Learning from history: Simmons and Owen, but also quite how long?

West Timor standing Wells Fargo Center arena entrance, listening to the first song from the TV drama, a barren heart.

He thought that US imperialism is the most liberal, if they do not want to fight, you can not fight, if they want to go, they can go several months between not wanted, it is useless to refuse reported training ground lazy, lazy was proclaimed by psychological disorders, mental disorders are also been laid bare after it has been https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
tricks, but also to sell luxury tax, a monthly luxury car-buying program went bankrupt, and it might even go bankrupt expand out without the days, he has become a reverse brave.

How sad, do not guess, no one will give him love in Philadelphia, the Great that bi ** ch lying in a hospital can even laugh out loud, how fun.

West Timor think the song says is not right.

Not want to go away, it was the most lonely.

Doug – Rivers does not intend to bring this up, this past month, he had just won his first 1000 victory. As the winningest coach, he has reason to put down the bowl of chicken soup, and he does not mention the recent West Timor, he always said the team is very united, but makes no mention five months ago, last night’s press conference last season, reporters asked the question, as he gives off like that answer.

– “Do you believe this – Simmons is a championship team point guard it?”

–“I have no idea.”

Old Lane will not remember this conversation, this conversation will not go into exactly what kind of impact has brought – he is a famous player-coach, mouth Hey master, experienced and definitely not in this insidious problem with the above capsize ; he would never respond Josh – Smith shot that video, the video says old Josh was a lack of quake, leading the team frequently comeback in the playoffs, this is nothing down, he said, “I now know Why did you leave your wife, your children can become hard ah. “

Of course there will be the old strain, at least in the fall of 1991, his resourcefulness coming distressing. In the old afraid to share this personal experience to West Timor, he said it was the story of the fall of 1991.

October 1991, 30-year-old was traded to the Clippers just eagle, before the start of training camp, he found the team to ask for a one-year 14 million contract extension. We do not know when Rivers around there Ridge – Paul, but no doubt such a request is absurd, since the 1992-93 season, the league salary more than 4 million players only David – Robinson and Michael – Jordan two.

But this problem is not money, it’s true that at the absurdity of the request Rivers object name is Donald – Stirling. Familiar friends all know the history of the Clippers Stirling is what kind of boss, no one better at Stirling Bies to the players out of a minimum and a generous contract, a black think from Stirling pants pocket money, may be more difficult than anything else drew from his crotch.

Rivers have been probably began suffering from paranoia that time, he thinks he can get as long as they want to strike, so he missed the team the first three weeks of training camp. Sterling does not care Clippers and, in response, they opened a $ 9,000 a paper ticket.

Rivers recalled that 19 days on strike, said he worried about fines on pins and needles all day sitting at home, so he chose to surrender, return to the team, was sent back his money, “Yes, at that time, as long as you come back the money can be returned to you. “

Of course, this is not the focus of the narrative Rivers, his focus is on what you return to the Clippers training camp of that day: “The coach introduced me to his teammates, I did not recognize them whole, but first I found a few people late, to come forward so I said something like, ‘that is not professional ah’ kind of thing, very grateful to my coach. “

I don’t know what Rivers say this paragraph is what I want to express myself or the child. In short, he talked about this in the days that the West suddenly returned to Philadelphia in October this https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com year. On that node, perhaps the illusion of the old mile has once again burst, and the bigger may be the hint in the old mites in the story: Laozi fucking because of 9000 money, you are now facing 8.2 million The huge imposition of the dollar!

Do you not accept?

Obviously, the Emperor did not accept it, his closest comrades and fellows were not satisfied. The Net Net is released for a long time. Owen is still in the path of pan-religious and twitter uprising. The sign throwing to the US “this rotten system” has never stopped.

I insisted that the old mile of 19 days was obviously the model of the young man, the Hai Hai, the two Australian geniuses, can also get a predecessor in the pastoral tetanus for a better model. Of course, the vast majority of these predecessors is for money, and the sum of Rivers does not differ, but they insist on longer, Gus Williams https://www.nbatrikots4.com is the most outstanding representative.

In addition to the group of Tienshan, I am afraid that there is no one who still remembers Gus, just like a young fan does not necessarily know that there is such a team of supersonic. However, in 1979, the supersonic fell into the finals in the second consecutive year, and the second consecutive faces of the Washington bullets. The last year of 3-4 is lost, this year they 4-1 won, Dennis – Johnson is the finals MVP The two teams totaled three famous halls (Sigma, Angeeld, Hayeus), but the 25-year-old 1 meter 88 矬 矬 古 古 is the real giant on the game, the last one before the three points At the finals, he has been playing 36.6 minutes. There will be 29 points 3.6 rebound 3.6 assists 1 steals.

