MLB history first! The full ticket is selected by the Hall of Fame: That is still fishing in 16 years old.

On January 23, Beijing time, the National Reporter Association announced the results of the new baseball celebrities. Mariano Rivera creates a record full note through the celebration. This is also the case where the MLB Hall of Fame has been selected for the first time.

Mariano Rivera from Panama is the greatest terminal in the history of baseball. He is firm and willful. Not only the number of revolutions of rescue success of the alliance history (652), but his pressing is trying to meet other pitcher at the same time.

His terrorist performance in the playoffs is impressive. Throughout the 19-year career of Rivila, he and his representative of New York Yangji only missed the 2-year playoff; Rivira not only stabilized in the regular season, but he became more harmonious to the critical moment. He helped Yangji won the 5th World Series Championship, and he created the last number of 4 World Series (1998, 1999, 2000, 2009), which set the victory for the team. Sound contribution.

Rivila's tanno has also mounted to explore the

Rivila’s tanno has also mounted to explore the “sports science” program, which can see the dominance of this ball.

When I talked to Rivila, I had to talk about his homework weapon – cherish. In 1997, when he first took the responsibility of the terminator, he accidentally learned this kind of ball. Since then, the ball has become his deadly weapon, killing alliances. Even if the opponent knows that Rivira will be treated with the ball – the cutting ball speed can be 98 miles / when it is, this speed is very high at the time – they can’t predict the amplitude of the landscape of this ball. They can’t hit the ball. Even if they hit the ball, their ball rods were often interrupted because of the powerful tail of the chet. Whether it is a teammate or an opponent, the power to show this ball is full.

Reporters of Rivira’s Scrolls and Nolan Ryan’s Speed ??Ball, Roger Clemens Finger Clemens, Sandy Koufax Ball, Steve Carlton’s slide, Pedro Martinez’s shifting ball and Hoyt Wilhelm’s butterfly balls, the achievement has reached a no ancient people It’s hard to come to the top peak level.

In the poor, Bo Le Hui Yishen

Rivira was born in Panama City, Panama, 29 November 29, 1969. He growed in the 25 mile of small fishing villages in the West of Panama City, Puerto Caimito, only about 17,000 population. Although he likes to play football at first, he will play baseball on the beach. However, due to limited conditions, they use table tennis, milk boxes and branches as alternatives to entertain themselves. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school in high school and fell to the sea with his father. Temporary equipment such as tennis, milk boxes and branches. At the age of 16, he dropped out of his father’s business fishing boat from high school, but the risk of fighting is too big. In an accident, uncle was dead, he was also injured, and thus he firmly determined the determination of him. Baseball became his new Shengmen Road.

Rivira participated in the National 18th to 25-year-old tournaments held in La Chorrera in 1988. At that time, he still had a weightful guerrilla with a weight of 155 pounds. However, his performance has caused Time of the Royal Tour of Kansas. – Note in Raybourn. One year later, Raden transferred to the operator of Yangji Latin America. He saw Rivira volunteers in the tournament. His speed is only 85 to 87 miles / hour, but Raden likes the sports talent and his pitching of Rivie.

The Riviela name brothers took a group photo after boarding the big alliance

The Riviela name brothers took a group photo after boarding the big alliance

In February 1990, Raden signed Maryo-Rivila, with only $ 2,000. Soon after, Yangji also signed Ruben, Ruben Rivera, also played a 9-year ball in the Great League. (It is worth mentioning that his cousin in the farm is considered to be the future star player. Some people will “Derek Jeter” and “Double”)

Rivira is extremely excellent in the low-level small alliance, and his self-blanking rate in the Bay Area Coast League is the minimum of 0.17 in the league. Later, he was frequently injured, and he also slowed down in the small alliance. One of the most serious injuries is in 1992 he accepted the surgery to repair the elbow damaged nerve. At the beginning of the 1995 season, Rivira was 25 years old, he has already raised a 3A alliance. At this time, his speed ball is still only 88-90 miles / when the variation is also good, and it is a rookie in the farm of Yangji.

Terrier in 1995

Terrier in 1995

Mount the big alliance, the first show

On May 23, 1995, Mariano Rivira was called a big alliance, and his career is the first show to Arrange Anaheim angel. He didn’t have a 4 bureau in his career, and the postmark after 4 times he sent him up to 10.20, and the team also dropped him to the 3A Alliance. Magic is that according to the internal report of the Bank, the speed of the speed ball ball in the end of the month, suddenly the 95-96 miles / time intervals, and more than 7 miles per previous compared to the previous one. When the general manager, General Manager, General Michael, was interrupted immediately after the news, and immediately interrupted the transaction negotiations that followed by Detroit tigers. According to income, the tiger’s scout also found this situation, and thus tiger is talking about David Wells in the trading of David Wells.

