How is the tough trainer? Red leather coach pushes your friends to resist

As an important derivative program of NFL, “Tough Dynasty Training Camp” has been loved by many fans since the broadcast. However, it is only less than 8 weeks from the new quarter show, but the HBO TV station is facing a small trouble – no one is willing to go to this show! Although this program is able to display a team to prepare for the new season, it is a great propaganda for the team; but the team who has recorded this program in the past few years is generally poor. The male team, the pirate team, and the Brown team last season have folded, and the inner field is constantly troublesome. Therefore, I would like to know that no one is willing to bear such a “magic”.

According to the current situation, the Alliance may enforce the 5th team for HBO TV this year. These include San Francisco 49 people, the Auckland raid team, the New York giant team, Washington Red Leather Team and Detroit Lion Team, but no team has tried to participate in this program. What is even more, the 49 people ‘s attitude is extremely fierce, indicating that the deactivation of this program; it is estimated that they have already quit the campaign, which means only 4 candidate teams left. What is interesting is that the red briquette coach Jie-Grunetton is the brother of the raid team coach Jones, Grunette, but in this “big big non-” key node, Jay is still pushing his brother. Come on this thunder.

“If they (TV stations) are smart enough, they will go to Auckland.” Jay said in an ESPN interview, and he made a clear explanation for his own point of view. “What will be a thing of the entertainment value! Antonio-Brown, Jonen-Grunette, Paul-Gunr, Feng Taiz – Bakelet, Ridge-Incallo …… If you don’t go to Auckland, you must be crazy. “

Jay – Groad is not the first to support the “tough guys training camp”, the head of the raid team, in February this year, the Lion Team coach Matte – Patricia said that the raid team is “excellent choice “; At that time, Antonio – Brown has not joined it, now Patricia must be more convinced of his point of view. However, the raid team seems to have never want to shoot this show, the team boss Mark Davis believes that his team shooting show is a bad idea. “This will be destructive,” Davis said, “We have a lot of things to handle, do more preparation for the new season; I am very grateful that they may think that we will create great TV programs, but we are more important Still have to achieve something in the game. “

As for Jonen Grunette, he is unlike his brother, he is aligned with the lion team; he believes that the program group should choose the lion team because their coach Patricsia’s beard is very beautiful. . Of course, no one will not beat the storm because of a person’s beard, it seems that the former super bowl champion coach should spend some time and his brother, at least the gun “consistently” is good!

Although Jay said that he did not want the Red Leather Team to shoot the show, he “Haoqi” said 2020 “hard and tract camp” to shoot! “Yes, you can come to our team next year.” Jay said. Of course, this kind of Jay’s statement has some “careful thinking”. If the Red Leather team has entered the playoffs this season, they lost the qualification of the show next season; if the Red Leather team fails In the season, Jay is likely to be packaged in accordance with the record in recent years, and the team of the newly capture can not shoot this program. So Jie is dare to release this “言”.

Of course, Jay did not completely refuse to shoot, he said if the final program is really choosing the Red Leather, they will accept it. In fact, he has experienced this experience in 2013 as a Tiger team offensive coordinator. “The final decision is not on me, so if we are forced to take this show, I will find a way to make it play; this sometimes distract, but the photographer has been doing very well, no Impact us too much. This is not the end of the world, I think our team will be very happy. “