Media people question Su Group: Can I tell which NBA team inquire about Zhou Qi? The hat is too big | Shen Jie | Su Qun | Zhou Qi

  Before the start of this season, Zhou Qi and Xinjiang team were not happy, and went to Australia to play NBL League. Zhou Qi did not perform in the previous preseason, in the 35-minute appearance time, get the data of 17 points 12 rebounds 3 cap, but unfortunately, the Phoenix team gave it to Iraq through the game of the overtime. Yawagra old eagle.

  After the game, many Chinese fans were happy for Zhou Qi’s excellent performance, and the first mouth of CBA is more praise, and said that there is currently the NBA team to listen to Zhou Qi. The signal from the outside world is that Zhou Qi quickly returned to NBA.


  Most of ordinary fans believe in Su teacher, but some people don’t believe that there is a media person who has questioned Su Qun, “Director, I lie.”, “Said” Su Qun teacher convenient to tell you which NBA team Zhou Qi to play the Australian League NBL is to return to NBA? I feel that the hat you deduct is too big. This I don’t believe Zhou Qi. What do you think? “Said that the author really admire the media people dare to Questioning Su Qun.



  In fact, Su Qun is a basketball to explain the guests. The fans still love him, his explanation is level, the fans like to listen to him. However, sometimes the teacher of Su Qun also said that even the spectrum is even. Two years ago, Shen Jie, Shen Jie, Shenzhen team, had a few performances in the national training team. The teacher of Su Qun shouted “Shen Jijie’s level can play NBA, may soon have NBA scouts to see him.”

  Now in the past two years, Shen Jie is almost the same. There is not much progress in the league, and he has 15.2 points in his field. The 4th place in the whole team is a list. Can you play NBA? Teacher Su Qun is really highlighted.


  Take a look at Zhou Qi now. At present, Zhou Qi has played three games in NBL, and the game was 22.3 minutes. I got 12.3 points 9.7 rebound 2.7 cap. Do you say that this level will return to NBA? Zhou Qi is not as good as a year in the CBA league.
Although his score is not reduced, the average is 20 points, but his hit rate is significantly declining, and the two-point ball is down from the past 72% to 57%, 3 points. The hit rate has fallen from the past 36% to 29% of the current, and the free throw rate has fallen from the past 72% to the current 59%, which is almost a level of two penalty. Do you say this level can play NBA?


  Zhou Qi can not play NBA, there is no NBA team to inquire him, the author thinks that the inner heart in Su Qun is clear. The reason why he is like this, one is that it is possible for the player to make an advertisement, there is a certain business interest; the second is the habit of opening the river, after all, his identity position is in that, the information, ordinary people will not Suspect.

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