Gus is not a small person who suddenly broke out in a series. After the 5th, he is the leader of this team. Double identity, the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com most critical is that the buddies are also passing and defensive, and people send out the “Wizard”. Name may not see anything, but nickname will not be lie, so cool nickname, naturally indicate how the Gus’s ball is very cool.

After getting the champion, Gus began to take a career peak, and he was 22.1 points from the 1979-80 season. However, the 1970s ended, Larry Bird and the magician came, Gus and Seattle walked to the Western Finals. It was that the Lakers led by Jabal and Magicians, they were swept away from 4-1. Half a month later, the Lakeman won. In the playoffs in this year, Gus never lost the chain, and his rancounted 23.7 points 4 rebounds 5.6 Assistance 2.3 steals, the hit rate was 51.4%. This year, the magician won the final, but the wizard could not be able to lose.

Then Gus became a free player, he was ready to earn money, before his annual salary is 170,000, the contract for supersonic to the Gusi is 5 years, which is said to include a Rolls in this contract. Les, a set of Seattle’s conventional apartments, San Francisco real estate, stock, annuity and performance bonus.

Although Durant-like British is born, the Gus is 26 years old, one of the most outstanding backedhouses of the league, the most splendid era of supersonic, at least 800,000 years.

What is a facade?

More critical is still a historical opportunity. The “free player” in that age is far from freedom: This is the last year before the “Limiting Free Player” system, starting from the next year, free players can accept any other team The offer unless his team matches. However, before this termination, other teams outside Gus and supersonic needed to face the “transfer compensation” system, free players transfer other teams, the parent team will get “player” “cash” ” “Two-two combinations compensation”, which makes the Gurus’s market value is rapidly compressed.

Gus chooses to resort to the court, but he has not received legal support, so he can do very few things, basically only the supersonic speed contract.

Gus was grinded for a whole year.

In this year, he chooses to avoid media and supersonic speed, deliver contract issues to the broker Slaishe, then in New York, Washington and Auckland all walks of houses, weightlifting, fishing, occasionally The field is also considered to buy a farm outside Auckland City, just because of how much money can earn enough to make it in the future, this transaction is delayed.

Even if the supersonic boss Schulman in various public occasions, he said that Guus is too much, but it has proved that the Gus is not too much. There is no sharp decline in the supersonic record of Gus, and they only played the record of the partition bottom in the 1980-81 season, and the first time I went for the first time. The head coach Wilkens wants to read the ancients, the inner core Sigma wants to read Gus, Seattle’s fans wanted to read ancients, “We want ancients” mail plunted the email address of the ultrasonic management office door, the team general manager War Erkark said that he walked in the street, he would ask him to come back.

One year later, under Treat, Guus came back, he came back with a contract for 5 years, a year, earned more than 500,000, without any punishment, only welcome and grateful, listen After the ancients finally signed with the team, Willkens coach worked affectionately kissed Wolkk. The excitement of Seattle people is very reasonable. When the Gus returns, it seems that he has never left. He played the year of his peak in the 1981-82 season, and the average of 23.4 points, 3.1 rebound 6.9 assists, with team to win the second The record 52 wins, the 5th map of the MVP list, selected for all stars and best lineup, and the magician who coach is stunned is squeezed into the two.

And, Guus also won the “Best Return Award” award in this year. Just listen to this name, you know what this award is praised, but this is too strange, you have to play at least one year slime Performance or simply injury, and like ancients who may not be able to win this award in the second year, the overall come is a bit not good enough, so this award is changed to “the fastest progress later after 1985-86.” “The award”, it feels a lot, the only regret is the great Michael Jordan honor single award.

The Gus came back, and the Huushang’s remaining wave continued in Seattle. In the past year, the supersonic was sent to Dennis – Johnson, changed from the sun to the 4th all-star guard Paul – Westfar, but unfavorable years, this year Gus is not there, Westfar I am also reimbursed in the stress fracture season. The situation he faced later was almost the same as the Gurus in the previous year, he became a free player, but Seattle has the power of matching the contract.

Of course, there is a keysty West Falval and ancients, his broker is also Slaishe.

When you come, you are a little sweet, and it is a lady.

