MLB5 Daily: Red Socks 13 points Blood Shake White Socks Wine Wars 18

On May 5th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand League has conducted 15 games. The fruits are as follows: Squash 5-6 bear, Shuangcheng 7-3 Yangji, Sailor 4-5 Indians, Royal 15-3 Tiger,Warriors 9-2 Marin Fish, Light 0-3 Jacquard, Sports Home 4-6 Pirates, Giants 2-9 Red People, National 10-8 Philadelphians, Red Socks 15-2 White Socks, Space People 14-2 Angel, Metropolitan 3-4 winemaker, blue bird 5-8 visitors, snake 8-2 Rocky, Dodge 7-6 priest.

St. Louis Hashton 5-6 Chicago Cabin Team

When the Red Squad is at 5-1, the automatic four-bad balls have passed Schwarbo to facilitate the standing collillary Taylor – Davis, who faces the boudoad hits, caught, Thaler-Davis, Davis last over When you play, it is still 2017. However, Davis hits long hits to the war, and the extension bureau has hit the winning point of the winning. This time Davis hit the first home strike. It was also full of guns. Bayz decided the results in the second half of the 8th game.

Minnesota Shuangcheng team 7-3 New York Yangji team

The double city wins in the Yangji Stadium or 2016, and Double City has lost 9 consecutive games in Yangji Stadium. Everything is very important to the battle of the Federation team. Although the 4th bureau’s double-city team’s Jonathan-Sku’s 3-point horn is played by the rival team’s right wilder, but his 8th game It is still used to get 1 point of booking.

Seattle Sailor 4-5 Cleveland India

Carlos Santana is in the Indian team since 2010-2017, has been deal to the Philadelphia team in 2018. The end of the year was traded to the sailor. After returning to the Indian team, he was in the 8th game 2 The separation of the draft reversed the battle, gave the sailor team 6 losing streak. Santana hits the hits. 321 a total of 19 points, 5 Batups belong to the leadership of this team. He called Cleveland as “sweet home” and I am very happy to return to this team.

Kansas City Emperor 15-3 Detroit Tigers

The royal team hits 19 security hits in this game and choosed 10 times. On the end of April, the Great League in the Big Alliance is only participated in 8 games, but it is already enough to impress the fans. The 24-year-old Dominica teenager is the 3rd hitting a multi-play, and the game is 4 amps.

Atlanta Warriors 9-2 Miami Madolin

The Warriors’ young little stars played energy, Oz – Albes hit a full-handed gun, chasing the record of 5 points of career, and Roland Akania also hit the chasing career record 4 security. The gains of the Marin fish are already -71, and half of the competition (16 fields) is not more than 2 points this season, and the 16-game Malin fish team lost.

Tampa Bay Run 0-3 Baltimo

The strongest team of the most powerful team and rebuilding the team Jinyu, the battle of the team in the United States, and the three-year-old competition has lost 11 games since the end of August last year. The bureau was hit by 9 strokes, the self-sharing rate is 6.67, but this game Bondi is in the case of a rebone, and he converts the ball to make the radiance, and the 7.1 game is only hit by 3 security, this is After all, Bundi is a rookie in the first round of Jinyu 2011.

Auckland Sports Family 4-6 Pittsburgh Pirate Team

Newman in the pirate team cut his fingers in 1 month ago, the first preamble of this game hit 2 points of the three-pointed three bases, so that the pirates were superior with 5-4, then the pirates Ervili hits the antestack to send Newman back home base and then have 1 insurance.

San Francisco Giant Team 2-9 Cincinnati

The Red Scenery Senol is on the 3rd game, and the colleague of the giant team is confiscated to the wall. However, the teenager hit his first Yangchun. The Red Squadron hit the 5th Barrier at this game.

Washington National Team 10-8 Philadelphia Philadelphia

The fans have gradually habits that once they were the national star, the Philadelphia team jersey fights with the old east. The first firing of the two sides Guibin and Philadelphie Aiya Tower have achieved high quality first, but they have no victory.

Toronto Blue Birds 5-8 Texas Tour Cavalry

The visitors won 8 points in the first 3 games and ended 3 games. Aisia Kerna – Farefa hit the three bases when he was full of columns, and the third bureau was hit by the wilderness, and the game was the highest 4 points.

Arizona Snake Team 9-2 Colorado Squad

The snake team first sent a pitcher to vote for 7 games.

Boston Red Sox 15-2 Chicago White Six

The reddock team hit 10 security hits in the third game, and one worse was packed with a record of the big alliance and 9 points. The big alliance record is the 2010 Luke team in the Kurs Stadium, the War of the Course, I will hit 11 security, and finally the 17-2 wins.

Houston Space Team 14-2 Los Angeles Angel Team

The game was held in Mexico, following the two games to the double city, only 4 points, the space team hits 5 sports, Brestman hits 2. The angel team hit the Yangchun cannon and obtained his career 1999.

New York Most Came Team 2-3 Milwaukee Wine

In the past three games, the Metropolitan team had only 2 points, and 1 point is the Yangchun cannon who is pitched from Schindgard. -2, will force the competition into the extension. After 18 bureaus (the longest competition of Miller Stadium), the upper half of the 18th Bureau was 1 point, and the second half of the winemaking team Brian’s goodbye 2 points.

Los Angeles Dodge Team 7-6 San Diego Team

The priest team with many right beats has encountered five left vote in the 12th game in the season, and it has achieved 4 wins and 1 negative achievements, but this stage has no longer exists, first encounter Dodge Left. Xiao 3-4 defeated, and then the left vote Flett 1-5 encountered by the Warriors, Hill is the third left vote encountered in the last four games. The 6th Bureau ended between 6-6 flat. The 9th game is half-way.