Hao Shuai Jiao Dao still I still don’t know how to defend Brradi? To defeat the patriot, please give a high person pointing

We always compare the players in the superbweed, such as the four-point Wei Tem-Braddy to Jarid Gaoff, Run Sony – Mitchell against Tod-Galley, Such this. But in fact, these players can’t talk directly in the game; how to limit Braddy? Gao Fu doesn’t have to think about these things, really should be a headache for this headache is the defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. The 71-year-old father of 1947 has begun to do defensive coordinators since 1970, and when he logged in to NFL as a defensive coordinator, Braddy was 4 years old. It is said that he is the greatest defensive coordinator in the history of the league. And the game between him and Braddy will have a significant impact on the process of the game.

When asked how to deal with Bresndi and Patriot team offensive coordinator, Phillips said that there is another plan to stop Braddy, but this may require a CBS to help. “As long as you give me a headset before they attack, let me hear Tony Romo, I can say something.”

This is not the case, the main four-breakfare of the Darlas Deni Romo, and now in the explanation of the “god stick”. If you look at the United States of America, you will know that his movement before the patriot team offensive and all the forecasts of all movements is very incomparable! So the NFL official is pushed to ridicule: “Is the patriot’s offensive tactics be called?” Of course, he judge the possibility of attack with a four-defense perspective, but the high accuracy of this prediction The rate is really scary. So after the game, the Baseball Flow Star of the MLB Washington National Team Brisham Harper directly twitched 喊 罗 莫, let him predict what is the next stop. Romo has also responded to Harper, said that Texas travel cavalry should be his home, let’s wait.

Although Romo is the first quarter-sanctuary of Phillips 2007-2010, it is clear that Phillips’s plan is just a joke, it is impossible to happen. And in fact, he may not need Romo’s guidance. In his NFL coach career, 9 teams included in the team hired him, and since 2005, Phillips team and Braddy were held in the 9th game, and Braddy in this 9 games 375 times, the pass is 218 times, the pass success rate is 58.1%, the total number of 2681 yards, 21 times to 7 times were copied, and the quarterfire was 91.2 points. Multiple data is lower than his average. In the case of the two sides of the last playoffs, Phillips led the wild horse defensive group to let Brady suffer, Braddy 56 times shot only 27 goals, the success rate of less than 50%, bitter The bitter throws 310 yards only changed for 1 time, but also sent 2 copy.

What is worth paying attention is that in that game, several rushing generals Feng-Miller, Damus-Ville, Drek Wolf and Malik Jackson blocked Braddy, making his wolf Unbearable. This time, Phillips has Alon Donald, Endam Hole – Su, Michael-Brock, and Dante-Fand, we can see that Phillips can reappear in 2015 What is going on.