MLB 2021 playoffs day16 CT3 hat trick assist

On October 22, Beijing time, the fifth game of the National Union Championship NLCS, Chris Taylor single field three cannon, this season, the second time to help Dao in the life and death war, avoid the elimination of bad luck, Daochi chasing the series of series 2-3.

On the 23rd, a game will be conducted: the sixth battle of the United States championship ALCS, see if the red stockings can drag the series to grab the seven. The two strong two strong will usher in mobile day. After a day, the sixth battle will return to Atlanta.


National World Championship NLCS


Dodge vs Warrior score 2-3

The Warriors got a lead in the first game, Freeman’s two-point gun.

Fortunately, the Daochi responded in time, AJ Pollock blows the counterattack horn in the second game, and then handed the stage to Chris Taylor.

AJ Pollock double cannon, Chris Taylor is more playing home running hat trick! Two people have a total of 7 security, including 5 bangs, 10 points. Such single-game double output is the strongest in the history of the playoffs.

In the history of the playoff, there were only two groups in the same team, and there were two people in the same team.

2020 season priest Fernando Tatis Jr. and WIL MYERS

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig of the 1932 season

And the combination of three bombings is the first time in history.

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Taylor 3 Bang 6 points, becoming the second second in history, in the League Championships or World Contest, paying at least 2 bombings +5 points. The other is the two world contest champion, and Johnny Damon, Johnny Damon, is reached in the seventh battle of the 2004 Messian Championship.

Only 12 in the history of the big league appeared in the playoffs, the second time in the history of the Dodge. Another Dodious player who did this is Kike Hernandez that played in red socks in red socks. He is also a single three battle in 2017.

Dodge has a total of 17 amps, and the number of single games in the team’s season is new.

In addition to the two-stick Trea Turner, there are kottayam news 3 times, the fifth to eighth sticks of Dodge are hot, 5 sticks Pollock and 7 sticks Taylor have said a lot, six sticks will also have 2 安 安 1 guaranteed, Belie Bellinger Also sent 3 playbacks.

At this point, Dodge is also tensile in the seventh place in the seventh place in the POSEASON GAMES WHEN FACING ELIMINA. Seven-game winning is the third high in history.

The 2012-16 giants got 10 winning victories.

The Royal 1985-2014 gets 8 winches.

Dodge is of course hopeful yesterday. Last year, the Warriors were also 3-1 leader and was reversed. However, this time is california fire news slightly different, the last two battles are at Atlanta.


Melan Championship ALCS


Red stocking VS space people big score 2-3

Game6 first firing

SocksNathan Eovaldi

Eovaldi assumes that the help team dragged the series to the seventh life. When he became a first battle, he got 2 wins and 0 defeat, 3.45ERA, and the other hits only two0%.

astronautLuis Garcia

Rookie right village Luis Garcia only adheres to a game, just because the knee is not suitable. His hometown in the regular season is far better than the passenger area: 6 wins at home, 2.73 Era; 5 wins 5 wins 3 defeat, 4.24ERA.

Key player

Space man is old Yuli Gurriel in Game5 3 Anwinding output, there are 6 consecutive games, four of them have multiple hits.

Yordan Alvarez has a place in the first five games of this Federation Championship, and there is 3 play and 3 points.

In the red socks, Rafael devers have been played in 9 consecutive games. During the period, it was a three-way 12 points, and it was strong. 342 / .419 / .737. However, Kike’s performance is called, and there is only one place in the last two games. The worst of the main strike condition of the reddock main hits hunter renfroe, 14 counts only 1, swallowed 7 times, there are 11 restrictions.


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