So when the supersonic quantity will put a 200,000-year salary quote to the front of Wicefar and Slasia, it is inevitable. Westfar wants to be 700,000 to 800,000 yuan, if he is healthy, with his rivers and lakes, this is what he should, but he is unhealthy, he has stressful fractures, in that era, stress fracture The spokesperson is Bill Wharton, and Bill Wharton, which is suffering from stress fracture is a spokesperson of the disaster.

What’s more, Westphal is 31 years old.

In the supersonic boss Schulman, he can take 200,000 annual salary for Westfalt, which is “like Santa Claus.”

So Westfalley also chooses to be closed, but his result is much better than the gussen, he has been almost a new year after reimbursement in February 1981, he has got a copy from Knicks. The 15,000-year salary quotes, Seattle let go, he has completed the remaining 18 games for Knicks.

After the freedom transfer rules are gradually clarified, the parent team has gradually lost the ability to releasing the free players at a low price. The alliance began to use the Bird Terms, Ross Terms, and the Old Terms. From the perspective of more money to help the mother. The team left the player. However, there is no perfect rules in this world, brokers and lawyers earn so much money every year, mostly spend the rules to find bugs, using the BUG help to fight for a bigger contract is their pavilion, at the beginning of the 80s Lace did not do something wrong, Jim Jackson’s broker Tmie did not do something wrong in the early 1990s.

In 1992, Dallas Calf selected Jim Jackson in the 4th, then Jackson started to fight, the reason is very simple, Jackson countd from the rookie offer under the market, you should get 6 years 21 million to 25 million However, the small cow boss Tang – Carter, Carter, was very admitted to Jackson: “Child, we will not give the defender so much money, because you see our team to guard Landi-White and Dual-Smith do not pay a ticket price.”

Jackson is also very sincere: “Inadvertently offends, Tang Boss, these two can’t be can’t do with me. I am the fourth time, I just want the market price.”

Tang boss moved to the love: “Child, as long as you sign this millions of other contracts, we can also give you a million signature fees, pass this village, there is no such thing.”

Jackson was only 22 years old, but his reply was very firm: “I have never seen millions of dollars, but if I can’t get what I should, I will not sign this contract.”

The next thing is almost the same as the Cast, Jackson has been a whole 140 days, during which he announced that he “will not play for the small cow”, and even prepare to return to the university to go to the next year, participate in the next year’s draft.

After 140 days, the calf yielded, they gave a 6-year $ 20 million contract, Jackson returned to the game, he got all the money, and did not lose because of less playing. On the day of signing, the management of Tang Bo and Xiaobai gave Jackson to hug and kiss. “Hey, old and happy, we finally reached an agreement.”

But Jackson told us afterwards, you don’t show your sickle and hammer for capitalists, they will not be arbitrarily. Tang boss refused to give a large contract 140 days, the Alliance President David Stern Stern Stri said that “You can’t give this big contract”. In Jackson’s view, he can finally get a big contract of his favorite, because he sued NBA and Mavericks in these 140 days and finally win.

After two years of Jackson Tets, the 1994 Yongchu-Robinson once again opened a big opening, in order to refuse to sign the threat team, I sent a 10-year 6.815 million super rookie contract, NBA this painful, set The rookie standard contract.

Jackson was later selected by Rockets to the Horizontal Washer.

Of course, for the money and the team, this kind of thing can understand that the problem that the money can solve is not a problem, or becomes Rivers and Westfull, or becomes Gus and Jackson, big deal. One shot of two scattered.

In all cases, Li-Shafel is the most almost thanks, he is the fifth place in 1960, the first two is Oscar – Big O-Robertson, Jerey, West, The ranks behind it is Layney Wilkens. After Sandle selected by NBA, I went to AAU for a year, and I rejoined NBA. The second year was 18.6 points, and I was selected for all stars. In the third year, he only hit 41 because of the leg injury, and then as a One of the chips of Philadelphia trading Chamberle was sent to San Francisco Warriors.

Li-Shafel, seeing modeling is a typical non-jailed fat tiger

Shaffler did not go to the Warrior, he didn’t play a NBA game. Even the Warriors gave him a contract with a $ 40,000 annual salary, and did not move Shaffel. It was 1965, Jerry West and El Gold-Baylor’s annual salary of only 20,000 to 20,000.

The 24-year-old Shaffler is so simple, don’t earn more – At that time, the most famous businessman in North Carolina was more famous – Kaikam found him say: “Young people should do business, Professional basketball does not make money, strong, such as Zhang Bollen is then going. “Shaffler felt very reasonable, withdraw from the basketball, ran and found a petroleum transportation company together, Kainan gave him 10% of the company Shares.