On July 4th, Rivila was again called the big alliance again. He was facing Chicago White Socks 8 bureaus, three vibrating 11 players. However, Rivira did not continue such an excellent performance, and the five times were poor. In September, he stayed in the cowshed, as a cow shed pitcher. Although the loss of self-blanking in the 1995 season of Rikrai is as high as 5.51, he also entered the playoffs of Yangji team. Yangji also entered the playoffs since 1981.

In the playoffs, Rivira did not receive the trust of Buck Showalter when he gotten. Despite the winning investment in the second battle of the Seattle Sailor, I won the victory in the most critical life and death war, who is still allowed to make the team’s ace pitcher David-Cohen’s David CONE. The team’s leading situation. Although the team did not continue to lose after the team after Riviera debut, the sailor was played again from Edgar Martinez in the extended season and eliminated the foundation.

Interestingly, after the end of the 1995 season, Rivila almost traded to the sailor. In March 1996, the first guerrilla Tony-Fernandez (Delunand), the first elbow fracture season, Yangji worried that the middle-aged light players were temporarily unable to undertake the responsibility of the Great Alliance guerrilla. Thus they consider Rigira as a chip from the sailor in Felix Fermin, but this transaction did not talk.

In 1996, Rivila became a stroke, and he was responsible for the important task.

In 1996, Rivila became a stroke, and he was responsible for the important task.

The performance of Divila in 1996 was very good. Before the start of the 1996 season, Yangji changed the New Zealand Joe Torre. In the Spring Training, Sirvila entered the list of large alliances. He has been upgraded to a layout. In the team terminator John Wetteland, Rivira often sets 2 to 3 games.

This season, Rivira, very successful to take the duties of the layout, one of the games, 37, 37, 37, the blanming rate is only 2.09, three vibrations 130 times; the winning season of his victory is higher than 5.0 wins Created the record of the contribution of the winner of the winners, no one can be broken. In 1996, Yangji won the 92 games and won the Meidian champion to enter the playoff. Rivira has an extra 14 and 3 in the 1st game in the playoffs. In 1996, the 6th game of the World Series Competition was a 2nd game, and he kept 1 point leader to help Yangji won the first champion since 1978.

After the end of the 1996 season, Yangji decided to let go of the world’s series of competitions Whitland, the team’s terminator’s position should be taken by Rivira. However, in the 1997 season, the beginning of the early days was very struggling. The first six rescue opportunities Rivila have a pot 3 times. However, Torry is still trusting Rivira.

Epulsably cut the ball, no one can block

In late June 1997 Ramiro Mendoza, Ramiro Mendoza suddenly found out that he realized his future viewing of the people’s weapons – tanker. When training, Men Dosa found that the balls of Rivila were running on the right. Rivira took this as an opportunity, in accordance with this grint and the team’s pitcher coach Mel Stottlemy, finally improved this tapping. For the right call, the ball suddenly rotates from the outer angle before entering the housing, and for the left, it is directly to the inner angle. Rivira has successfully rescued three times in Detroit, and has opened a legendary history. According to his statement, this ball is “Gift from God.”

Many players have been sentenced to the ball but also in the ball because they judge the mistakes.

Many players have been sentenced to the ball but also in the ball because they judge the mistakes.

At that time, it was still described in Bast Olney, which is the Bastel Olney:

“When most pitcher speeds, their fingers are buckled on top of the ball, basically directly point to the direction of the catcher. However, when Rigra is switched on the ball, his right hand’s index finger and middle finger in the direction of the ball will be slightly inner side. – It seems that he holds the 11 o’clock direction of the ball instead of usual 12 points. When he picked up, the ball flew to the player with a side rotation and cyclone. Just like a car driving on ice, as long as it is slightly In the direction, the entire car body will be tail. The flight trajectory that is changing the ball is very late, the tail is very strong. Many players are not the same as the ball of the ball to cut the ball. “

Rivira served as the first year, a total of 71 and 3, respectively, and the loss of self-blame is only 1.88.52 rescue opportunities. He successfully rescued 43 times. He also held a total of all stars for the first time. . Yangji got the outer card of that year, the partition series of Yangji’s Klevland Indians in the next day. Although the opening ceremony Rivila got a successful rescue, he was hitting the home base of the Sandy Aomar Jr. In the fourth battle. In the end, Yanke was eliminated by the Indian people.

