MLB-Rwuimo goes to the final hammer Philadelphia National bleeding exchange for top capture

The Ruiomo competition for the Lord of the Location is finally the result. On February 8, Beijing time, the Philadelphia Philadelphia team officially announced that the team has successfully traded from the Miami Madolin, JT-Ryormo (J. T. Realmuto).

As the price, Philadelphie will send a young capture. Haolcher – Alpha Luo, top pitcher Xiu Xiksto-Sanchez (SIXTO SANCHEZ), left pitcher Wil Stewart and $ 250,000 International players sign the gold space.

Philadelphians core lineup has been formed new season sword finger season

The rumor of the Rymitu trading occupies a lot of news layouts. There are multiple teams to come out of interest, including Los Angeles Dodge, San Diego, Cincinnati, Atlanta Warriors and Houston Space. In the end, the Philadelphia team became the final winner, they met the requirements of Marinfish to send a rookie in the alliance, so that the transaction is set.

Matt Klentak, General Manager, Philadelphie, was expressed in the interview: “This transaction has greatly replenished our lineup short board. We have difficult to translate in the trading market to get top players, let alone The best catcher of the league. For him even if we sent Hicksto (Sanchez) and Will (Stewart), I believe in the future through the draft, the international player is contract or traded, we can also cultivate the top of the league. “

Successfully selected all star + get the Silver Bar Award, Rymo's 2018 season can be perfectly described

Successfully selected all star + get the Silver Bar Award, Rymo’s 2018 season can be perfectly described

As the best catcher in the alliance, the contract of Ryormo has reached 2 seasons. The annual salary of Siri Oimo 2019 is only $ 5.9 million, and he has only one contract arbitration year will become a free player. Before Rymo said if he stayed in the macarth, he would not consider the problem with the team.

However, according to the relevant internal people, Ryormo is traded to the Philadelphone and will consider signing the renewal contract with Philadelres. The relevant negotiations have not yet been launched, and the Philadelphie did not let Marlin fish gave the time window to renew the contract with Rymuo during the transaction negotiation.

Questions and renewal questions, Kortionak responded: “It is good to understand the situation before doing this decision.”

This reinforcement is also helpful to attract two big players in Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, which have not yet signed. After getting Rwuimo, Philadelphors officially completed the team transformation and became a competitive team. From the perspective of wage, Rymo will definitely count the property and cheap, as long as the Philadelphians are willing to pay money, the salary of Ryormo will not talk about obstacles.

Philadelphians traded Ryormo, will only show that the team is not willing to make a big determination in the new season. This is an additional entry for Harper and Market. Of course, they are still proud of them. However, the Musaire’s snoring movement will become an additional item when they choose.

Former National Federation MVP McCafuo Ponched City Foundation

Former National Federation MVP McCafuo Ponched City Foundation

When it comes to the reinforcement movement of this break, Karetak mentioned: “At this end, we started from the trading to Jean Segura, and the Andrew McCachen was signed. Andrew Mccutchen and David Robertson, now we have traded Ryormo. This series of movements are very clear, we are going back to the rank of 8 years. If there are other markets Those who have a chance to reinforce, we will spare no effort. “

Rymo will form the core part of the Philadelphie Wire with Ris Hoskins. Completed with McCachen, if Ma Xiko or Harper joined the team, Philadelphie’s line strength will enhance two levels than last season.

“Our goal is to reinforce last year, we have to replenish it to achieve custom goals last year.”

Can attack the Swiss Oimo help Philadelphians

The strength of Ryormo is commendation. At the age of 27, he was lacking for a few weeks because of a slight back injury last season, but he made a very good results after returning. His hit three is 0.277 / 0.340 / 0.484.531 to play him a total of 21 projector hits, 30 second bases and three three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three bases. His standardized attack index (OPS +) reached 139. This means that the hit contribution of Rymo Tour is close to 40% higher than the league. (This data is adjusted according to the stadium and alliance)

Considering that Rymo or catcher, this result is even more rare. Generally, the level of cramps is 10 to 15 percentage points lower than the alliance average. In short, the union can improve the power of the line like Ryormo is really a phoenix.

