MLB previewment: Bear winemaker again meets the fate of the battle partition champion

On October 1, Beijing time, the 2018 season American Walle-League regular season came to the last game, the Chicago Bear and the Milwaukee winemaker in Guoxi, the two teams of the Milwaukee winemaker were the same as 95 wins and 67 losses. The field regular season played to determine the final champion of this partition.

According to the big alliance, if the two teams have been flat, if you want to play, you will first compare the victory of the battle between them, then compare the record between the same partition team, this preferred party will put the play The venue brought to his home court. So in the bearings and winemakers, the two teams are in the middle of the middle partition, and there are six series of 19 contests, and the bear won 11 wins and 9 losses, so tomorrow’s game will be a century-old Rigley Stadium. I have to say that in such a famous baseball, it is also worthy of such a heavyweight event.

Although the more favorable home advantage, the bears face the same district opponent with himself, but it is not steady. In the two series of success in September, the bear is a winner of 1 winning to the other party. It is not as good as the opponent. Attribution.

The bear team sent Zuo Ji Ji-Kunna, and as of the time of the paper, the winemaker did not announce

The bear team sent Zuo Ji Ji-Kunna, and as of the time of the paper, the winemaker did not announce

This, the first firman who will play for the bears will be Jose – Kunchana, and the regular season of this season, a total of 31 consecutive seasons, achieved the record of 13 wins and 1 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is 4.09. At this point, I chose Kunata’s first hair, and the general coach Joe-Madden should look at the excellent first record of the winemaker this season. Tunner was played up to 6 times in this season, in these 6 first hair, Kunatan has voted 37.1 bureaus, and was hit by 23 security, and the 9 points included 3 games did not fall, and finally obtained 4 wins 1 defeated, the self-sharing rate 2.17 record. Joe-Madon expressed his high trust and expectations to Kunata in an interview: “We need Takatan to bring us a good start. For us, tomorrow’s wins to our playoffs It is very important, this is an important step in maintaining progress throughout October. “

In addition, if the bear wants to win the ball in the game tomorrow, they also want to deal with two key players in the winemaker, that is, the most valuable players of the country, Christian – Jeregi and the steady terminator Jose Had. Among them, Yelici is likely to be defeated by the excellent
performance of the Bear in September, and the most valuable player of the Kingdom of the Bear, and the bokeh that Had is strongly left. The left-sighted pressure is a very effective pressure, which will also become one of the important tests faced by the bearings in tomorrow.

And revealed that winemakers, recently, the morale is prosperous, and a wave of seven consecutive victories ends the convention season, nearly 10 games have won 9 games, and only a series of competitions with pirates throughout September. It was originally equivalent to the 4.5 winning field of the bear and got the qualifications to the Rigley Stadium.

The award of the winemaker tomorrow’s game is very might be Jorris-Xie Xin, although this news still needs the official confirmation of winemaking. Xie Xinjie has contributed 34 times for the team, and the record of 15 wins and 8 defeats were obtained. In addition, Xie Xin has four times a record of the couch, and has been played 15 security. I lost 7 points. I got 2 wins and 2 defeats. The 22.2 bureau sent a total of 27th Zhen and 7 guaranteed, four games The self-sharing rate is only 1.59.

In an interview, the people of the winemaker expressed their expectations for tomorrow’s game. “I hope tomorrow’s arrival, each time in the Rigley Stadium is a hostile environment, but this is really interesting.” Number Star Cristi An – Jeregi said behind the tiger. “But in Chicago, our goal is to win. If we are not winning, we are still alive, but we will do our best to win the game. Because winning the partition champion, we will be in the game tomorrow. Pay attention to each detail, because anything may happen in a game. “

Tel Avis-Xiao also expressed similar views. He said: “We must take a very cautious attitude to show us the desire for the victory of the game. If we win tomorrow, we will not have to play again, I I think this is a common mentality of the two teams. The outer card is not very funny, so no one wants to play. “

Despite this, tomorrow’s competition is critical to both parties, but the one lost is not loose, at least in the next day’s external card war, the Battle Corologo and Los Angeles Sato. However, believe that the two teams are still full of victory, after all, the team wins can directly advance the first round of the playoffs, instead of playing a life and death War, there are time to rest in a few days.