Media Press Conference! Zhou Qi doesn’t pay attention to CBA to talk about whether Xinjiang has ended the NBA season.

On December 2, Beijing time, Zhou Qi has returned to Australia after the end of the stage of the world’s preliminary, and he has participated in the Media Meeting of the Phoenix of Melbourne by online mode. Zhou Qi said that there is no attention to CBA, while avoiding the old man’s basket, but also seems to help Team Friends Li Hongquan. Zhou Qi also said whether the recovery of the NBL will be discussed, and the NBA will not be determined after the end of the season.

Zhou Qi was before led to the Chinese men’s basketball team to go to Japan, playing the men’s basketball World Cup qualifier. He hit three questions in the first game, contributing 24 points 12 rebound 3 caps to force data, but the second game Zhou Qi even Enter the list of 12 people, but eventually did not be sent by Du Feng coach, after all, the team has won the Japanese men’s basketball team.

Zhou Qi has now returned to Australia, and has already opened the isolation mode, and he also talks about many problems at the media meeting. Zhou Qi said that there is no attention to CBA. After all, he will no longer fight CBA, and also avoid the problem of young people in Xinjiang men’s basketball team, and emphasize how Xinjiang men’s basketball team will go out of the problem, “I said, I said it.”

Zhou Qi also said that there is no NBL star who wants to be aligned or confront. The reason is that he does not know the players of other teams. After all, his teammates’ teammates are still not too complete.

As for the
Shanghai Men’s Basketball New Star, Li Hongli, also joined the Melbourne Phoenix, and Zhou Qi became a teammate, and Zhou Qi said that there is nothing to help Li Hongli, the reason is that he grew up in Canada and should be more adaptable than him. Zhou Qi also ridiculed that NBL had no physical test, he guess is not.

In addition, Zhou Qi also talked about whether the NBL of this season debut, he said, “Some swollen in the feet, do you play the situation on the day of the game, now it is better. Australian basketball league is very high, I have a big improvement, I like it for the city and weather in Melbourne. “

Zhou Qi talked about the experience of the NBA effective rocket. “Before playing for two years in the United States (a half season was cut by the rocket), it helped very much. Not only on the court, there is also a state of adapting to the fight against the country. Last experience I quickly adapted to the fight against the country. “

As for whether to consider returning to NBA, Zhou Qi is revealed. “