Harden half a bomb is 28 points! Official congratulations 2500 remember three-point milestone name

On December 1st, Beijing time, the home of the Niks, the first half, the basket 60-61 is behind Nicks. https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Harden half bombed 28 points, shooting 8, three-minute 5 in 3, and the ball 10 is 9. On a game lost to the sun, Harden only got 12 points, 15 shots 4, today, his state clearly recovered.

The first quarter of the competition, Harden first passed Durant to pass the ball, completed a quick attack, then Harden fired outside, 34 seconds, two points! The familiar Harden is back! Harden has also made a 2 + 1, three points, causing the opponent foul, and won the three goals, and Harden got 15 points.

The session, Harden’s hand is still continuing, and the opening https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com is 43 seconds, and the fraction is used in consecutive bidding and layup. Shortly after two free throws, Harden was resting. 3 minutes and 27 seconds before the end of the half, Harden once again, and took a record in Duran. After two penalties, two, hit three points!

In the first half, Harden was also hitting the 2500th pike, becoming the fourth player in history, and the official sun map congratulated Harden unlock the new milestone.

Why is Harden so good today? Basketball team reporter Billy Reinhardt pointed out a change. He wrote: “Harden https://www.maillotbasket6.com did not wait for the other party’s defensive landing position to launch an attack.” In the attack and defense conversion, Harden found his feelings.