Metropolis will be guarded by the cowshed pitcher was taken from the slag name.

On September 29th, Beijing time, the 2013 season’s professional bodies have received the attention of domestic fans, and Wang Yuan, one of the TFBoys popular idol combinations, to the home of the Town, New York, to play the ball, Miami macaro, or even millions of people Multiple black screens in the live broadcast. The host promotion of the reputation of the whole stage, and it will take the lead in taking the lead, but unfortunately by Marlin fish, 8 points were reversed. The commentary of the guest Wu Hao, the two major eggs are the two major eggs are Wang Yuan’s ball and the US team Chang David-Lete injury, and the metropolis cowshed pitcher contrasts the first round value slag, plus the preparation of low-level mistakes need to replace Wang Yuan debut to fight fire.

A big white shirt, the black hat appeared in the mirror, and the opening of the city is home to the home of Ma Lin fish. I saw that Wang Yuan played a very professional fan. Wu Hao, said that he has played a baseball idol drama “our teenage era”, playing guerrillas in the plot and serving as the captain, and Wang Junkai and Yi Yi Teachers on behalf of the Moon Bay Cabin team, from the low valley, the inspirational story that eventually advanced in the regional competition.

Wu Hao, revealed that before shooting idol drama, with Wang Junkai and Yi Yi Qianli partner TFBOYS combination specially to experience life, and passed the professional training of baseball in the training base. Wu Yisi also pointed out that Wang Yuan is the first person in the Chinese mainland, and Li Lianjie, which is a big profit of the China, and has a long-lived Li Lianjie who is brought to Singapore. This honor belongs to the US President, a celebrity celebrity and retired disable veteran . Promote the praise of Wang Yuan’s pitch, but self-evaluation, the 18-year-old fresh meat is slightly old.

Corre-Oswart was arranged for the first half of the first half by the first half, first was taken out by Miguel Rojas, and then clicked at Starlin-Castro. Luojas got 2 outgoing numbers, and then judge JT-Rwuimo waves over semi-preparation, enter the first half, into a one-thirds of the second, one, one, one, one, 1-0 lead Marin fish .

Wu Hao, ridicule, the running barriers of the murrin and the metropolis are more radical, so it is easy to appear by the two people. Both the second half of the second game ushered in the two people, the second or third bases have a good situation, but because of the last out of the game, the restriction of the two or three bases failed. Wu Hao, the piracy, the patents, very rough, wasted a lot of opportunities.

Jere-Junia is the first-year-old pitcher who has been launched by Marlin fish. The third place is to send Brandon Nimodian bad ball. Form a one-thirds base, Michael Comnto is killed to McNeil’s pirates still run back to the first base, Michael Converter is killing, causing metropolis to leave one or two rivals base.

Peter Oubrean knocked on the 4th game to make Malin fish on the first base, Bryan Anderson was sent to the first and two bad balls to welcome the first floor, and Lewis Bringer is knocking. A high-speed ball is killed. Osvalt consumes the 77th ball to be hit by Austin Di’an, let me all welcome the crisis, but unfortunately there is no way to kill Magnellis-Xie Lan Malin fish Chasing 1-1, good Catch Jose – Juni?a has a residual base of two or three bases.

Jere-Junnia rose Amed Rosario in the second half of the 4th game, but Dominic-Smith knocks out to work, and solve the stumps – Fraser and Kevin Pravi is successful. Both of the Basheng will change to Puro-Shiwald in the 5th game, and the result was taken up by Miguel Rojas to land on the floor, Wu Hao, no one, no one, someone is a chance to grab the predecessor.

Although Stallin Castro and JT-Rymo have been blocked, but Peter Oubrene knocks out to make Marlin fish to 2-1, and advance to the second base, but there are two people. . Brian Anderson is also guaranteed by four bad balls, and Lewis Bringssen knocked out to the mare to 3-1, and then welcomed the second and third bases, the two people out of the situation.

Carrying the blurring Paul – Hugh Wald This change effect is not ideal, consumes 29 balls to make the metropolis have been connected 2 points, so in the three vibrates of Austin Di’an let Marlin fish left the second or third base. . David, who is called American captain, is the next half of the fifth, and the next half, the rest of the injury, his wife and love women, and the on-site fans, the star, the star, the star is invalid.

US team Long David-Wright returned to the seating area and teammates

US team Long David-Wright returned to the seating area and teammates

However, David Lete was blocked out after Brandon Nimo knocked out to make up, and the metropolis due to Jeff McNeil and Michael Complete high-flying balls were killed. Wu Hao, using the game gap, one is the two major eggs, one is from the Oriental Wang Yuan as the first person in the Chinese mainland, and one is the US team Chang David-Lite officially declared the injury.

The 6th game, the upper half of the plug – Jedia is guaranteed by four bad balls, Miguel Rojas knocks out to form a two-legged, Stalin, Castro, use metropolis, help Marin After the fish runs back to 1 point to 4-1, it is still two or three bases. Unfortunately, Peter Obrene is killed by a restriction, and Wu Hao’s straightforward will have an inexplicable mistake.

The sixth bureau is the next half, Bruce, is also guaranteed by the four bad balls, but Amed Rosario hits the double kill to clear the package, then kill Dominik – Smith let Marin fish In sufficient number of outsourcing, carry forward the review, Jose, Justia, won high-quality first, and then worried about the basis of Dru Gacketon in the top 7 of the 7th game.

Marultin fish knocked out the hit and Lewis Britman in Bryan Anderson, and then seized the Amed Rosario low-end mistake to form a three-bit, Wu Hao, criticized the big league, the guerrillas actually appeared gloves. Low-level mistakes, ridicule, this kind of three-hearted second is to help but change the king source to debut, the latter as a kickman once played https://www.fanbutikk.comguerrilla captains in the baseball idol drama “our juvenile”.

Just as promoting the words, Dru Genon broke out of Austin Di’an, and the storm was once again connected to 2 points, and it was expanded to 1-6, and later was Miguel Rojas. I knock again to 1 to 1-7. Carrying forward and ridiculed that Gannone is thinking “I have to be so bad, why not change me”, of course, the preparation of metropolis is also a variety of problems.

Wu Hao Review Metropolis’ cow shed pitcher compared the first round value comparative slag, finally changed the Various cloth – Rem but was hit by JT-Rwuimo, let Marlin fish will gradually expand into 8-1 And still one and two bases, people who don’t help but ask, “Do you have the last number?”

Marlinfish exchanged in the 7th Council in the second half of Balaklaf, and the big tops in the 8th game
Tim Peterson, Hallin Garcia ushered in the 8th game. The chance of pitching, the three pithers are each resolution of the work. Both the top 9 of the 9th game, with Tim Peterson, but still returned the marlin fish division to 1-8.

Marlin fish is in the middle of the 9th game, and the Nick Vitglen is in the middle of the 9th. Wu Hao, I want to chase 7 points and bad difficulties, but what is the possibility of a good job. Vitglen first is to solve Amed Rosario, but by Mennick-Smith knock out, it is a tenth to send Todde-Fraser forming a second base, Wu Hao This pitcher is not intended to cause disputes.

In the end, Vit Glen continuously solved the two players to help the macaro lock score to 8-1, and the promotion of the reappeal game, although the big capital will take the lead, but unfortunately by Marlin fish, 8. Last game, at the same time, we praised Wang Yuan as the mainland young idol. It was very glory in the big league. I also hope that TFBOYS fans can continue to pay attention to the ganglion.