Today, Shaffl is 82 years old. He said that he often missed the day of playing the ball. He always remember the ball hit in Los Angeles in 1963. He cut 12 points in 19 minutes. He turned to see the scenery of the scene. Silk – Dai Xiaoyan is looking to himself. Don’t forget, it is Zhang Bollen’s 20-thousand era. Everyone hits basketball, muscles and muscles, sweat and tears are intertwined, and the professional basketball court is almost the windy moon itself. The 3 hours of basketball game cannot be fired. High quality Men’s energy, the permanent male hormones per night will be received, everyone knows. If Shaffr continues to play, he believes that he can at least be selected 10 times, at least the Warrior is willing to pay for him as a small Sakura.

But Shaff is not moving, turn around. He said that he has never regretted, because “10% of the company is still good.”

“The company” has more than 8,500 employees, and the annual income is calculated to use the BILLION unit, it is indeed good.

KAG, mainly engaged in the transportation industry related to energy (and many dangerous chemicals), online information is very small, even wiki is not, quite mysterious, Shaffh is one of the founders of this company.

Although this world is inevitably slipping to the vulgar slip, let us elegant, aunt, the facts, those that really difficult to solve, will never have money. The most difficult to sing the song in the NBA field, mostly and the money is not big.

Some people are in the same man who hate the team and not willing to play the ball. Damn once in 1992, Gaba has done it in 2019, Harden has come again in 2020, but their tours last time is too short, and there is no trace. Of course, there is also a sense of good quality, not for money, 1989 show Danny – Feiry is a classic.

“Help! The shuttle is selected, what should I do?”

In the interview in the evening of the second sho, Fei Li still talked about “Thank the fast ship round my NBA dream, I will do my best to do my best”, but turned him Just put the “dream”, because he also wanted not to understand why the frontline of the crowd was selected, and finally he chose to accept a million dollar contract for the Italian League a cluster, and dried the ocean to the sea.

In the statement before departure, Ferry said that the bus is a promising team, saying that he loves NBA but “can’t refuse to appreciate the temptation of a different cultural.” Feiry is introverted and elegant. He has no export, and a anonymous team manager said:

“There is no mental moral person is willing to have any relationship with the clove.”

At the time, the NBA was synonymous with the cemetery. They have never entered the playoffs in 1989 since the Buffalo Brave Team for San Diego, since 1978, in 1989, in 1989 and 11 years, but changed 6 main coaches.

Under the rules of the time, even if the Fei Run to abroad, the cloves still have the contract of their careers for two years. If they are willing, they still control the career of the fee. Of course they didn’t do this, there is not so big hatred, they eventually obey the opinions of Ferry, soon trading him out.

Now I look back at that era, the little story of Ferry and the Clippers is not worth mentioning, but this transaction is very important, because the general manager of the fast ship Erjin Belgin Belgin and Leji-Williams Ron, Harper, Knight.

The reason why it is so important because this transaction is directly demolished by Mark Ples, Ron-Harper, Brad Dolti, which is no more than 25 years old, who just first season The second 57-win rank is the second, although the “last voting 1.0” of Jordan has been encountered, but it is far from the point where it is disbanded. Harper himself played the last 7 games for the Cavaliers before the transaction, averaging 22 points 6.9 rebound 7 assists 2 steals the output of the 1.3 cap. In fact, Harper is not related to basketball reasons, just because he was involved in drug trafficking group, although the general manager of the team and the bishop practitioner Big cheap.

How is Harper to help the clover two years later, the most critical problem is that we will never know that the knight is executing the suicide transaction that is performed on the occasion of Xu Xu in the 1990s. How to gain a maximum of Jordan’s first three-lord.

After staying in Rome for a year, Feiry has gone to the country. Before Ferry, the 11th line of 1980 was also refused to join the team and tapped 30 games, and finally he was also traded, but later Van Devich became a two-session and Nuggets. Fame, he is not willing to go to the small cow who just joined the league looks quite a little. As for the feet, he just used the weak scene of the scene to prove that he had a unremissible and orthodox “of the” Cherished Feather “” Self-good “, which was a year ago.

There is naturally because of disgusting, there is also because of love. There are many kinds of love, at least in Owen’s ideas, he sprinkles to the world is love, just look more like dog blood in netizens.