Although the taste of the loss is very difficult, Rivila still maintains tough nature, and he has a absolute confidence and the faithful belief of his ability. Time Rivila said: “You can’t give you the opportunity. No matter what you have to do yourself.” He said. After that, he cast 119 and 3 and 3, one game, and his opponent only went out of his hand.

Starting from the 1997 season, Rivira officially accepted the work of Yangji Terminator, and one is 15 years. At the end of the end of the person, he is only 2.01, and he can be 8.1 each nine games. On average, he can eat 69 bureaus every season, win 40 rescue success, and contribute 3.2 wins. He entered 12 all-star, and he got the second place in the Sai Yang Awards. During this time, he contributed the team to the team’s victory. The winners were in the threshold, and the 11 people in front of him were first pitcher. Among them, 10 of the pitching bodies were more than twice the Biverly (1036.2).

In the Ordinary Baseball Seaview, No. 42 represents Jegquity Robinson, but in Yangji fans, only Rivila

In the Ordinary Baseball Seaview, No. 42 represents Jegquity Robinson, but in Yangji fans, only Rivila

In 1997, Livra was known as another matter: all teams in the Alliance In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson, they all retired. At that time, the players wearing a jersey on the 42nd were still allowed to wear the original wardirt. There were 14 people in the Alliance, and Rivila was one of them. His total time is the longest time, and he also integrates his own legend into this back story.

Rivira did not knocked down by Aroma’s home. In 1998, he was coming back. In the 1998 season, he was lost 10 times. He is already a matter of May 14th. And he lost 2nd to the end of the next year. At that time, Yangji has been partitioned 10 victories. That year, Yangji’s regular final won 114 games, and opened 22 winners in red socks in the partition champion “competition”. The record of the playback base is 11 wins and 2 losses, and the World Series contest swept the San Diego priest.

That season, Rivila’s 41 rescue opportunities success 35 times, self-blame loss rate 1.91, the playoffs 10 times in the game 13.1 bureau, no loss, and finally locked the team’s 24th world series for Yangji The championship of the contest, draws a successful number of the great season.

In 1999, the New York Yangji staff was reported to San Diego priest in Trevor Hoffman, and the inspiration of hell bells, Rivira was played at home. “Metallica” Enter Sandman “. With this melody, Rivira defeated Atlanta Warriors and New York, the World Series Competition, helping Yangji to get the team. The history of the 25th and 26th champions. In 1999, he successfully rescued 45 times, self-blaming rate 1.83, and the number of rescue successs is the United States, and the third place in the US League Yangdao.

It’s repeatedly frustrated, and it is still a steady.

In 2001, Rivira retrieved, not only 50 times a monthly rescue success, but his nine-ivivable (9.3) and the number of boins (1.3) were also eye-catching. However, Rivira fell in the team with a highly eye-catching of the three-vibrate rushing to the 27th championship. In the second half of the 19th game in the world contest, Rivira debuted again in the team 2 to 1, and finally was played again by the Arizona Rhott Snake LUIS Gonzalez. The snake won the first champion trophy of the team, and the dream of the four consecutive championships broke.

Rivira did not be destroyed by this game, he patted the dust stations on his body and continued to fight. Although he is full of injuries in the 2002 season, the list of three injuries, but his performance is still impeccable. In 2003, he refreshed his season’s self-defeating (1.66), but also completed self-salvation in the seventpage of the Meidian Champion Series.

Since the beginning of the nine games, the whole 3 games did not play an effective offensive until the short half of the 11th Bureau, Aaron Boone, the current Yangji coach, from the butterfly ball Pitcher Tim – Tim Wakefield made a goodbye to the homework, Yangji once again entered the World Series Competition.

At this time, the tired Rivila rushed into the field while the Bern was around, and kneeling in front of the pitcher, kissing the mud, thanked the gods. The reporter recorded this lens with the camera, and he also became a classic moment in Rivira career.

However, this World Contest laughed at the last is young Florida Marinfish. Torre’s fourth battle was late, and the last Marin fish made a heavy price.

The regret of Rivira career is the socks battle in the 2004 playoffs.

The regret of Rivira career is the socks battle in the 2004 playoffs.

