MLB30 Day 30 Team: After the Harper Era, the national expectations of Guandong

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, I introduced the Washington National Team.

Team: Washington National

Partition: Guonong District

National Union Champion: 0 (Best results for the predecessor Montreal Expo 1981 step Guandian Championships)

Last season of the season: 82-80

Team Attack Index: 0.753 (League 8)

Team Score Rate: 4.04 (League 15)

Director: Dave Martinez


When I was in the opening season, I was full of Washington National Team, and the other teams in the partition have not yet enough competitiveness. The target estimate is not how to win the partition champion, but how to break through the first round of recent in recent years in the playoffs. Dilemma. How to finish the first month after the first month, the record is only 13 wins and 16 losses, while the main stars, such as Adam Eaton, and Vitz (Matt Wieters). Also let the team have affected.

The first half of the star game has only only five% of the winning rate, so that the national team of public ball evaluation is also decided to start rectifying the internal, expires some contracts or the current players who have high trading values. Prepare. In the end, the national team handed over 82 wins and 80, which is very obvious to a small transcript for the seasons.

The whole season of the national team’s biggest look, except for the Max Scherzer of the four-party, the Max Scherzer, which is just in the hands of the Maxi Suto. He handed over 22 bombing 70 points in 116 games, and 0.292 / 0.406 / 0.517 excellent blow output, let the senior high-rise scene of the Bryce Harper.

Therefore, when Harper rejected the 10-year 300 million contracts raised by the National Team, the National Team resolutely put the funds into the free market, brought back the Ace Zuo Kr of the Arizona Snake Team. Patrick Corbin, let him and Xie Zel, Stephan Strasburg, form a super luxury first round value, and then signed the Brian Dozier as a large New Xiu Jinbum (Carter Kieboom) The connecting section players before the big alliance. Then, from the free market, the transactions were obtained from the first year of the death enemy of the Atlanta Warriors, respectively, and the first-year-old Clever Yan Gomes, which made Goms, which reinforced the weak catcher last year.

Star player:

The three Sai Yang Awards in the hand, it is estimated that there is no one will suspect that Xie Zer’s pitching strength, but in the 2014-15 session and the National Team, a piece of 200 million contracts were signed in the case of the 7-year $ 100 million contract. It is estimated that few people think that he can also be on the next level – he is already a game winner. Unexpectedly, when this paper contract has been over halfway, Xie Zer actually handed over the score rate of 2.70, 68 wins and 32 losses and the terrible records of the two competitions. It is said that one of the most press-of-pressure pitches in the entire league in recent years is not all. Although it is 34 years old, we can still look forward to Xie Zer to hand over another season.

As a 2010 dragon group, Washington fans are expected to know how high the expectations of Strasberger is imagined. Strasberg has not let everyone disappoint, 94 wins and 52 losses in the 9-year-old league career. Although the career is constantly, Strusberg still shows the pressure of the National Team when the original draft. After 16 years of signing a prolonged contract with the National Team 75 million, he will also face the Guardian of Guandong District with Xie Zer and the new classmates.

Tre Turner has turned forward guerrillas and filled the whole year, thoroughly showing the talent selected by the first round of the San Di Gorge, not only hitting 19 The home runs, and more than 43 pirates that lead the national alliance. In the beginning of 2016, he won the second place in the National League Newcomer, after the 2017 right wrist fracture, the injury is not only attending the entire season, and the national team has canceled all the injuries to him. . The new season, if it can improve his habitual habit, the engine’s offensive engine, it is definitely the performance of the last floor.

Team Outlook:

Although it was only a game with Harper’s situation last year, this year’s Washington National Team is still very optimistic. The ranking season is originally planned to renew the quota of the strong teenager, Patrick Colin, Abiibal-Sanchez, Trevo Rosentar and Kyle Balakra The introduction of the husband has made the pitcher group in the middle of the league.

Harper signed the same area Philadelphia Philadelphians and also took a 30-bit 100-point big stick, but Brian-Dozer, Yang-Gomez, Suzuki Qing and Matt-Adams completed Silk second base, catcher and bench firepower. In the first year, the second place of the National League’s newcomer is expected to be able to evolve, and there are super-new Xiuwikito-Robrez waiting to work, so Harper’s departure is more plain. In the highly competitive environment in the Eastern District of the National Union, the National Team is looking forward to killing the resilience, and they are also the team that is optimistic.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★ ☆

Way rating: ★★★ ☆

Expected record: 90 to 95 wins, national affiliates East District Champions / outer card strong competitors

The team is estimated to open the season (according to the situation of spring training, the actual lineup will be adjusted)

First Pitcher: Max – Xie Zer, Stephen – Strasberg, Patrick – Corbin, Abi Bar – Sanchez, Jeremi Herickon

Rescue Pitcher: Trevo Rosentar, Kyle, Balaflaf, Coatar – Grovo, Just Ding-Miller, Matt, Grace, Austin Williams

Terminator: Sean Du Lit

Catcher: Yang – Gomez, Suzukiqing,

Wilder: Matt – Adams, Brian – Dozer, Tre Trentner, Len Zimmerman, Wilmer Di Fu, Anthony

Older Hand: Adam – Eaton, Juan Sodo, Victor – Robury, Michael – Taile, Hayi – KFRK