MLB-8, 10 o’clock live broadcast, vs giant, National Union West, hostile, unbarrative

Dodgerator war giant

Dodgerator war giant

On June 8, I will stage a National Assique Civil War, and the Los Angeles Daoqi team, who is the top of the list, is a passenger, the San Francisco Giant, which is currently challenged at the bottom of the partition. This is the first battle between the three series of games. field. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

Two consecitions watched the national consecutive championship in two consecutive years, on June 6th, the 11th game of the extended season, the 11th game, ending the snake, but the last 10 days still won 8 games, 43 wins and 20 losses The record is stable to the top of the national Lianxi District, and the leading Rocky is 10.5 winners. Dodge’s hit showed the best in the country, the total score of 340, the first, the Alliance is second only to the double city. Team Attack Index. 816 is also the best in the country, the Alliance is second only to the double city and space.

The giant is difficult to encounter, and 3-7 in the competition of just ending will be a big sum that of the two games. The giant is currently only 25 wins and 36 negatives. There are 5 winners of the fourth range of the fourth partition, and there are 17 winners. Bearding is the biggest problem of giants, with a total score of 236 points and 57 skulls, the total alliance is the third, which is only better than tiger and macarish. The team’s hit rate of 2% 21 is only better than the blue bird, the team attack index. 657 is only better than the macarium.

Game point

Although the results of the two teams are far from the difference, they also ranked the top and respectively. However, in the past ten years, three champions have been held, and the giants of the “Dimensional Dynasty” have never fear that from the south of California. Every time the two teams have high tension, it is comparable to the socks in the east bank.

First firing

Dodge team first firing: Kretton Kk 4

Giant team first pitcher: Dru-Po Meilanz

Dodge team sent a trump of Kretton Kretton Kreton. The 31-year-old Zuotou won the National Federation MVP in the 2014 ball season and the third racing prize, career has accumulated 325 first hair, and won 158 wins. The pounding of this Jane Kexi is quite robust, and it has brought a good ball for Dodge: 9 settles to win the best, Kha Xiao won the winning investment, at least 6.0 bureaus every game, where 4 The field is more assigned to the seven games. His recent first year is six days ago, the main investment 7.0 bureau only lost a point, no victory.

The giant team’s starting pitcher is Dru-Ponmelanz. The 30-year-old left vote is experiencing his worst ball season. This season is first sent only 39.0 bureaus. It is mad 35 points. It is miserable, and the blame rate is terrible. 8.08, far from his career points 4.13. The last first year of the pitcher in 2017-2018, the first year is against Jinji, only to persist in 1.1, lost 8 points, swallow the defeat. Giant coach Bruce – Boqi let him rest seven days, I hope he can retrieve the status.

Focus star

The Dodge Baylinjie is a high-tech of the National Union MVP, but in fact, there is still a young wilder to play out the annual career year, he is the left outer wilder chicken – Peterson. This 27-year-old strong left hit in 2014, in 2015-2018, there were at least 25 projectors to play three years in 2015-2018. In this season, the total number of data from three surroundings was once again created, and the 18th Batters hit the League of the League, the total rate. 634 Ranking Alliance Episode 8, Attack Index. 997 Extension League 10th.