How hard is the baseball referee in Japan? Workplace ecological brutal wants to become top-level 10 years

May 24th (Text / Shiji Yuxia) “The referee is a silent stone.” This is the ecology of the Japanese baseball world. Behind the vigorous baseball report, it is the referee group that silently faces the baseball, facing the referee group of the staff. Even if the fans in the decades of immersive rods, they may not understand this mysterious group.

Baseball referee

Baseball referee “is not good”

7 days “Devil” learning pressure huge midway dropping too common

Yamazaki Xia Sheng is a referee supervision of the Japanese Rod League. He embarked on this post for 8 years and served as a league referee for 29 years. According to him, Japanese professional rods now have 61 referees, including 55 active referee, 5 referees, and 1 referee.

According to this, the referee should be mostly the professional baseball, but the reality is not the case. Reason reality and cruel.

First of all, be a referee, need to be in class at the Japanese Baseball Alliance. Annual enrollment once. Among the 130 to 170 applicants, only 60 people passing through the first review can be admitted.

Baseball referee often needs a pair of eyes

Baseball referee often needs a pair of eyes

Among these 60 people, they want to be a referee after they have been completed, and there are also the coaches of the school baseball department or the coach of the amateur baseball team. There are also some women.

The American referee school spends 5 weeks to learn in Japan, in Japan, it takes concentration to finish it within a week, and the pressure is huge. It started practiced from 9 am during the day, including pitching, and in the evening to enter the classroom study rules, and have tests every day. Every year, there are people who are out of school.

Graduation first is first “hair with the frontier” to exercise See

After completing, only excellent grades can be accepted for Japanese duty rods. Every year, only 3 to 4 employers, the training is 1 to 2 years. After a “Japanese Market Research Referee”, it will be sent to the remote four island. There is an independent four-national league, and the guideller of the Japanese Rod League or the four national league is guided from the standstight. Consolidate its referee. In October each year, the final test was carried out in Miyazaki, and the personnel were hired as a “Japanese Rod Youth Training Referee”.

The race is rapid, and the referee will be quickly judged.

The race is rapid, and the referee will be quickly judged.

Watch a salary. “Japanese Work War Research Referee”, the new year is 170,000 yen (contract RMB 10,000), the contract period is 6 months, and only 10.2 million yen of the year of adventures (contract RMB 60,000). At the “Japanese Rod Youth Training Referee”, the annual salary can rise to 3.45 million yen (contract RMB 200,000).

The “growth” speed of the referee is better than the professional player. A professional baseball hand, it is possible to become the main force from the first season, but the world of the referee will not work. The most important of the referee is experience. It is necessary to pass all kinds of compassion, encounter all kinds of situation to have a rich countermeasures. Even if he can have a strong law enforcement team, you can only have January 2 to 3 games. The remaining time will be put to the second tier exercise. And a referee would like to act as a “main” law enforcement in the first-line team, plus “training” and “youth training” time, and it takes 10 years before and after.

Such a cruel workplace ecology is the main reason for causing professional referers after retiring professional baseball.

At present, 55 of Japan’s 55th referee have served as a professional baseball player. And this ratio is almost 100% in the past.