Jochi 2 brothers come! Badler and Morris are absent from injury! Say the good boxing game?

Beijing time on November 30th, the hot fire was on the game, and the focus on a very high game. The two teams have played a major conflict in the home of the Nuggets, causing Daolis and Jobi to be expelled, Butler eat T! The Nuggets will flow a lot, eventually great victory. For hot fire, today they want to complete revenge!

Yauchi, which was previously sprased, also ushered in! Nuggets are extremely eager to win the next game, and they have lost 6. Today’s team first: Gordon, Jeff Green, Jehchi, Barton and Montemuris. The two brothers of the teacher also came to the scene, sitting near the position of the Nuggets.

The hot fire defeated the enemy bull, the team is on the momentum. It is a pity that Today, Badler is absent because of the back injury, Hiro is not playing, Daolis continues to lack in due to neck injury. Heat this first five tigers: Correbamarten, Tak, Adebay, Robinson, and Lori.

Without Badler and Hiro, the heat is less than two powerful score points, plus about the backfunction of the company is excellent, and the first quarter ends the Nuggets 32-23. The teacher opened 3 in the 3rd 333, with a hit rate of 100%, it seems that the injury has basically recovered. The first section of the heat fire is the highest score is Lori’s 6 points.

Familiar porkty extract, the teacher is light, it is too easy! There is a unique beauty. He has never lacks 4 games. The second festival did not rise to fight against, and then continued to make the Nuggets played a climax, and the single-section Nuggets 31-20 continued to lead!

The end of the half is over 20 points behind https://www.nbatrikots4.comthe scene! After 3 people in the Nuggets scored two, the first section of the teacher was 9 minutes later, the second section was 8 points, and the half of the 8th 7 got the highest 17 points, and 9 rebounds 2 assists. This is the true internal line of overlord.

Jeff Green Half Square 4 in 4, three points 3 in 1 get 10 points; Gordon only has no hit, relying on the free throw 4 points 2 rebounds 3 assists. The replacement of Helaland is good, 5 shots 4, three points 4 contributed 13 points and 1 steals, and the fruit is amazing, not like a rookie.

There is no difference in the hot fire, and the first section of Lori got 6 points, and the second section only 2 points. Tuck 6 points, Dunlo Sana 7 in 1 will get 3 points, Adebad is not a spirit, only 4 points in 7 points 2. The highest score is that the replacement player Strut, 7 in 3 gets 9 points; Dymond followed the contribution of 8 points.

It’s crazy, and the teacher is completely crazy. In the third quarter, Yoshi continued to respond to the offensive end, and the exterior of the arc faced the defenders, the ball is returned! It is a pity that it is free. Kampazzo and Naji have also opened, and the excavation of gold is spent, and the heat is relying on the strong output of Adebad, and there is 17 points in the three festivals.

On the first half, I only got 4 points of Adzah, and the third quarter was directly rid of, and the single section of 10 voices were 15 points and 5 rebounds 1 assists! The inner line is not entered. He began to use shooting to divide the team to narrow the gap, this is the new wisdom of the new era. At the end of the Gordon Station, the Heat of the Heat can give a response every time, the last 2 minutes left, the difference is pulled off to 20 points, and there is no suspense. In the end, the audience is over, the Nuggets 120-111 will overcome the heat, kill the opponent!

The Nuggets scored 7 people, and the teacher 14 is 9, three points 2 in 1 return to cut 24 points 15 rebound 7 assists 1 steal! Gordon 20 points 4 board 5 help, Jeff Green 12 points 3 plates, Barton 14 points 5 plates 4 help, Halan 19 points 3 help, Campazzo 10 points 5 help, Monte Morris 11 points 4 board 6 help .

Heat, Adebord 24 points 13 board 6 help, Martin 18 points 4 board, Lori 17 points 14 help, Tuck 8 points 5 plates, Dunlo 3 points 2 board 3 help, Strus 19 points 2 plates 3 help, Vincent 14 points 2
plates 3 help, Davedon 8 points 6 panels.