MLB National Sino-Sino-Sino-Dead Wars, War, Purchase, First, 8th Bureau, Good Investment Extension, 5-4

On September 20th, Beijing time, the Chicago Winnam team met the San Louis Pass of St. Louis Pass in the same district of the Rigli Stadium. This is the first game of the last bite’s main series of battles in this season. The third bureau’s half-rapids took the lead in 1 point, the third bureau, the lower half of the bear team will pose a score, the red number is more than 3 points, and the next half of the ninth, the lower and small bear team launched the score. 4-4 flat, but the final premium team scored 5-4 to win the victory at 5-4.

[Data Highlight]

The bear team first made a pitcher Hendricks 5.1 game 8 Anwind 1 to keep 6 three vibration loss 4 points.

The Red Picking team first pitched Fyletti 8 games 3 Anwang 1 to keep 8 three vibrations lost 1 point.

[Competition process]

The Bear’s Baseball Anthony-Rizuo has returned to the stadium. The two teams of the two games were not surprised without a score, and the game was maintained at 0-0.

The third bureau, the first half of the brilliance, the Tommy-Edman opened the game, then Harrison-Bad selected four bad balls, the first firing of the Red seash, Jack – Fleti sacrificed Take the hit out and create it. The Red Scoots of the Red Squad caused a double kill, but the Memo-Edman is able to return to the home base to be divided into the soldiers. The upper half of the Sales of the Columbon of Columbont ended the game.

The second half of the third bureau, the wounded wounded wounded wounded, Anthony-richest, hitting the spring gun, chasing the score.

At the end of the third party, the ratio of the Red Pitch team and the bear team is 1-1.

The fifth bureau, the first half of the bridge, the Tommy-Edman opened a strong flat-flying ball hit the three bases, then Harrison-Bud strikes to send Edman to I have 1 point, Fleti, Fouler and Wang have worked three times. However, the Solda team has achieved 1 point leader. The fifth bureau ends, the ratio of the Parquet team and the bear team is 2-1.

In the first half of the sixth bureau, the Paul Gold Schmit Schmidt of the Red Picking team hit the second base to play, and the coach picked up the Hill two degree and the bear team first pitted Hendrix communication, but Paul-Derong It is hit by tapping. Then the Solda’s Yadi-Morina’s flat-flying ball is playing Paul Gold Schmidt to the family base score.

The bear team chose to change the first pitcher Hendricks and the Luku’s Columbon – Wang also replaced by the injury. Harrison, the brown squad, from the bear team trunks, Brad, Wick, hit the second base, the flat, the flat, the flying ball, sent Delong to the home base and 1 point. The sixth game ended, the Solda team took 4-1 leading bear team.

The second half of the seventh place, the Shuwaibo of the Bear team hit the play, because the Hashque team Fleti’s explosion has advanced to the second base, the bear team Zhibaset rolling earth although the Schobo Bo is advanced At the third base. But the bear team is unfortunate that it has not been scored.

The second half of the ninth Bureau, the Red Pitch team first pitched Fyletti was transferred to 8 games, and the self-loss of the season was also reduced to 2.96. The bear team Cas Dianno started the four bad balls, Bryant also hit the play, but Schwabo was out of the game in the case of being expected. Then Zabrist hit the second base to send Casdiano to the home base score and also pushed Brines to the third base. Byez replaced Zabrist generation. The bear team catcher Kangrtreras hit the place to send Brynete to the home score to close the score of only 1 point. Hayward rushed to the earth, but the Bayz sent back to the family.

At the end of the ninth party, the two sides 4-4 will enter the extension bureau.

The tenth game, the first half of the bear, the Terminator of the Terminator of Jinbrell, was hit by the Yangchun Cannon by the Red Scooter Cagpete, and the flush is another 1 point. However, the lower half of the tenth game fails to score, and finally defeated the flush with 4-5.

[Two sides starting]

St. Louis Heroes:

First stick right wilder hand DX – Wom

The second stick Bayer Colon – Wang

Third stick, Based, Paul, Gold Schmidt

The fourth stick left outer wild hand Masel – Austrian

Fifth rod guerrilla Paul – Delong

Sixth Catcher Yadi – Murina

Seventh sticks Tommy – Edman

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bad

Ninth Bat First Pointer Jack – Fleti

Chicago Wolves Team:

First stick, Anthony, Rizuo

The second stick right wilder Nikolas – Casdianno

Third stick three bases Chris Bryant

Fourth stick left outer wilder Kyle Schubo

Fifth stick Both base – Zabrister

Sixth Capture Wilsen – Conitreras

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Jason – Haield

Eighth Bar Guardian Nick Honer

Ninth, first-handed pitcher Jose – Jintana

[Next prospect]

The two teams will expand the second game of this series. https://www.mlbboutique2.comThe preliminary Pitched Pitcher is right in Michael, Waccar.