NBA official Xuanzhou is the best! Booktere-Yangfang is 30+ elected, Durant Luta is nominated

On November 30th, Beijing time, NBA official announced this season, the 6th week of the
week, the best player, the eagle star Trier, Yang and the sun, the two, the two played the same 30+ madness, Duran Named in the Library.

Eastern Zhou Best – Tre Yang

Last Zhou Tre-Yang led the eagle to get 3 wins and 1 negative record, the average bombings 31.3 points 8.5 assists, shooting the hit rate 56.3% – get a 30-point 4 rebound 6 assists, got 3 1 points for the squid 7 rebounds 11 assists, get 31 points for the gum bear, 33 points for the arrays, and 4 rebounds, four rows of four consecutive games.

The 23-year-old Tre Yang Ben Sendai was elected to the best in the eastern Zhou, the 5th elected.

Western Zhou Best – Bick

On Zhou Bark led the sun 4 wins and 0 losses, the average bombings, 53% of the shooting rate and 56%, the offensive efficiency is odd – 23 points for the squid, 35 points to the knight 30 points for the 32-point and War Basket Network in Diagnosis, three consecutive points to score 30+; Boke helps the sun to get 16 consecutive https://www.nbatrikots4.comvictories, the team history of the team.

Boke is also the best player for the first time this season, the second time for career

Nominated players in eastern: Durant, Rozil, Knight Allen and Garland

Western Nominated Players: Curi, Russell and T4