KapuleJuly 22 (Wen / ESPN Compile / 皓 阳) The fire of the human rights movement for a few months of the human rights movement has recently burned to the baseball world. Although the race has not started, there is a team that has made an article for the national https://www.b2bshopp.com anthem. The giant’s new handsome Kapa took its influence, calling on the players “国 歌” as the identity of the main coach to express the support of the black human rights movement.On Tuesday, he revealed the plan earlier in the warm-up match on Tuesday, and Kapral revealed the plan and said that the plan has been supported by the high-level support of the giant team. Kapler makes this commitment to play a promise is very necessary. After all, Karenick is unemployed by “国 歌” and the example of the present, and there is not much person to smash your own rice bowl.”Our national anthem is to let people know that I am very dissatisfied with the atrocities of the US police.” I want to let the whole society to hear the protests of these incidents, listen to those black groups and ethnic minorities. “”So I used the coach to call on this matter, maybe I can make a bigger sound”, and Kapa said that the original intention to lead the player “国 歌”, “I am very dissatisfied with the country’s racial system, we ‘ The behavior of the national song ‘is to express the support of those’ human rights fighters’, telling them not a person who is fighting, let them feel more safe when they speak, will not seem to be so lonely. “The front of the team’s right wilder Jielin – Davis and the first base coach Antoan – Richardson is a black, they all respond to Kapa’s call, playing the national anthem. Main guerrillas CLR Ford standing in them, although he didn’t kneel, but he also took his hands on the shoulders of two black colleagues, with table support. Davis puts the right hand in his own heart, Bahamas Richardson is the hands of ten in the chest.Kapler said that all these decisions made after thinking about it. Before that, the giants have also contacted and discuss with many foreign human rights organizations to ensure that they will not be out. Kappare also emphasizes that the pace of giant supports human rights movement will never stop, maybe in the future will become part of the team culture.”In the past 72 hours, we and players and coaches explore this matter”, Caple said, “Everyone’s conversation is unique and strong.”Kapler choice and sportsman’s game “国 歌” may have https://www.maillotsenligne.com something else, because MLB first “国 歌” player Bruce Maxwell is on this venue. That is still in the 2017 season, it is still not long after the Cape Nick, when Maxwell is the main arrest of the sportsist, 76 games all year round, and the 3 projects hit, the two data is a career. Highest.Just as Kapler said that the event has been supported by the team’s high-level support. After the game, the team president Zai Di expressed his statement to his players and trainers proud and said that they will continue to support. Human rights movement.”Our team supports these players, they express their dissatisfaction in moderate ways, and send love to this country”, Zai Di wrote in the statement, “‘patriotism’ two things with ‘国 歌'” Do not conflict, in the United States, we have the right to express our emotions. “This matter https://www.fanbutikk.com must definitely be the participation of Trump’s president. Sure enough, Trump expresses his own views through Twitter in Tuesday.”I am looking forward to the beginning of the baseball season, but it is also very disgusting some people ‘national anthem’. This kind of behavior doesn’t have to say, that is, it is extremely disrespectful to the country, I will not see their game.”Capria was just appointed as a giant coach. In the past two seasons, Kapille is the coach of Philadelphians, but under his leadership, the team’s record is not very ideal, especially last year, after signing Harper and Ryo Mudi, the team will only take To the five-year winning rate, it is basically no different from the previous quarter, and he is also under get out of class.When talking about whether the new season will continue “国 歌”, Kapa’s https://www.mlbtrikot4.com attitude is very embarrassing. Will it be a state of standing or kneeling “, Kapher did not speak,” Maybe we will continue tomorrow, who is there? “The behavior of Kapa may be able to set off a larger wave of waves in the sports community. They warm-up match, the firman, Irs, to express their support for Kapa and Giants, “their attitude is very firm So they choose ‘国 歌’. “The American public attitude often has a 180-degree turn, when the Cape Nick “国 歌” is mostly condemned, but people after the “Freud incident”, people I have begun to understand and support him the move, and strongly condemn the alliance to let Cape Nick unemployment so far. But I don’t know, those who are now making Cape Nik back to NFL may be called people who are unemployed.Before I started a warm-up match earlier, the angel black cowshed pitcher https://www.trikotskaufenn.com Kana-Middleton also selected a single knee. On the next day, he also said that the United States has begun to change through social media, and he is also using his influence to help black compatriots.Angel coach Madden also expressed his support of the opponent’s players. Although the old handsome of the white-haired hairdressing is not young, he has always been the leader in the alliance.”I really feel proud of him, because he adheres to his belief”, Madden said in an interview. “As a young man, it can have such a quality is particularly difficult.”