MLB review: Yangji continuous open record is ended in dramatic reversal

On July 3, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 15 games.The results are as follows: Jinyu 3-6 light, Yangji 2-4 metropolis, Philadelphians 2-0 Warriors, space people 9-8 Rocky, Indians 9-5 Royal, winemaker 4-5 red (11), Red socks 10-6 blue bird, macaro 2-3 national, Angel 9-4 swim, Bear 1-5 pirate, Shuangcheng 6-8 sportswater, loud snake 4-5 Dodge, giant 10-4 priest, Sagny 4-5 sailor, tiger – white socks (due to rain reform)

Baltimore Gold Of 3-6 Tampa Bay

At the beginning of the game, the Guangron Luow knocked out the first point of the game; the first half of the three games, Jinyu Davis hit the Yang Spring Cannon Chasing the score, 1-1; the three games, and Luovou contributed a point 1-2; Sixth Bureau, light Yasia retrieves two points, rewritten to 1-4; seven games, light Tommy knock out of the second base to increase to five points, 1-6; ninth In the upper half of the bureau, the last attack of Jinji, Sismo hooked out of a two-point gun, and the score was reduced to 3-6; and finally, Jinji 3-6 lost to the rays.

New York Yangji 2-4 New York Most

The second game, the quadruple team, with a sanctuary, Torres, one-hit, and then, Parxton sacrificed the ball and then slammed the next city, Yangji team 2-0 lead. Subsequently, the metropolis has knocked out the Yangchun cannon and the second base to chase the score, 2-2, and the Complete 2Gerance reverse the game, and finally, Yangji 2-4 lost to the metropolis. The continuous home base of Yangji team has also been finalized, and it is fixed in 31 consecutive games.

Philadelphia 2-0 Atlanta Warrior

In the case of the fourth bureau, the Philadelphians Jay Bruce knocked out a two-pointed second base to help the team got 2 points, and then the two sides were still in the pitcher; the final Philadelphians 2- 0 defeat the warrior.

Houston Space Man 9-8 Colorado

In the first half of the first game, Braggman sacrificed high-speed ball to Springer, the spaceman 1-0 leaded; one, Loki Arlena multi-team is playing the score, the two sides 1-1 draw; second In the upper half of the bureau, the space man Gurier knocked out the Yangchun cannon, 2-1; in the second game, Rocky used the spaceholds to put the mistake and ran back, 2-2; three games, Brandley, Guri Er has knocked out the second base to beat, and the score will be rewritten as 5-2; then, the Rocky line uses the guaranteed and safe turnover, the spaceman 5-8 is behind. On the seven games, the spaceman walked in tandem straight four points, including the ancient single field, sent a two-point gun to reverse the score, and finally, the spaceman 9-8 war Soli.

Milwaukee Brewed 4-5 Cincinnati

In the first place, the red sick Sudus knocked a two-point gun, 0-2 lead; the fourth game, the winemaker Jerich, Tamas and Musakas opened respectively; winemaker 4 -2 reversal leading. Subsequently, the Red Man Pig and Wando retrans into the fourth bureau ended, and the two sides were 4-4. Entering the extended competition, the winemaker is suddenly matte, the red man seizes the opportunity in the eleventh Bureau, and Iglesias knocks out of the angel, the right outer wilder, Yelici, the pass, Puigo run Back to the bacterium to help the team to defeat the winemaker.

Boston Red Socks 10-6 Toronto Bluebird

The red sock line showed a strong attack, the first three games of red socks were connected in series with the six-year-old blue bird; the second half of the six bureaus Different, 7-2. Subsequently, the red sock line knocked out the home base to continue to expand the score, the Blue Bird Team continued to catch up, eight games, red stockings 10-3 lead blue bird; the second half of the nine bureaus, the blue bird is chasing three points, and finally Boston Red Socks 10-6 defeated Toronto Bluebird.

Miami Malinfish 2-3 Washington National

On the game, Malin fish Kucoper knocked out the first part of the game, Malinfish 1-0 lead; then, the national stroke knock out two points of gun reverse score, 1-2; eight games Marin fish Rohas knocked out the sacrificial high-speed ball and chased score. Two sides 2-2 entered the Deconomy Bureau, the second half of the nine bureaus, there were three bases, the national team Turner knocked out, then he sent back to the teammates, reversed.

Los Angeles Angel 9-4 Texas Tour Cavalry

The two sides have conducted a silent ceremony before the game, and the angel Pitcher Taylor-Skagster, who was unfortunately passed away yesterday, and the deceased, and the paradise also had baseball.

In the middle of the one game, the angel team won one point, 1-0; the first bureau, the first bureau, the tournament is three-point, the angel 1-3 Backward visitors.

Subsequently, the angel is connected in series, and the leader is re-leading the cavalry; the second half of the six bureaus, the ride of Odor sacrifices the high-speed ball rewriting score 7-4; then, the angel team Carlhn knocked out two different guns Wins; the final angel won the victory of the game.

Chicago Bear 1-5 Pittsburgh Pirates

In the first half of the first place, Yash-Bell gives the team a bit of a point, then Malt is the second base to beat the score, and the Fraser is a two-point gun to help the team lead the bears in five points. Xiao Xiong Tutreras knocked out a second base to play back to save some lotus face, and finally the bear 1-5 did not have a pirate.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 6-8 Auckland Sports Home

In the middle of the second game, Sano knocked out two points of guns to make the Shuangcheng leader, then Cruze knocked out the inner rolling ball, Poland Taking the opportunity to run back to the home base, double city 3-0 lead; third bureaus Older Olsen and Herman, Shuangcheng 3-6 backward sportsman. The fifth bureau, each other, 4-7; Since then, the two-city line Alaz is equressed and reduced, the Castro single field cannon, impaired score to 6-7; seven bureaus, sports Jiakan knocked out the spring gun. In the end, the Shuangcheng team is not enemy sportsman with 6-8.

Arizona Snake 4-5 Los Angeles Daoqi

At the beginning of the game, the snake line knocked back the three-point advantage, 3-0 leading Daoqi; then the Dodge line is connected in series, 3-3; five games, the tail Snake Jones knocks the sacrifice, re-lead score; In the case of the second half of the nine bureaus, the tail snake support “send warmth”, the ball is unstable, and the ball is unstable, and the Betty and Beilinjie choose four bad guarantees to continue to return to two points, Dodge 5-4 Rail Snake Reverse wins.

St. Louis Sapphire 4-5 Seattle Sailor

At the beginning of the competition, the sapon Martinneys knocked out the first point of Yangchun, and then the sailor used the sailor, the mistakes and the home runs continuously ran back the score, 1-4; Mastein Neis and Munigno The score is written as 4-4, including the Martinnes single field twilight; eight bureaus Victory.

(Xiao Ai)