NBA officials announced! + James punishment WARNING! It has just been fined once ah …

Players in the excitement of the situation does have some outrageous performance, including in the last game against the Pacers, James jump when the big balls dance.

In fact, after the old Zhan casting their three-pointers, Kan ball monarch was also impressed by the superb cast that with the powerful big heart, not to mention the old Jim as a “party” How excited.

Impression last seen when this dance or Clay, it was at the time against Toronto three years ago, just before nine shots back of Klein had six full, the excitement danced the dance balls, the final is not out of the accident was fine.

Recently Raptors Fanqiao Dan have done this action.

And just a lot of people think that old Jim is not the standard one-handed hand balls dance will not be fined when a paper ticket today, was placed in the old Zhan head.

NBA officially announced that James because in the field of making an indecent gesture, was fined $ 15,000. At the same time, since before the media to respond to ban things when export into dirty, old Jim has also been a warning Alliance.

So why he was listed as the Egg Dance NBA “obscene gestures” mean? What is the source? Kan ball Jun Ge Jige simply to science about it.

This “dance” first appeared in a 1994 American sports comedy movie “Major League 2.” Japanese baseball players in order to stimulate a man named Tanaka of his teammates, he did not scold species, can do nothing of English as a two knives, in desperation, not only while cursing him balls, while making hand gestures unsightly .

Since then the US baseball player put this “culture” into the game; and in 2004, the “culture” of NBA star Kassel brought to the game.

Later unconsciously, more NBA players imitated, even the old branch is no exception.

Later, NBA officials announced the ban indecent, and slightly humiliating action, will be listed as a fine project. But still can not stop the players marked the first section, various defy the law.

And just because the forefoot was suspended for the loss of 300,000, the back foot again to close the old Zhan 10,005 suddenly became a big fine.

In fact, friends who watched the game knows how the Lakers played hard, thick eyebrows face fever sidelined, old Jim with melon are four top off fifth place and eventually win the game also resorted to feeding Jin, 37-year-old also dry so tired of living, somewhat complaints or to vent.

What’s more, this year the Lakers to lineup with the situation, it seems that none ranks among the favorites to win, you can not let the old Zhan temper it?

According to remember the name of Marc Stein reports, the Lakers start 10 wins and 10 losses, and the lack of flexibility in terms of their plans, more and more discussions about coaching circles Vogel facing pressure.

In fact Kan ball monarch had said a long time ago, if you look closely Vogel contract with the Lakers established not difficult to find, and there are all the clues.

Currently, the Lakers contract extension with coach Vogel extended for one year only, to protect the 2022-23 season.

Signed Yuewogeer 2019 when he signed with the Lakers breath for three years, won the first year, then the year after the Suns were eliminated in the first round, the injury became Vogel last a fig leaf;

But if the total to the lineup as an excuse, and that in any case eventually fired coach is such a thing will happen, someone will stand up and be responsible, you can not cut players now.

Vogel’s coaching style of management was not actually too much rejection, after all, he says guarding against, and in fact, the Lakers front man defense but few can stuff into the player, before the card Wong, Green, pop and other young players are all taken the;

They say he was poor ability to spot evolutions, but in the case of their injury you really can not count on how he should change, took on the Pacers, he even James Anthony + + + Ellington Mongolia five small combination g + Tucker are offering came out, and ultimately confirms the success of this new lineup is, at least won the game.

In addition, enabling Tucker as guest master or wise. But that is to ignore the small Jordan reuse spark, and see people a little angry.

The Lakers did start well below people’s expectations, and now the schedule has been completed nearly a quarter, if we do not reverse the form, I am afraid that really keep Vogel said goodbye.

Tom can not wait to return the old iron them,

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