Is there a big data football? The patriot is only believed in his judgment.

September 28th (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Fang Yanxiang) How do you think about how the New England Patriots team makes four gear attack or 2 points conversion? Do you have decisions like data analysis like other tags like other heads? Bilipk talked about the recent hot big data football for the team in an interview: “I barely use it.”

Billycy and Patriot team were preparing for games with Buffalo, and the two teams were three wins this season. In the third quarter of the Eagle, the Eagle Dynasty was unexpectedly selected to choose a two-point conversion in the third quarter. The times will eventually end with failure, the team is still leading 27-20, and the final Eagles 34-27 defeated the packaging worker.

Similarly, in the Competition of the previous week, the team selection three times in four additional decisions, and finally the crow team 28-33 lost the Kansas City Emirates.

Every master coach has a method of making decisions, and when the patriottest member Bilik is asked, he said: “I think these are the results of personal analysis based on the competition.” I won’t be in some cases in some cases, for big data football, this is not the area I am proficient, although I like mathematics. “

Although the Patriots in the field will not use data analysis to make decisions, other sectors of the patriot have begun to use large data to analyze the team, applied to medical technology, scout reports, contract planning and other aspects.

Of course, Bilipk also does not use these data tools, and his rich coaching experience is much more effective than these emerging analysis methods. “I personally only believe that my own eyes are seeing, not reading the abstract numbers, you also know that data analysis is not what I are good at, I really don’t know how to model equation or modeling, but I am sure I can pass by myself. Analysis is obtained from the results of the big data. “

Big data analysis has been widely used in MLB, NBA, and successful people are everything, whether it is Billy-Bien’s Auckland sports home or More of the Houston Rockets of Morre to greatly improve the team’s record. However, for Britbik, perhaps data analysis is more.