I have been victim! Dream: James should not be banned, and he can’t conflict with him!

Beijing time November 27th, recently, Warriors players chasing Meng Green when they participated in the program, and they talked about their conflicts in James and Stewart, as well as follow-up results. I have the following points to summarize the views and https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com feelings of Green:

First: Green said that James deliberately waved his arm, but not to hit the face of Stuttt, but in order to get rid of entanglement, Green believes that James is a natural reaction, and for example, James is crossing him. He hits James in the arm to hit James.

Second: As a billion player who is fined, Green has been suggested by the person of the people. Don’t waste time and money in this regard, because if you and James have a good result forever. I was banned five years ago, and I was kicked with my ass. This time Stewart was banned, this is not worth it.

Third: Green believes that James should not help but have been banned, because people respond and views on this matter, forcing Xiao Hua to make a penalty for him.

Green This belongs to self-defense and giving Stewart. In the 2015-16 Salan, https://www.maillotbasket6.com Green and James have conflicted in Green and James. At that time, James took the ground from Green’s body. In this process, Green swhank hit James’s key position. After the game, Green was appended from the technical foul, as the number of cumulative technical fouls in the seasons arrived 5 times, automatically banned, the knight seized the opportunity to chase the big score into 2-3, and finally reversed.

This time and Stewart conflict, James has expressed apologies in the first time, and James itself is not the dirty player, but Stewart’s raft has made this conflict upgrade, and finally https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com James was banned. The loss of 250,000, Stewart himself was banned from 25,000 US dollars, which did not compensate.

Summarize: Because this conflict, the outside world is very intense for James, Garnette said that James is a tough player, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
never shouts, but absolutely counterattack; A-Smith does not have Jordan in James The opponent feels fear; Green said that the conflict of James will not have good results, I want to say that the basketball game has physical confrontation, and the conflict is inevitable, but it is necessary to stop, or there will be no good results.