pioneer tapping the Nuggets at home at 119-100.

It can successfully get the victory of this game, the biggest hero of the Blazers is more than the team’s star backfinder. McCalem founded in 19 in 19, three points 9 in 5, 5 get 32 ??points, 3 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals, the team playing the most stable player. Lillaer 13, 9, three points, 5, 5 get 25 points, 3 rebounds 5 assists, he many times in three points outside the three-point line, the biggest key to the team pull the difference.

Lillad’s recent shooting has improved, he once in the beginning of the game, he is in the top 9 games, and he three points in the 85th game, and the three-pointer is as low as 21%. Lillad is rare, there are no more than 20 competitions, and once only 4 points, the team only achieved 4 wins and 5 negative records. It is important to know that Lillad can hit 4.1 in the last season, three points, and the three-point hit rate is also as high as 39.1%. Just a summer, Lillad’s state is so powerful, and the outside world has begun to question Lillad, some media directly think that the Blazers and Lilad will come to the end.

That Lrade said that he was already a year in the league of 9 seasons. He also will usher in the 10th season of his career, his performance cannot be performed because of the low fans of the previous game, he is very What should I do next? Lillad really said that he gradually retrieved his shot. In the past four games, Lillad’s 36 times out of the three-point line 36 out of 16 goals, and the three-pointer
intermediate rate is up to 44%. In the last game of Philadelphia, he opened his own score mode. The audience won the 39 points, proved that he is still the ruthless score machine.

With the highlights of Lilad’s shooting, the overall state of the pioneers also increased. At present, the team’s morale is good. After winning the Nuggets today, they have ushered in four consecutive victories, and the total record has also come to 10 wins and 8 losses, and success is surpassing Grizzlies to climb to the western part. Next, they will face the journey of the three guests, there is still no shortage of warriors and jazz these strong numbers, whether Lillad can stand pressure, lead the team to continue to fierce, let us wait and see.