MLB-Turner double Xixian Zhenqi Dodge Sheng Run Snake Sings Rate Stable All League First

On August 12th, Beijing time, Los Angeles Daoqi ushered in and the last game of the Arizona Rhott Snake. On the back of the starter and Beilinje, the back of the bacterns will let the QD have achieved 3-0 perfect opening. Since then, Will Smith’s two-point guns and Turner’s single-rang loudspeak Dodi early locking the victory, the return of Liu Xianzhen 7 Without gaining, the Dodge 79 wins and 41 wins after winning the winner is still the whole league.

[Data Highlight]

The tail snake Espoba and Amad be knocked out of the home, and the whole team had a total of 3 tits 0.

Dodge Liu Xianzhen 7 bureaus did not nap the 12th wins down next season, and the self-sharing rate 1.45 is still the lowest alliance. Turner’s single field cannon, Berlinj’s home base makes him only a difference from the entire alliance home.

[Competition process]

In the first game, after the Tenton was tentabed by Turner, the 18th roundabout, the 18th rampant, the lead, the leader, after this, Berlinjan’s back backed upstairs makes the team to make a perfect opening.

In the case of the second bureau, the second game is two-run, Job Peterson’s timely security makes the Dodge to expand the lead.

The two-point guns in Will Smith, the two-point guns in Will-Smith have long been locked in the victory.

The fifth bureau is next to the first double-cannon. After that, Beilinje and Signs knocked out the second base to beat, and Smith’s high flying sacrifice was one point.

The eighth bureau Eskiba’s Yangchun cannon makes the snake breaks the screams, the ninth board of Amd’s two-point guns cannot save the destiny of the snake away.

[Two sides starting]


First stick left outer wilder Lucastro

The second stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kittel Malti

Third stick, three bases Edward – Eshkiba

Fourth stick, a barrier, Christian-Walker

Fifth stick two base hand Wilmer – Florece

Sixth stick right wilder Adam – Jones

Seventh Bar Guardian Nick Amad

Eighth Bar Catcher Carlson – Kelly

Ninth, first firing Mike Leak


First stick right wilder Jok – Peterson

The second stick Max – Mangxi

Third stick, 3rd base, Justine-Ten

Fourth stick

Fifth Bar Guardi – Sig

Sixth Catcher Will Smith

Seventh stick left outer wilder Matt-bit

Eighth Battar Sinowfield Christopher – Negu

The ninth stick first firing Liu Xianzhen

[Next prospect]

Dodge will fly
to Miami three consecutive battles to Miami after a day. The first Dodge will send a gram zod, and his 11 wins this season, the score rate is only 2.77. In the past 20, he sent him at least 6 branches. Three vibrators were throwing one point. Marin fish sent Yamota-Jordan first, this season he 4 wins and 3 losses, self-blame rate, I 4.17, the beginning of the Gundate League, a shocking, the four consequences of the past, at least 4 points are not ideal.