Guizhou players collectively launched! After 90, the beautiful boss has not appeared for a long time, love football abandoned clothing design

On November 4th, Beijing time, Lin Longchang, the former captain of China Guizhou team, uploaded 27 players jointly launching books, and the club has already undertakes the player 14 months salary, and 2019-2021 Most of the bonuses and performance awards were not issued since the year, because the communication was unregistered, and Lin Longchang also said that the team training venue could not guarantee that there is nowhere to appeal, and 27 players Mbappé Jersey will have a joint scene. Lin Longchang, born in 1990, is a Dalian Player. In 2009, Lin Longchang came to Guizhou team’s effectiveness. Although the club “Dongjia” is two degrees, Lin Longchang has always left, and the growth of the team for the team’s main player At present, the Guizhou team is Linchang, and the Zhamum River is the absolute strength of the team.

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During the 12 years of Guizhou team, Lin Longchang, who has been married to the child in Guizhou, has suffered from 14 months, and in the case of the child, the child needs to take care of the child, and ultimately in this way, it is true that the outside world is 唏唏No. Since my last season, whether it is China or China, there have been multiple teams to expose the wages, and even many teams are dissolved because of the funds, including the old master of the Liaoning team, last season, Super Champion Jiangsu Suning Team … . Revelling in 2015, Wen Yuting, a 90, became the chairman of Guizhou Hengfeng Club, the second year, Guizhou Hengfeng completed the superior, so Wen Yuting was also called “China’s football most beautiful Liverpool Jersey boss”.

Only Wen Yuting, who only took a year, brought the team into the middle super superchard, although he had downgraded the two seasons, but Wen Yuting led the team to achieve such a score, and it was indeed worthy of praise. The superior Wen Yuting, is sent to the British life study from the small, and has finished college in the UK. During the British life, Wen Yuting also was infected by a strong football atmosphere and became a football fan. After returning to China, Wen Yuting advised his father to invest in football and personally served as the chairman to start the management club. In the first few seasons, Wen Yuting often watched players training, competition, and often appeared in the face of the football person.

In 2018, Guizhou, who was in the second season of the competition, downgraded, and Wen Yuting shouted several slogans several times, but over time, Wen Yuting, often appeared in the second line. The number of times that appears is also less and less, and it is also very publicly exposed. It is worth mentioning that Wen Yuting is a member of the National Youth Entrepreneur Commission, director of the Youth Entrepreneurial Committee of Guizhou Province. In addition, Wen Yu Ting has taken out the photo of the son before the social platform. From the photos, the child’s age is also around four or five years old. It can be seen that the Wen Yuting is in the British life school. .

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