In 2004, Rivila’s performance was still outstanding. He successfully rescued 53 times, and the new career is also the rescue king of the United States. The Meidian Championship is the socks of the Fine Socks, but this victory is like a red hose here. Although Yangji has earned 3 to 0 advantages early, only a victory can return to the World Series Competition, but the reddings are constantly making the Yangji. From the 4th game of the series, Rivilla has failed for two days, and the red socks successfully turned over two success, and finally won 8 games. Not only eliminated the New York Yangji, but also swept the Saint Louis Rock in the World Series Competition, and won the first world series of competitions since 1918.

After 2004, Yanji has entered the playoffs every year, but they always eliminated it early. They returned to the World Series Competition next time to wait until 2009. The team spent a launched CC-Sabasia (CC Sabathia), AJ-Burnett (A.j. Burnett) and Mark Teixeira reinforced team lineup. They and the team’s “core 4) – experienced the old people of the 1998-2001 season four in the world series of competitions first left Andy Pettitte, catcher Haolch-wave Jorge Posada, guerrilla DRRETER (DEREK JETER) and Terminator Rivila, Alex Rodriguez, which retrieved, launched to the World Contest, the most violent Impact.

The playoffs is the nightmare of the endors of each team. The eight terminors in the 8 teams participating in the team have smashed the pot, and the Yangji smashed the end of Shuangcheng, Minnesota. Joe Nathan, the Terminator of Los Angeles Angel Brian Funtes and the Terminator of Philadelphia Father Brad Lidge. Only Rivila’s performance as always, from beginning to end, he makes it feels desperate to the opponent. The sixth game of the World Competition, standing in the Fei Mi people, Shawn, Victorino, successfully created his rolling earth, and locked the team’s 27th world series for Yangji. Contest champion.

The last game of Rivira debut, the audience shouted, 42 legend

The last game of Rivira debut, the audience shouted, 42 legend

Legendary curtain call, the alliance is no longer 42

In the 2009 World Series Competition, it was less than 1 for a month, Rivira spent his 40-year-old birthday. His tangent is only 90-92 miles / time, but the opponent is still smelling the signs of his recession. Since 2008-2011 season, Rivira’s self-blanking rate remains below 2.00; his control is even more wonderful, 2008, 2011 and 2013 season he all the season’s guaranteed 10 times . On September 19, 2011, he completed the 602th rescue of his career, surpassing Hoffman became a rescue king in the history of the league.

Rebirth of the Rivila miraculous in severe injuries, 44 rescue success

Rebirth of the Rivila miraculous in severe injuries, 44 rescue success

The 2012 season was originally the last season of Rivila. However, on May 3, 2012, Rivira sprained the right leg cross ligament season reimbursement during the Kansas City. Rivila is not going to end your career this. After the long boring rehabilitation training, he returned to the team in 2013. His achievements and general enders did not distinguish: 44 rescue success, self-blame rate 2.1, Senang Baobao reached 6.0. This season, his career 13th, and the last time I was selected, I got the most valuable player of the All-Star. At the same time, he is also the winner of the United States Liandong Mountain again.

Before the start of the 2013 season, Rivira announced that this is his last season of his career. In this year, he went to the entrance to the team, and it will get a commemorative gift from the opponent, and Rivila also interacts with the difficult family of the team’s selection – including families immersed in grief. , With cancer struggles, injured soldiers, survivors of major accidents. He inspired these ordinary people as an example, and these ordinary people’s deeds also infect Rivila.

Due to the 2013 season Yangji did not enter the playoff, September 26, 2013 is Rivira Xie Curtain. Time team head coach Joe-Gilla Di Girardi delegated two people to go to the field with Petit, changed to Vivilla. In the face of the full-time applause and cheers, Rivira’s tears went out, he took her hair, greeted the whole fan, thanking them for a long time, for the team, do not depart with him And encourage. The greatest endee in history will this curtain call.

The debate between the baseball report on the evaluation of the post-aid pitcher has lasted for a long time. How much contribution to the victory of the rescue in the end, they are not the celebrities, and these issues are discussed for a long time. In the outline of the pitcher, the time after the post-aid pitcher appeared, only six afterwards and pitcher entered the famous Hall. However, talked to Rivila’s achievements, the probability of his selection of celebrities is like the 9th bureau’s second half of the team leads the three points in the session, he is generally relieved.

Rivira’s achievements opened other post-helper pitcher, so that there were experts who believe that Rivila was eligible to enter the celebrity hall. As a newcomer in 2019, he will be the second round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of Dennisrley.