MLB – open the game for 10 points and ending! Sapphire 13-1 Warriors Advance to the National Union Championship

On October 10th, Beijing time, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union ushered in a battle of focus, St. Louis’s Red Picking team enjoys the trip to the Atlanta Warrior. This game was originally a battle of Kings, but the first game I won 10 points and let the game have almost lost the suspense. In the end, the passion team 13-1 great win the warrior team, successfully promoted the National Union Championship, and their opponents will be the national and Dodge winners.

[Data Highlight]

St. Louis Hashque, the first firing Fyleti main investment 6.0 bureau, sent 8K. Kilton – Wang 2 is playing, 2 points. Edman 2 is playing, 2 points, cannon 2 points. Delong 2 is playing, 2 points, run back 1 point.

In terms of Atlanta Warriors, Donnerson bombarded the Yangchun, helping the team to return to the only 1 point.

[Competition process]

In the middle of the 1st game, Fouler was guaranteed, and then the Kilton-Wang hit the ball was captured out, but helped Fowler to the second base. Then Gould Schmidtan hit the base, and Fouler also went to the three base. Then Azua came out of the Qing Qian and played the home, and the https://www.mlbtrojerse.comsoldiers were 1-0, and the debut was taken in the deadlock. The Warriors defended the mistakes, so that the Solda team formed a full base. Under the heavy pressure, the first firing Fritoviqich is guaranteed to Cartente, and the Luque team automatically got 1 point, 2-0. Then Edman hit the second base to help the two teammates to score, the Sapport team 4-0. However, the Warriors have guaranteed Delong, and the team had to change the first farther Virti Newichi, today he only cast a bureau, 6 points.

After the investment, the Warriors actually guaranteed the Red Sending team to send Fleti, the Hashque team 5-0 lead. Next, Fouler hitting the second base for the second game, helping two teammates to score, 7-0. Then after the appearance of Kerton – Wang also sent two-point second base to beat, 9-0. The Warriors finally killed Gord Schmidt, but Kerton-Wang took the three bases. But then they have a strain, let the three bases of the Kilton – Wang Ren to score, 10-0. The Red Pitch Leaders won 10 points, so that the Warriors morale were devastated and almost ended.

In the upper half of the 2 game, Edan hit the far-reaching three bases, and then Delong also hit the second base to help Edman scored 11-0.

The 3 games, the Warriors defense mistakes let the Red roll team are again full, Bad and Durong have hit the play in a timely manner, helping the Red Senders to win 2 points, and the Red Senders 13-0 lead. The first three games Warriors were in the second half of the 1st game, once a chance to create a two-legged, but there was no score.

In the middle of the 4 games, the Hashque team created a one-second base, but Austrian double kill made the red tones did not continue to score. The second half of the 4 bureau, Donnerson slammed a river spring gun, the Warrior team recovered 1 point, 1-13.

In the middle of the 5 game, the Warriors made the Solda team three. 5 bureaus, the Warrior team once creating the opportunity, but Fremoman rolled out, the Warriors did not score.

Then, the game, the red squat string seems to enter the status of the seating, and they are all in the Warriors. The Warriors were hit by the second half of the 8th game and 9 biases, but they didn’t score. In the end, with Swansen, the Swansen is out of the bureau, and the Sapphire team 13-1 defeated the Warrior team and https://www.maillotsenligne.comadvanced the National World Championship.

[First lineup]

St. Louis Sapphire

First stick Chinese and foreign wild hand DellxT-Wom

The second stick Barrow Clock – Wang

Third stick, Based, Paul, Gold Schmidt

The fourth stick left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

Fifth rod catcher Yadie – Molina

Sixth sticks 3rd bases Matt – Carpenter

Seventh stick right wilder hand Tommy – Edman

Eighth rush guerrillas, Paul-Derong

Ninth Bat First Pointer Jack – Fleti

Atlanta Warrior

First stick Chinese and foreign wild hands (small) Ronald Akunia

The second stick is O’Z Albis

Third rod, Base, Freddy – Freman

The fourth stick, the three bases, Josh Donnerson

Fifth rod right wilder Nick – Makys

Sixth rod left outer wilder Adam – Duwar

Seventh stick catcher Brian McAn

Eighth Bar Guarders Dansby – Swansen

Ninth, first firman Mike Verti Newwell

[Next prospect]

The opponent in the next game will be the winner of the Dodge and the National Team, no matter who win, the Pitching group and the walker of the two teams will be severely challenged. After the Sale of the Sale, the Safety Safe has not been entered in the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, and the national and Dodge have recently been frequent visits in the playoffs. The experience of their playoffs is much more rich than the Hashque. For the Red Squad, the next game is only playing, it will be able to overcome the enemy.