The 26-year-old rocket of 1982, Robert Ribert-Rid, who was played more than Owen, directly selected to retire, only because I want to see my position in God, I have to rotate Wood is going down for a while. “

He wears 50 before retiring

Reide is a pious Pentecost, but after entering NBA, he quickly on the life of the paper.

Is there a dairy? His car was replaced by Delta 98 ??from 1977, then Mercedes-Benz 450SL, he said that he wanted to have everything, he had a luxury car, and he had an endless reputation. Every time, some people shouted: “Look Who! That is Robert Rid! “

Is there a drunk? One day, Reed participated in the newly finished friend J, Owen, held. J Dr. is a contemporary superstar, but Rid is also chasing Moses Matarone in 1981, which is also attracting attention, at least caught at least J Dr. wife. She came out of the female toilet to Ridders, smiling: “Robert, have you have a date tonight?”

“No, how?”

“Yes,” Owen wife said, “I just heard a seven-eight ladies who want to share with you.”

At that time, at least one of the ladies did this, but this didn’t prove that the heart is deep in the heart of Rid, and then the Zhengdian girlfriend in Reid is pregnant, but the reed feels that she doesn’t want to get married.

– Suddenly, it may be a moment, once a devout reed was resumed, he found himself lost his way, he tried to find himself, and his mother continued to call him: You are far away The teachings, stay away from the family, away from everything from the elementary school, bright lights, returning your dog, return, your lost lamb.

So during the 1982 summer league, Rid is playing like crazy. It is nothing to fall to the floor, and the injury can make him slow down, but God can be smashed by this small, and toss a big half. In the summer, Reid found that every ligament and bones were extremely healthy. Another small thing also makes the Riddad, the Rocket trading Moses Madron, and the team will think that the team will be more dependent, then? It’s so playing, next step is not a full star, the best lineup, bigger contract and more car, house, woman, and children?

This is also terrible, and the Sirdi is unresolved: retirement.

Ridders returned to the hometown town and returned to the simple church of their own door, mother and grandmother waiting for him there.

Ridders rented a small apartment on the side of the church, and girlfriends who have already got a child have been married, and then go to the church to make a seat. But God is not responsible for the money, Riddles also have to raise their families, and he is in a shop captain in a nearby discount shop, $ 224 per week, less than him of NBA’s weekly 30,000 dollars.

The NBA player basically doesn’t have to worry about life, but the discount shop is different, and Reide is going to work every 5:30 in the morning. It works 60 hours a week to force the business in the store. ” Work experience is very helpful to yourself. “

Many people around me think that Rid is like this, it is destined to be a pastor, but the Ridders have been humble, “the pastor is more difficult than the US president, because he wants to extract the soul. I am still tender, just the church Member. “

Dirder can only be used as a church member, and God may not be as touched by his alien. One year later, Ridders ran back to the rocket, and the Rocket gave him a contract, as usual, the annual salary of 400,000, his second child was born, he bought a Porsche.

Reed was very satisfied with his retired life in the past year, but the rocket may not have a very big question, just a bit surprised, because they think that Riddles should be retired for two or three years, or maybe Not coming back. This fuck is too late.

Another reason why the Rocket did not complain was that they traded Moses Morilong, lost Ridders, team records in the past year, the result is a champion-Sulf-Sampon (of course this also has a team The ingredients of the situation are in the right thing. Oora Zhu Wang was selected.

God has taken care of Rig, we don’t know. At least two years, God should fully take care of the rocket, maybe it is a commendation to them, it is a commendation, and it is also in the past. .

When I came back, I have returned to Sampson, I can only wear 33.

Later, in the Western Finals in the Western Finals in the Western Finals of the Finals, Riddles had a key to equalize the key in the first 15 seconds of the game. Then, a round of Sampson gathered in the rocket, and the Lakers blocked in “1986 history strongest Kay Prior to “

Now I will go back to the head of the world, and I have a multi-faithful way of him, so many gods have always blessed him. The Nets should also be used by history, study to the rocket, rather, pay attention to the space, keep space, don’t know how to let go, don’t let go, otherwise, according to I observe the gods of Owen believe, there are several The fierce type is not very good.

As for the end of the Emperor, I didn’t dare to make it. If the history is in accordance with the words, the story with copper smell is finally tailored to the copper smell, do not believe you to listen, the rich, the Wheet Bank Central Council gate, the letter is still Sing:

At first, I believe that great is freedom.

Finally, I am unable to see, and I have no money.

You still choose

go back.