Hagrifos is not in the heart of the Temple, the first round of the pirates

November 15 (Wen / ESPN Compile / White) Corner Wei Ferrus – Vernon Hargreaves has not been in the future, but the first round show in 2016 will have the opportunity to give Houston Texas left a good impression. According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte, Texas announced on November 13, November 13, announced that Hagrivers were signed.

In the tenth week, Tampawan Pirate Team Bishi Bruce Alians (Bruce Aria) is not enough efforts to be replaced by the third quarter, and then cut it off in the third quarter. . “He doesn’t want to hug at all,” When asked Hagrivers, Alius said. At the beginning of the third quarter of Arizona, the four-point Wei Keller-Murray is a 55-yard pass. “He chased him ran over the scene, running not fast enough.”

Hagrifs was less than 4 seasons for piracy, and the election of the show in 2016 was selected. His performance has never reached the expectations of pirates. In the past two seasons have been injured in injuries, and he only participated in 26 games in his career. He has not lacked this season, although it has achieved a copy of the copy and returning to the array in the first week of regular season, but this is just the second copy of his career.

A few months ago, Aliis banned Hagrifs from participating in the court training, because he believed that the latter was not prepared. “After recenting familiarity over the past few weeks, Aliis coach and I think it needs to make this change,” Jason Lechite, general manager of the pirate, said in the statement. “This decision is always very difficult, but I feel that now and Fernar have to draw, let him have the opportunity to find a chance to find a chance, this is the best decision for him and for us. We are very disappointed with farmers here. Didn’t play the performance, I wish him a smooth sailing. “

Signing Harglys is the latest move of Texas to strengthen the defensive second-line. On October 21, they have exchanged Garrene with a three-wheeled raid from the Auckland raid. Conley missed the 9th week. .

Texas people release 277.3 yards in the season, ranked 29th in NFL.