MLB pirate red people full martial arts incident tickets were released for more than 40 games

On August 2, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union officially announced 2 days ago Pittsburgh Pirate and Cincinnati’s penalty results, a total of 6 players and the general coaches of both parties were suspended.

In terms of the Red Strong, the total coach David-Bell was banned, pitcher Amir-Galt
was banned 8 games, pitcher Jaled Hughes and have been traded to the Indian owner’s owner’s Western Wildeng Puiga has been banned.

In terms of pirates, Pirazzi Kra received the biggest ticket, because deliberately put the ball to the position of the red player Delhi Ditrich, then provoked the conflict between the two players, 10 games were banned . Women’s hand plugs – Otus 5 games, pitcher Kyle Creek was banned 3 games, the total coach Clint Hedger was banned.

MLB Chief Baseball Officer Joe-Torre said in the statement: “Similar incidents that have happened https://www.mlbdrakterno.commultiple times between the two clubs, this is also reflected in the punishment we give today. Every present People should know that they need for fans, especially young fans, and establish a good example. I hope that the coaches of both parties will supervise the behavior of the players and guide them to the right direction. “

All six players have chosen appeals, so they can continue to participate before the end of the appeal process. Bell will start to perform his ban today, and Hedger will start tomorrow.

The following is a ticket given by MLB, including a punishment, and reasons:

Cause of the player team

10 Qi Ni-Clari pirate deliberately turn to the head, and provoke conflicts

8 Amir Galthong plus conflict, swing

6 David – Bell Red Man returned to the venue after being sent to the venue, upgrade event

5 Jose – Ausona pirate has aggressive, inappropriate behavior

3 Jales Houst Red Man deliberately invested in Stallin Mart

3 Kyle Crek Pirate inappropriate behavior

3 Ashiel Puig Indians * Aggressive Behavior

2 Clint – Herdel pirate team behavior deliberately invested in Ditrich

* Afterwards, traded to the Indians

In addition, the pirate team pitched Terevo Williams, the Red Squad, the Less, Woko and the Wildermato – Erwang was fined. Players in the injury list but attending conflicts, including pirate catcher Francisco-Seville, are also fined.

The eighth game is an instant temperature rise after Ditrich. In April, Ditrich slammed the home base after the PNC Stadium, the two sides had already passed the bench.

Bell believes that Kra is banned 10 games – quantity is twice the penalty of the normally in the inner context – because MLB is to pass some other information. Bell said: “If we don’t protect yourself, this will not happen. If we don’t make a response, he will escape punishment.” When we took a break, Vo Tour screamed loudly to the pirate rest area. Bell is expelled from the eighth bureau because of the controversy.

After the first ball of the Ninth Bureau, after hit Malt, the incident reached the boiling point. Galley and the Williams in the Pirate Rest Zone have a mouth corner, followed by a conflict to the seating area.

Pirates finally 11-4, Bell believes that the pirate deliberately throw it to your player. Yesterday’s competition, the two general coaches exchanged the list of appearances in front of the main trial, but there was no exchange, and the red 4-1 won this game. Bell said: “When the opponent deliberately throws the ball to our player’s head, what should we do? I can’t set it up. This is simple. If we don’t do anything to protect yourself, their pitcher will escape punishment. “

The next time the red man and the pirate will happen on August 23, interesting is that the main team pirates have set this day as fireworks night in advance.