NBA three news! Turli eat t-grown 33 points, soup, was removed, Couscus returned to NBA

On November 29th, in the NBA morning game, the Warriors 105-90 defeated the fast boat, and the Hao 7 consecutive victory. This game, Curre was 34 minutes, 22 shots 12, three of the three points, 7, 33 points 5 rebounds 6 assists 6 steals, both ends of the attack and defense play.

It is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, Curry has a technical foul complained in remembering the referee. At the game, there was still less than 9 minutes, and the Curi met the little Otto-Porter passed back to the basket, and fell after being confronted with Mann. The referee did not blow the Mann foul, which made Curry very dissatisfied. After the referee, the referee complained, and finally
passed the technical foul.

After taking T in the lib, the anger in the heart is directly excited. He strokes three points in the subsequent game, take away the game! After the hit personal, after three points, the referee of the Kuri learned more than the gesture for T.

Curry kills the Quartet on the NBA Story, and the “Shui Brothers” another member of Clay Tomson is also close to the backup. The Warriors announced that the soups were decentralized to the Santa Cruz Warriors who were decentralized to the G League to increase the amount of training in two players. According to previous reports, soups may return before December. His returns will make this warrior now add Wings.

The new season, NBA regular season has been carried out 1/4, and many strong teams are seeking reinforcement. The defending champion is a long time. They signed a one-year non-guaranteed contract with free players. Cousins ??once played in the Rockets and Clippers last season, he got 41 games in the last season, and the field was 8.9 points 6.4 rebound 1.9 assists.