[Jianzheng Centennial Cup] Yuyang Court hosted Hefei City Court "Construction Party Cup" Football Competition

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On the afternoon of April 23, the Hefei Court’s “Century Cup” series of activities opened, the party secretary of the city, Wang Xiaodong, the Secretary of the Municipal Academy, and Wang Xiaodong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. After the opening ceremony, the first sports event of the “Century Centennial Cup” series – the Hefei City Court Soccer Competition held by the Fuyang District Court, 6 teams from the 9 courts of the city compete for the right.

The football event was held in accordance with the International Manchester United Jersey Five-Parti-China Football Rules, and the 6 teams were divided into two groups in two groups, and the two groups were carried out simultaneously in two venues. The group race takes the integral system (winning 3 points, 1 point, and 0 points), and takes the first two groups into the semi-final. The semi-finals conducted a crossed competition, and the winners compete for crown, runner-up. This football competition will decide the champion, runner-up, and the quarterly team, and will issue a Golden Award, the Golden Boots in Excellent Players and Excellent Shooters.

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The team competition in the same day is extremely fierce. In the competition in group A, the team played the finals. As the Yuyang Court of the defending champion, I formed a Jianglian team with the Qijiang Court, with 5: 1 to take the railway and fat Donglian team, and then encountered a team of the last League runner-up, the two strong teams meeting will eventually take 1: 1 battle. flat. The Intermediate People’s team will then win in the competition of the Railway Fertian team at 12:7, and the first outline of the Group’s first quarter group, and the Jianglian Qi Yanglian team is out of the group. In group B, the Lushan Cheap Soccer Jersey Feixi Team and Yaohai Baohelian team also won the right right in groups, respectively. The railway Fertilian team and the second team have no semi-final.

It is reported that the semi-finals and finals will be carried out at the end of April, and the football match award ceremony will be held.

Photo: Review Office

Original title: “[Jianchen Centro] The Fuyang Court hosted the Hefei City Court” Jianzhu “Football Competition”

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