Catcher is more task on the defensive end, while Rymo’s performance is very comprehensive. The challenge rate of the Oumto in the past three season remains at a level of 35%. From the level of the catch, reference to the data website Baseball Prospectus, Rwuimo is at least the average level of alliances.

Although the early detection capacity of Rymo career is very poor, he has suffered from this area after the 2017 season, and the performance has also changed significantly. Although the Alfalo from Alfaro, Alpha has a gap, but the ability of the arrested handbar than Alfaro strong. Therefore, it is integrated that this transaction will bring 3-4 win contributions to Philaders.

Alpha is an attacker equilibrium catcher, with the strength of alliance average

Alpha is an attacker equilibrium catcher, with the strength of alliance average

Philadelphian Farm has a big bleeding macaro

Just like the general manager of Philadelphors, it is necessary to pay a considerable price. Philadelphians are no exception. Among the young players sent by Philadelphia, Alpharo had entered a big alliance last season. After you go to Marin, he will directly serve as the team’s first-handed position, the location of the top reel. From the 2018 season, from the data, Alpha Luo’s top-level, and based on the scouting report, Alpha’s arm is also the top level of the alliance (scouting many times in this ability).

Not only is a problem, Alfalo is not good, and it has been directly broken after several times.

Not only is a problem, Alfalo is not good, and it has been directly broken after several times.

Alpha’s fighting results were also ideal at the Great Alliance last season. The 377 shots of his hits were 0.262 / 0.324 / 0.407, and 10 bills were played, but his hit performance still had a big problem. Specifically, Alpharo is as high as 36.6%, he can play such a result of the ground to form an amazing rate (BABIP) on the grounds of up to 0.406. Alphalo is difficult to continue to remain at this level in 2019. If he wants to stand firm in the big alliance, he must improve his hitting ability. For Marin fish, the team can solve Alpharo’s progress, Alfaro’s body talent is also expected.

Another top rookie Sanchez sent by Philadelphia has always been one of the best pitcher in the league in the past two seasons. His speed ball can be soared in three digits, and there are three changing balls above the future. The biggest problem for him is health. During the last season, he was only 19 years old in the last season. It is nearly 4 years older than him.

Faced with his elderly and more experienced players, Sanchez still handed over very well pitching. His self-blanking rate was only 2.51 in the high-order 1A Alliance, and only 45 times were only available for 11 times, and the manufacturing roll-roll ratio was as high as 52.3%. Although he still has at least 1 year from the big alliance, he has become one of the best pitcher in the small alliance. After this transaction, he should be the best rookie in the Marinfish farm.

Stewart from Alabama has been single 3-day off his opponent to the small union official website last May last May

Stewart from Alabama has been single 3-day off his opponent to the small union official website last May last May

As the third rookie in this transaction, the 21-year-old Stuart is not a chip. He was selected by the Philadelphia in 2015, and his performance was very good. In the rookie list announced in FangRaphs, he also rushed to the 18th place in the Philadelphia Farm. Last season he ran on the low-order 1A, and the other players of the Alliance were 2 years old, but his performance was still very good. The main investment 113.2, the blanking rate is only 2.06, and each nine games are 7.1 times, and only 1.7 times will be guaranteed, and it is 62.9%.

He didn’t just solve the player with a winner that took hands, and he had three changing balls to reach the average level of alliances. In the 2018 season, he also improved the ball, significantly reduced the number of passes. At present, Stewart’s potential is not as big as Sanchez, but as a ball, it is a good roll of earth. If his development is all smooth, he will be a typical backend wheel value in the league. In the big Marin Fish Stadium, his rolling earth attribute will be more deserved.

All in all, Marin fish got a lot of excellent young players in this transaction. These rookies are not every star to develop tomorrow. It is the front wheel value of the team. Everything goes through the 2020 season, they will be in the Great League for Marlin. This trading is also a powerful pitcher like Stewart. Although Stewart’s power is high, he can also deepen the thickness of the Marin Fish farm, but also provides a reliable depth for the first round value of the future team.

The Philadelphians traded two potential players. If they develop smooth, they will become the threat of Philaders in the next few years. However, the current Philadelphie has got the best catcher in the league. They have to go out of the shadow of the finals of the last season, and won the latest victory. Some analysts believe that packaging a new show star player, and finally it is the best to laugh at the star player.