MLB30 Day 30 Team: Indian Say Season Strike New Season Hope Sanda Partition

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference.Today is a Cleveland Indians.

Team: Cleveland Indians

Partition: United Jianzhong District

World Contest Champion: 2 times

Last season, record: 91-71

Team Attack Index: 0.766 (Grand League 4th)

Team Score Rate: 3.77 (Grand Alliance No. 9)

Director: Terry Francoon


In the relatively small partition of this competition in the United States of America, although the Indians in the last season failed to play the rule of “Bai Sheng Season” in 2017, the word “stable” is the head, the line, the preparation, the first round value and the cowshedThe super high level is maintained, firmly keeps the first position of the United States.Before and after the all-star game, the Indian trading got the star’s three-game Jay-Tangathson and cowshed to cast Brad-Hand and so on, and finally realized the three-year-old area of the United States..

The first round of the playoffs face the defending championship space, Indian portraits have experienced a nightmare, and the top five of the regular competition ranked only 6 points in three games, except guerrillas Francisco – Lin Dol The next two pastels are outside, and the other members are collectively matched; and the two years ago will make the Indian cows in this round of the burst of 11.7, Trevo Bauer The fire, Andrew Miller is no longer, and the three defeat will return the Indians.

The rest period is mainly:

At the beginning of the break, it seems that the Indian is like a very kind “seller”. My big door is often opened. Welcome “customers” to buy the stars, so the Indian transaction sent the main arrested hand – Gomez, one base German Alonso, designated to fight Edwin – Nakaisi, and did not have the Tang Donalman, the terminator and layout in the walker, and the terminator and layout pitcher Cotti-Allen and Andrew Miller continued. Of course, the biggest rumors of the Indians are that the team is actively selling the star Pressenant – Kluber and Trevo Ball, but it has never reached a transaction because the offer is too high.

Among the harvested players, the Indians and the rays and sailors got the Britain Jack – Balls, specified to combat Carlos Santana. The free market signed the cowshed left Olivers – Perez, cowshed, right, James Hoyt.

Star player:

Today, the Indians have four joint prostles: The score of the Self-defending 2.89, the score of the Sales, which made him “only” in the United States League Yangdao, but 215.0 bureaus 20 winning investment is a new career, and there is no need to deeney, Kluker during the peak is still the victory guarantee of the Indians.

The https://www.mlbtrikot4.com27-year-old Trevo-Bauer has also been involved in the trading style. Before the season, Bauer cut 11 wins, and the extraordinary performance of the self-signs 2.24 was first selected for the first time. Injury, but the season’s self-defection 2.21 and total 221 times of three vibrations are the best career, and the explorer and gratiter finally completed the expected performance, and Ball, who was increasing, will be the third throne of the team.

Wander, Tamirez Dominican Jose – Ramirez has completed the fourth 39 39 bombard in Lamilla in last season, the taller 105 of the big alliance is completed last season. Points, the victory contribution is 7.9 rankings of the big league player fourth, almost horrible attack power makes him with Noland-Arrechando, called the best three bases of the League, and now he is only 26 years old, as if still continue Among progress.

The young Puerto Rico guerrillas Francisco – Lin Modu have been selected for three consecutive years, a gold glove, two silver bat awards, his 38 bombards last season is the best, in addition to 25 pirates, Lin Du, which can attack, can run, will become another core of the Indians, and the strain of the right calf is a shadow in the new season.

Team Outlook:

Indians in the rest of the tour must have a certain back in the past year, and the “old acquaintance” Carlos-Santana and the potential stock Jack-Bauce, and Han Li-Ramirez also The team signed a small alliance
contract, and it seems that the line does not necessarily appear. But after the cowshed, after Lost Allen and Miller, now only rely on the “hand brother” Hand, who has been traded last year, is relatively serious.

The new season Indians can take two legs, although there are a lot of superstars, but the thin camel is big, the socks are not competitive, and it is difficult to get huge stars in Harper or Macquarium due to white socks. Competition with Indians, the other three are more in the reconstruction period, so the Indians are still able to rely on the overall strength of the domain, and 90 + win can still be expected.

After tens of thousands of steps, once the first team played bad, or talking about Kluber and Bauer’s transaction will be sent away, they can also adjust the season’s target slightly. Cultivate new people and rebuild teams to construct the graceful heart, General Manager Mike Chernov is very easy to understand in the rest of the break, now the United States Spaceman and the stock hose are three strong hegemony, Indians as a small The market team, there is no need to lack hard strength and “Golden Yuan Baseball”. Step by step does not mean the backwardness forever, but you can get a better running space.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

WARS 评 评: ★★★★

Expected record: 95 wins to 99 wins, partition champions

Prepen first line:

1 guerrillas Francisco – Forest

2 second base, Jason-Kitz

3th base hand Jose – Ramirez

4 Specify strike Kolos – Santana

5 Basebrush Jack – Bauce

6-Right outer wilder Taylor-Naquin

7 Chinese and foreign wilder Leonis Martin

8 left outer wilder Jordan – Loplo

9 catcher Roberto- Perez

Team estimates to open season

First Pitcher: Cori Kluber, Carlos – Calasko, Trevo – Bauer, Mike Clay, Sean – Bobo

Supporting Pitcher: Adam – Xinber, Dan – Otro, Joan – Edwards, Nick – Gudi, Neil – Ramirez, Taylor – Olsen

Terminator: Brad Hand

Catcher: Roberto Peres, Kevin-Paraviki

Wilder: Jack – Bowers, Jason – Kitzinis, Max – Morov, Jose – Ramirez, Hanley – Ramirez, Eric – Stamez

Outfielder: Jordan Rooplo, Leonis – Martin, Taylor – Naquin, Greg Allen

Specify strike: Carlos – Santana