James Wong sounding indignant! Camara led a number of NFL players indignation criticized Blake shootings

August 25 News (text / ESPN compile / Aibo) a few months ago, George – Floyd events have been fermenting uproar, the rise of a wave of a super race based affirmative action across the United States. However, just as things smooth for some time after, Wisconsin on Sunday once again experienced a similar incident, three police officers in the state’s uniform of a black man Jacob – when Blake, from behind him opened seven gun. Currently Blake has been taken to hospital for treatment, the situation is worse.

The matter was Blake’s lawyers – Share Ke Lunpu, video set off a firestorm on social media. NBA star LeBron – James forwarded Ke Lunpu tweets, and wrote strong words: “You want to know why we are so highly of the police who can tell me how this is going to suffer another black this!?. really is a great tragedy, it’s too sad! for him, his family and our people feel sorry! we want justice! “

The matter is also within the scope of NFL players get the attention of a number of the current teams are in the league during training camp, but the New Orleans Saints two star players – running back Alvin – Camara and wide receiver Michael – Thomas is also the first time expressed their views on the matter. Camara replied Ke Lunpu same tweet, saying “this is attempted murder! I pray that he can survive.”

Thomas then sadly said: “Stop the killing of unarmed black people.”

Kansas City Chiefs safety guard Terrence – Thomas Matthew forwarding tweets, and responded: “Why not three police uniforms a man?”

Saints star red setter Cameron – Jordan also expressed indignation said: “The three police officers, a man who was his only way to launch seven bullets ……?”

Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny – Stiles claimed: “Some people wake up to see the police video was shot really make people feel disgusted.”

While living in Wisconsin as a team, the Green Bay Packers is held an emergency meeting on the matter. Coach Matt – Lafleur, quarterback Aaron – Rogers, including several players have participated in the meeting.

“When you see something, you will feel sick.” Lafleur said, “It’s very disturbing, I read once, do not know what to say is good. I do not know about the causes and consequences of this case but such a thing is not a case; this situation occurs once again, but now in 2020 that although we could not have maintained absolute equality for everyone, but the face of such a thing, I really say no words. “

The team’s star quarterback Rogers remarks directly lot. “It was right on target, because the accident occurred not far from the Green Bay until more facts come out, I will not comment it is clear that, as a general public, many of us would want from a problem..: What is the use of lethal force when necessary? Once again there has been such an event, I believe that this is a problem in the system needs to solve some point in time, the governor and lawmakers need to seriously look at some of the existing system. “

James, the NBA more than one person to comment on the matter, the jazz star Donovan – Mitchell social media responded: “He went to the playoffs it this is a pathological problem, a real problem, we need! just!”

Thunder star guard Chris Paul – also after the game to talk about it, “I just want to pray for Blake and his family we have been talking about social injustices and fight to eliminate inequalities, but these things. still it occurs, people who happen to us, this is not true. “