Giants will be handsome to take the pot Jiaqi: I will be responsible for this team

After losing the ball, the coach is blamed instead of players, the New York Giant’s coach Joe-Jiaqi’s move is very worthwhile. After Yesterday’s night game 10-30 home is not enemy Tampawan pirate, Jiaqi relates to the tactics set by his team.

“You go back and write, the players are just implementing, how do they hit our coach,” Jaqi said to the reporter, “did not let them execute the right tactics, the problem of our coaching group.”

Although the pirate is very powerful, the giant is almost welcoming all the main strengths of their offensive groups, running Weaksham – Barkley and the outside of Kenny Gradi returned, last year’s first round of the left cut offs Andrew Thomas also returned to the array However, these players, but only got up to reach, and there was a mistake before the five-code line in the end area, and huge leading even made the pirate in the fourth quarter. Tom-Braddy.

“We have a lacking in Linmen”, Jia Qi said, “This sounds like nonsense, but it is really important, we have a lot of excellent players, we have to use them better, if I am a player, I will also be frustrated by things happening on the field. “

The team’s offense coordinator Jason Galt’s transcript is not very good. In the 26 games he joined the team, the giants only got more than 30 points. His use of the player may have a problem, and the four-year 72 million US dollars signed Gradi’s entire game only becomes a pass target, only 12 yards of catching.

Jia Qi has also been asked with a very sharp question – he will continue to believe Galt, his reply is affirmative, he believes everyone. Then when they were asked to stay in Galley, his answer was very vague – I didn’t want to discuss this. Then, in the early hours of this morning, they fell off Galt.

However, before this, the quartz satellite-Jones and Barkley sounded to Galert, Bakley said, “Blame the coach is usually very easy, when the coach is not good, you have to take a photo” .

The players believe that the responsibility of the ball is inheritance, and the coach believes that the liability is in the coach, it looks that the giant is now united, but they have seen 3 wins and 7 losses. They seem to usher in a new season. In the season, in Jiaqi’s leader, they got 6 wins and 10 negative records, and they last forward is still in 2016, that is also the last season of the last play.

But Jia Qi believes that everything will be fine. “I will be responsible for this team, I will not find excuses.”