MLB Japan’s second game, Japan, left pondo, Xionkong wants to become a sailor

With the 2019 Japanese series, MLB has unveiled the new season, which is the fifth time in Japan in Japan. Since it is called the Japanese series, there is naturally less than Japanese players. In 2004, New York Yangji’s “Cosla” Matsui Xi Xi, 2008 Boston Sapphire “Pingcomb Monster” Matsuka Acupuncture and 2012 Sailor Sailor “Suzuki” Suzuki One is big.

The series is still returns to the sailor again, and he is hard to have high light performance. However, there is still a Japanese player who has the opportunity to continue the traditional Japanese player in the Japanese series – this year’s New Year’s Day, Japan, the Japanese, the Japanese, the Japanese Zuochi, who has just joined the sailor, will be in the second, the second, the second, the second, the first, the first, the first hair of the sailor, this is also The first time in history, Japanese players have realized their own big alliance in Japan.

Since smaller, there is a US dream daily.

Juchi Xiong Star will win the name during the Jiaziyuan. As a trump, he led the strengthening of the streaks of the flowers and the three-degree challenge, in 2009, Summer has entered the top four, and the game was 354 kilometers (about 96 miles) ball speed, but in the semi-finals, he himself Also tricks and injured and became a well-known tragic hero.

Although it is not possible to win, the strength of Chrysanthemat is seen in the eyes of each team, not only NPB, but many MLB team also sent a scout to investigate him. And Chry Chryschi I also skipped the idea of ??jumping directly into the big alliance. For this reason, he is more focused on English in English. At the same time, another Japanese top new Xiudian Ze pure is signed after graduating from high school and socks. Chrysanthemum is likely to go on the same way as Tianze.

But for NPB, this wind is long, and it is very difficult to recruit local top players. Therefore, in all aspects of Japan, he moved to his love, and finally in the persuasion Chry Chrysanthemum stayed in Japan. The NPB draft of the year, the first entry of the 6th team, from the Yusu West Woods, and he also launched his
professional player career.

However, the NPB is not too smooth in NPB, and the injury is frequently unable to play, and the talent cannot be honored. Until the 2016 season, Chrysanthemone was in the first 140 game, which was his last three years of pitching data:

2016 season 143 self-blade points 2.58 was orthographed by 1.29 per 9 bureau Zhen 8.0 per nine bureau to keep 4.2 every 9 games 0.4

2017 season 187.2 Self-sharing rate 1.97 is rampted by 0.91 every 9 bureau Sanzheng 10.4 per nine bureau to keep 2.3 every 9 bureau hits 0.8

2018 season 163.2 bureau self-blade rate 3.08 was laxted by 1.03 per 9 bureau Zhen 8.4 per nine bureau to keep 2.5 every 9 bureau hits 0.9

In the last season, Juchi had a 23.4% of the player, while the overall tripraphy rate of NBP was 18.9%. He took place to cast 1035.1, 74 wins and 48, and the self-sharing rate was 2.81, 925 times, and the three degrees were selected for NPB all-star. In the same year, Chry Chryschi decided to stay in Japan and said, to show the results and then challenge the big alliance. Although he spent longer than expected, he finally did this.

Multi-team slammed the final love Seattle

Like many other Japanese pitks, the spheres of Chrykech are very rich, he has several change balls and fingers. Some scouts believe that Chrysanthemati has the qualifications of the big league first pitcher, and the speed of the speed continues to be around 95 miles, the ball, the proposal, and the folding ball are above average. Although no resistance is a disadvantage, the content of the casting can be described.

Such a tempting strength, a lot of big alliance teams want to pursue him, Yangji, red socks, Dodge, angel, giant, etc. have access. He even photographed the coat of mades in the NHL Annem duckled jersey watched an ice hockey game in Honda. Lenovo also situated in Annheim’s angel just lasted the “two knife” geniors Big Gu Xiangping last year. This is not exempted to feel that Jiachi seems to be intended to be teammates with the big valley.

However, the Chrysanthematings appeared in Seattle, and the sailor launched a deep conversation and did a medical examination. A few days later, both parties reached a paper contract. The initial term of this contract is 3 years, including the player options for the 4th year (2022), which can be converted to a 4-year full-guarantee period, making the entire contract period of 30.3 billion yuan.

The sailors have long been a team with a deep Japanese origin, a well-known Japanese game giant, from 1992 to 2016, is a sailor’s shareholder. Since 1998, there are at least one day player in the sailor, including Suzuki, Rock, Town Island, Sasaki, Hao Hao, Changguchuanoti, Green Mu, Kawasaki Zongze and Suzuki. The arrival of Chrykech will continue the tradition of the sailor.

A player selection team will have a variety of deep considerations, but fans have reason to think that the special Japanese color is a big reason for attracting Jasper. Especially Chrysanthemati came to the big league since childhood, many sailors of Japanese players will be the object of his little dreams. When this day is finally coming, the footsteps of the predecessors are naturally selected.

Meixi staged alumni died

From the relationship between alumni, the “two-knife” geniors, the “two knife” geniors, the talents, to shouting the predecessors in Chrysanthemum. But in MLB qualifications, the Grand Valley is a year earlier than Chrysanthemum. In particular, the Valley won the best newcomers in the United States with a huge advantage, and the sailor has also passed Sasaki, the best newcomers, two Japanese people come, Juchi can’t get this award this year, it seems to “owe the meaning” .

Coincidentally, the sailors and angels are the opponents of the same area, and they have to meet a seventeenth and 18 games a year. The Grand Valley is late in Chrycho, just missed the opportunity of high school thaw. The two are about to launch a positive context on the stage of the big alliance, and it is very unfortunate that it is the arrangement of destiny.

The Grand Valley is considered to be the key to the first person of the active in-service. The sailor who failed last year was sold in the winter break, and when the star was almost lost, it was a young and inexpensive player and a large number of rookies. General Manager of the Sailor Jerry Dipoto intends to quickly rebuild the team, and all the annessors are implemented in accordance with the goals of competitiveness in 2020 or 2021.

To this end, Dipoto sent a king of the unanimous play, James Parxon, and signed the Chrysanthemum. This further operation can be described as a huge pressure of Chrysanthemum. In addition to the young Marco-Gonzale, the sailor is almost a good kind of man, the team is in the top of the japchi. .

This is a challenge and a chance. Even if there is a Japanese pitcher with ace potential, just arrived in the United States, it will not be ahead of the team. Jane Chry can be used as a second year of the unveiled series. In the face of the hometown of Tokyo, you can say that it is great honor. Can you win glory for Japanese players, open a good head to your big league career, just look at himself.