League error list! Hardenway leads, James and East Chickens on the list, the Lakers are too embarrassing

The new season NBA has been close to the quarter. The performances of the players have a thousand autumn. As of the current, the Kuri leader has been led, and the Gobel is the first place in the rebounding list. Paul became the only field assists. Double player. On the list of mistakes, there are a lot of superstars in the column, in which the Nets’ Harden and the Lakers are in the position of the lead.

Since this season, Wei Shao has played 20 games. https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Harden has played 19 games. The two men lost 4.9 times, ranking first in the league. Wei Shao’s mistakes have a lot of mistakes. Many fans have a fans who are likely to take four pairs. In addition to routine scores, rebounds and assists, the number of 少 失 失 数 数. https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comHarden passed more in the game, averaging 9.2 assists only in Paul, passing the ball, more mistakes, this is also understandable, of course Harden has some unnecessary mistakes, with average error 4.9 The second place was first.

East Chicchi and Burto are all 4.3 times, the Rockets of Burto are the players who focus on the team, although the rocket has poor record, but the opportunity of Potter is still much. The East Chickens will play 14 games this season. Previously, because of the shortcomings of injuries, the Middle East of the game was 4.3 championships in the Middle East, and it was also too much.


This season, the Paul George Single Nuclear Tape Team, lacking the small card, the ex prosview of the fast ship, but under the leadership of Paul George, the club came out from the early downturn in the season, ranking in the western part. Paul Georgia has 4.1 mistakes, but also need to pay attention.

James only hit 9 games this season because of the injury and ban, he is also a single player in the top 10 in the https://www.maillotbasket6.com top of the game. James has a lot of 3.6 times, although there are many mistakes, but the crucial moment of the game, James is absolutely trustworthy, such as the customer’s walker, and the overturbation of the overturbation has been victory. As for the failure level, James and Wei Shao are also the top ten, only teammates from the same team, some embarrassment.

There are also some players, there are many times, but there are few mistakes, such as 19 https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com games, and the averaging mistake is only 2.8 times, and there is also a Bakk. Chris Paul is the current assist king, but there are only 2.3 mistakes in the field, ranking No. 50 in the League, worth learning.