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Recently, in 2023 African China Asian Cup Emblem Release and the first professional football field unveiled ceremony was held in Shanghai.The Asian Cup China’s Organizing Committee, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, and Du Zhao Tu, the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association, attended the ceremony and said in the speech, 2023 Asian Cup implemented the “China Football Reform Development Master Program”, which is my country “145 A major landmark international sports event hosted by the period.

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The SAIC Pudong Football Place is a new landmark of Shanghai sports culture, one of the important sports projects built in China.It is also a professional football field that China is built to meet the FIFA International A-level competition and AFC event standards. The course is the new home of the Shanghai Harbor Club, and will also become one of the 2023 Africa Asian Cup.

▲ SAIC Pudong Football Field Zhang Fuxi

The International Competition of the SAIC Pudong Football Field begins with only about 100,000 square meters in 2016. The owner requires setting a home venue and two outdoor training grounds. This harsh planning conditions have enabled the design team to be “inch soil” Expand the design work.The construction of the venue is the international high-level football field that provides a fans and player competition experience for Shanghai.

▲ Total plan view HPP

▲ Ping-symmetrical layout Zhang Fuxi

SAIC Pudong Football Place is also known as “white porcelain bowl”, clean architectural models try to interpret Chinese traditional porcelain simple and light beauty.The building epidermics use delicate and unmolivable white metal materials, showing the clear round of white porcelain, roof design, through high-tech ultra-light structural system, transmitting rational technology components, to form internal and external, balanced natural architectural style.

▲ delicate and universal architectural epidermis

▲ Simple roof structure Zhang Fu XiCristiano Ronaldo Jersey

HPP has been pursuing functional and formal integration in many years of sports building practice to avoid binary opposing of the inner field and the image housing. On the overall design concept of the SAIC Pudong Football Field,Designers put the two major groups of fans and players – stadiums as priorities for design considerationAll image appearances and inner field design are expanded under the logic of serving these two large groups.

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▲ Inner field space Zhang Fu Xi

The radians of the stadium site structure form a natural housing in the venue, making the stadium’s construction logic and image housing reached a complete unity.The view is designed to focus on the boundary, the front side resort core rectangular space, smooth smooth, the rear side is a restrained line, emphasizes the overall tension, and the two form a cohesive force, there is an orderly fans. The stadium fixed seat is less than 40,000, the smaller audience capacity ensures that each seat and the distance of the stadium are relatively close to maximize the field of view.Therefore, Lionel messi Jersey during the competition, regardless of the angle and far, there are “full game boiling” experience.

▲ 看 看 序 张 张 希

The roof design passes the design concept of “Less Is More”, expresses the weight of technical rationality through simple structural and lightweight construction.After the SBP discussed with the structural consultant, the designer adopted a spoke full-tension-free system,Football Shirts Wholesale maximizing the mechanical properties of the material – this strategy architecture has a traditional truss inadvertently. Advantage.

▲ structural explosion map HPP

In addition, in order to achieve systemic inner field effects, the architectural team decreases the number of 榀 榀 榀 榀 榀 榀 榀 榀. From the presence effect,The shape of the whole house is concise, not only reduces the amount of steel, but also Mbappé Jersey creates a clean and tidy inner field.Thus ensuring the protagonist of the inner field – standing and lawn from other forms of interference.

▲ Simple condensed roof shape Zhang Fu Xi

The ring towards building lines is the control element of the entire inner field.Lighting is arranged in combination with the ring structure of the roof, and “jade belt” is achieved through the upper and lower laminated lamps.Lighting effectIn order to strengthen the active elements of structural expression, it undertakes the “white porcelain bowl” elegant gentle design style.

▲ The evening over the evening over the SAIC Pudong football field Zhang Fu Xi

As the first plan for planning and design according to FIFA standards,HPP responds to domestic existing provisions in the design of the SAIC Pudong football field, and unifies the function and structures through concise and clear structural forms.. With more sports events and cultural activities, it is held in SAIC Pudong Football Place, which will not only be a container carrying sports competitions, and will become an important destination of the public and to undertake life memories.

Project information

project name: SAIC Pudong Football Field


Building main body: Shanghai Long Director (Group) Co., Ltd.

design: HPP

Service Content: Architectural Design + Interior Design + Landscape Design + General Control

partner: JENS KUMP, Yu Wei

Joint partner: Feng Zipeng

Project manager: Ding Xinyu (Building), Xu Wei (indoor), Kangyi (landscape)

Architectural team: Job Peter Upmeijer, Cui Wei, Weng Zijian, Ma Haitao, Li Tianxiang, Cheng Yuhai, Tan Junhui, Shen Jiajun, Wang Jingping, Wang Hongbin, Wang Weihu, Huang Wenqian, Zhou Nan, George Mocea, Wang Lin

Interior team: Jiang Xinyi, Wang Ning, Xiang Shu Li, Xiao Xue, Liu Wei, Job Peter Upmeijer

Landscape team: Xu Ya, Cao Yu, Ni Jingjing

Floor area: 100842 m

Total surface area: 139304 m

Fixed seat: 33765

Completion time: 2021

Co: Huaying Group Shanghai Architectural Design, Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Structural consultant: SBP Schlei Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Source: HPP

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