MLB18 daily expansion of the country VS premium sessile seats

Beijing time September 18, 7:45, the National Washington National Team Challenged the State of St. Louis Hashque in the country in the country, which is the second game of the competition. Winning. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The headname of Guoandong District has no suspense to attribute at the Atlanta Warriors, and the second part of the Washington National Team (82 wins 67) has always been in the first position of the external card in the absolute advantage, due to the main coach The hospital is unable to defend the war, facing tightly chasing the Chicago Cabin Team (leading only 0.5 fields) and the Milwaukee Wine team (leading only 1.5 fields),
and may fall out of the playoffs.

Although the Shengluo Hashque (84 wins 66 linked) in Guohuan Zhonglian is temporarily ranked, the leading range has been greatly shrunk. At present, only the second sessile 2nd Chicago Cabin team 2 winners, the third The famous SME Warkee Wine Scenery team. Once you lose your lead, you will break into the ranks of the outer card, and even there may be no one game.

[Game points]

Since September 5, Washington National Team has 4 wins and 8th. Before this series, the national team’s cowshed self-bladed points of cowshed 7.52, the most, the big alliance is the most, the hit rate is .331, In the first game of this series, the two sides under the case of 2-2 layers, the rickets broke the national cowshed, from Shawn Du Lite and Hunter Stri-Stri-Stri-Stri-Strolling .

This season’s patron and the national four series of war are victorious. At that time, the premium of the premium team was only 1.80, and the hit rate was only .192.

The prolonged ramp and the national playoffs were severely threatened by the last 5-winning won and 3 consecutive wins (most recent 10 wins and 1 loss). The Red Pitch is also able to continue to win, and power in the name of the partition? Can the national can fight against, maintain the advantage of external card?

[First, Pitcher]

Washington National Team First Pointed Pitcher: Zuosou Pai Trick Corbin (12-7, self-blade 3.20,). The Corbin career is 4.89, and the only winning vault of the Red Titt is the only victory of the Arizona Snake team in 2016.

St. Louis’s Picking team first pitcher: right in Mike, 9-13, Score Rate 4.28) -1 rocket defeated the national team.

[Focus Star]

The Harrison of the Harrison, Bad, in the last series of war, the fighting rate of the war, the hits. 357 (5 pieces), his career’s overall attack index is 1.026, which is the highest in all the Kingdoms team. Bad career battle national team hits the three rounds for .351 / .432 / .595, but other opponents against the fight against the three rounds only .235 / .320 / .389.

The Red Squad Marsair Aionna contributed 4 points in the first game of this series, and became the Maguar of the Red Season.

The National Team Juan Syno has not been playing in 8 consecutive games in July, flatting his own career, but after July 26, Sodo hit 32 bodies, During this time, the highest in the country, 17 Batter hits only in the Red Squad of Ou Henno Su Yarez and 18 Nalan – Arena, Nalan – Arena.

The National Team Anthony-Linden has played 19 games in the Shrie Stadium. She has never hit the home run. In this series, the 1st game of this series, Lun Deng hit the first home base in the branch stadium.